The biggest 'why' of all...


My biggest why...

...is my daughter! I worked F/T outside the home and missed her first 3 years of life. Well, that's how I feel! First roll over, first tooth, first step...

From the time I was pregnant...

...until my daughter was 3 years old I searched and searched for a way to be home. Finally in the Spring of 2002 I just walked in and quit. It was the best thing I did and I never looked back!

Catching Stars!

Things are coming into place, stars are within reach, dreams are coming true. I LOVE working at home, getting up early, waking up my daughter, eating breakfast together and walking her to school. I know she gets there safe, and she knows I'll be there to meet her after school to walk home too. It is such a joy to be here for her, not daycare, not after school care - ME! MOMMY!

Other great reasons...

...about working at home. I don't have to miss work to go to the dentist, I don't have to take on of my sick days if my daughter gets ill.
  • I am my own boss!
  • I set my own schedule!
  • I create my income!
  • I have valuable time with my family!
If you are looking for a way to work at home...

...let's talk!

Alethea Anderson


My home business helped me make a new friend...

Meet Bodhi, my newest friend!
My home business helped my family get Bodhi, a pure bred, AKC registered Boxer from Champion lines. Isn't he handsome? He is a Classic Fawn, those wrinkles are just so kissable and his super short fur feels like velvet!
If I did not work at home...
...a Boxer would not have been a good fit for our family. Boxers need lots of interaction and attention - and WOW does he get a lot of it! I can see a huge difference in his behavior vs dogs of times past. In 1995 we got a Mastiff/Lab puppy, my husband and I both worked full time so he was alone for over 9 hours a day and we just felt horrible. I can't imagine leaving Bodhi alone for that long! No wonder why at 6 months Bear ate our entire couch (literally, down to the wood frame). I'm older, wiser and I've done my breed research!
Because I'm home with puppy...
He is already 95% potty trained! He is only 9 weeks old and the only accidents he has are if I don't see him asking to go outside. Our previous pooch was not fully trained until he was about 16 weeks which is pretty average. He also will come by name and actually understands the 'sit' command already!
Proud Puppy Mama
I am honored to work at home and feel so blessed, Bodhi is truly a fur angel and this candle lady's new best friend! He sleeps at my feet in my home office, follows me, talks to me, listens to me - what more could I ask?
Would you like to earn extra cash for a new friend?
You CAN make your dreams come true, financial freedom, more TIME for the things you want to enjoy!

Alethea Anderson


Where did the time go???


WOW - August flew by!

I can't believe it was the 10th when I posted last ~ whew! We've been pretty busy around here!

New Puppy

On the 12th we got a new Boxer Puppy - he's been keeping me pretty busy entertaining (playing and giving toys), training (potty OUTSIDE!) and intervening (no don't eat that!!!).

Daughter's Birthday

My gorgeous princess turned 8 this month - talk about time flying! She had a birthday party with family and friends from school - a wild and crazy afternoon!

Mom in Town

My Mom came out for a week from Santa Fe, we were going, going, going! It was a lot of fun, I wish she was still here!

School Starts Monday

My kiddo will start 3rd grade on Monday (double WOW) so the summer has come to an end and it's time to go crazy for the Fall/Winter/Holiday candle season! Whoo hooo!

Playing catch up!

Now that the dust is settling, time for me to catch up on house cleaning and my favorite thing - my candle business! I have a million-and-one things to do!

I love it!

I enjoy setting my own schedule, so I can do what I want when I want! What a true blessing!

Do you want to have your own personal freedom of time?

Let's chat...

Alethea Anderson


Hole In One!


Hole in ONE!
You know that feeling, when you get a hole in one? EVEN if it's just mini golf, you shout out a little hoot and dance a little jig... That's how I feel every day when I wake up!

I LOVE what I do!
It is so easy to get out of bed when you are excited about your business! I can't sleep in any more, the sun rises and I'm up! I head out back in the warm summer sun and water my garden, growing up with beautiful flowers, herbs and some veggies too! Our grass is lush and green (thanks hubby!) It is such a blessing with panoramic mountain views and clean air!

After I enjoy my gardening...
I boot up the computer to start the day! What an easy commute! Down the hall, no traffic except for a sleepy husband merging towards the shower or dog herding me towards the back door. I make my smoothie, sit down and get to work.

Are you looking for your 'hole in one'?
I'd love to show you how you can make every day feel like a hole in one with your own home based business!

Alethea Anderson