Online marketing has interesting people ringing your phone...

I am an internet marketer.
I'm self taught.
I don't pay a penny for my marketing, it's a crew of me, myself and I.
I am creative and innovative. I'm frugal too.
I listen when having conversations, and I 'hear' methods that work.
I use the system presented to me daily.
I pay attention to what works and what does not work.

The CEO of XXXXX Found me Online...

So in my marketing adventures I was recently contacted by the CEO of one of the largest entrepreneur networking sites known to man. I was stunned. I was flattered. I pondered. He was curious why I changed companies after four years. We chatted for over an hour about the industry, about the future, about some projects being worked on. I look forward to chatting with him again...

A professor at UNR Found me Online...

He is developing a project, a presentation about the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industries. He feels more young students should be presented the idea of how this industry can benefit them. I LOVE this idea as if they are shown 'how it works' NOW they can capture the vision. Wow if only I knew at 21 what I do NOW! Granted at 21 we did not have the fabulous internet at our fingers they way we do now. I look forward to participating in this as well!

You just never know who might find you...or what you'll find, on the web!

Alethea Anderson