"Keep moving forward...."


Quote ::

"Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
–Walt Disney

A Story ::

Yesterday I took my daughter to see the new Disney movie called "Meet the Robinsons" It started out with and original black and white Micky Mouse movie with Micky, Donald and Goofy. The movie patrons were chatting among themselves thinking perhaps the wrong reel was set in motion. Where was the movie they had paid to see... I too was wondering this, until the end of the movie...

The Movie ::

'Meet the Robinsons' is a fantastic movie, not the 'funny' sort of movie I expected, but more of a 'moral' movie that really opened my eyes to so many of the things I already experience daily. I won't tell you the plot of movie in case you plan to see it, but I will tell you it inspired me.

A Cartoon ::

This cartoon about a boy who almost gave up, then was inspired to 'keep moving forward' to follow his passion and dream. He realized that giving up could completly change his outcome in life years later. So 'keep moving forward' became his motto...

Giving Up ::

I see so many people who 'try' someting then give up saying, "well I tried, it just did not work so I decided to quit..." POOF, simply saying 'I'm done, I'm not going to try anymore, I can't do it, I'm a failure..."

The Difference ::

The difference between success and failure is that if you never failed at anything how would you learn to do it better? When you were a baby learning to walk, and fell over and over and over, did you give up? NO! You had a PASSION to walk like the big kids and you kept trying until you mastered it! When you were older learning to ride a bike, you fell, scraped your knees, crashed into things, bloody and hurt, did you give up? NO! You had a PASSION to ride like the big kids and you kept trying until you mastered it!

Where is that DRIVE?

Where is that drive you had as a kid? The 'I won't give up' passion to grow up, move forward and accomplish your goals? Reach inside and FEEL that passion! Bring it to the surface, imagine how you felt when you took those first steps. Imagine the freedom you felt as you were floating across the concrete pedaling those pedals... Grab that feeling and hold onto it, that's the feeling you are reaching for in home business success...

Micky Mouse!

Above I mentioned how they played an old Mickey Mouse movie, and everyone was wondering why... As soon as they showed Walt Disney's quote I at the close of the movie I 'got it'. That Mickey Mouse clip is where it all started... Walt Disney had a cartoon, and a passion, that grew into a World Wide Empire. Now, many years after his passing his PASSION is still shared across the World with his movies, his theme parks and so much more. He made his mark on this world - he decided to 'keep moving forward....' and his legacy continues!

Are you ready to move forward?

Have you been considering working from home?  Do you have a PASSION for success?  Let's work together to see how we can make this happen for you!


Alethea Anderson

Lighting the world one candle at a time as I keep moving forward reaching my goals!