Important: Will your team leader be there when you need her/him?

These days when seeking home based businesses people tend to 'sponsor shop' for a team leader who fits their lifestyle and personality. I feel this is important and fully encourage it! So as you are deciding if you want to join the industry, you must feel comfortable with the person who will be your upline aka your 'mentor' in the business.

While Sponsor Shopping here are some things you may want to consider:

What is your Sponsor's WHY? Why did they join, what do they want to accomplish with the business? What are his/her goals? Are they in tune with your 'whys' and 'goals'.

How many hours a day is your Sponsor available? Do your hours of availability coincide?

How accessible is your Sponsor? Can you readily reach them by phone, email, etc.? Do they return your call/message in a timely manner?

Is your Sponsor well versed and trained in company operations? Does your sponsor know the answers to your questions - or can they quickly get you an answer? Are they familiar with the product line, the pricing, the comp plan?

Do you get along with your Sponsor? It is always good to do a 'phone interview' chat with the person you are considering joining under. Do your personalities match or clash? You want someone whom you are comfortable with, it is well worth a call!

What kind of training does your Sponsor provide? Does your sponsor have the means to teach you what you need and want to know? Will you do retail sales or team build? Can they help you with all ways to earn with this business?

These are just a few things you will want to consider while choosing a Sponsor in the industry.  I always tell my team members when I joined, why I joined, how my business started, what it has become and where I plan to go with it. This way they can get a feel of who I am and how I can help them reach their goals in the business.

I fully believe that my team members' successes equal my success. So it is 100% in my interest to help them succeed in this business.

I dedicate myself to help my team members accomplish their desires!

Have an ENLIGHTENED day!

Alethea Anderson