Pineapples do NOT grow on Trees

Let me share a little story... Every since I was a kid, I always envisioned pineapples growing some sort of palm type tree in a tropical place like Hawaii.  I never knew, until I was in my 30's, that pineapples actually grow on a ground plant, - and that the fruit is actually the 'blossom'.

Now I cannot believe I am going to admit how I found this out, but here goes... Farm Town.  Yep, I never knew until I planted a crop of pineapple and saw them growing in my little virtual field.

Fast forward - I was at Trader Joe's and look what I found!   You can actually plant your own pineapple plant and grow your own fresh pineapple!  I thought this was pretty damn cool. No, I did not buy one, maybe next time....

I also wanted to share that the checker at the store told me that if you cut the greens off a pineapple, and place them in water, they'll root, and grow a new plant.  So evidently you cans grow your own pineapple plant from a store bought pineapple too.

I {heart} pineapple,

Alethea Anderson


That Special Little "Saying"

Do you have a little saying that you share with someone special in your life?  A certain quote or certain little 'thing' you made up years ago that sticks.  I do, it's our thing, and we've had it since I was a little kid.  It will always be 'our thing', always....

...grains of sand...

Happy Birthday!   (because I have a feeling you read my blog)

Alethea Anderson aka Princess


Lenovo Sent Me a Dirty Laptop that Did Not Work

A Lenovo Review : So I got my Lenovo back, after two missed deliveries (signature required) I ended up having to go to FedEx to pick it up. But hey, YAY, I got it back!  (a little over a month after shipping it in for repair...)

They shipped my laptop in its original box, the super skinny, non padded box that I bought it in.  No padding, nothing, just taped my expensive laptop in a box.

When I opened the box, my computer was gross. Covered in fingerprints, top bottom, inside.   They even peeled off my little protector stickers, I was heartbroken as I leave those on as long as possible. Why they felt the need to take them off, beyond me!

To top it off, the tech that was working on my laptop left it logged into Tech Admin, so I was unable to use my computer.  I had to call Lenovo and sit on the phone with a (new) tech agent who logged into my computer and whom was being guided by someone else, painfully slow, step, by, step...

Over an hour later, I was using my laptop once again.  While I am grateful for my warranty, I am displeased with how my computer came back to me.  It really was unacceptable, but what option did I have?  

I explained all of the above to the customer service agent, she told me that if FedEx broke it, I'd have gotten a new one.  Wait, what?  As for the mess of fingerprints, well, 'it will be reported'...

I told her I'd be blogging about it, so here I am!

Typing on Lenovo,

Alethea Anderson


Do YOU Put Stuff Back at Stores? (or do you 'let' someone else do it?)

Have you ever put something in your cart, then decided in the midst of your shopping that you did not want that item?  Never would you just dump the item on a shelf,  you seek an empty aisle, carefully look both ways, look for a camera, then slide the item on to a shelf in the store while pretending to shop for something on that shelf.  

...said no one ever...
When this happens it becomes a 'go back' - meaning it is an item that needs to 'go back' where it came from. Now this item may be an actual store item, or it may  be a vendor item.  Either way, it is momentarily 'lost' in the store.  This can cause inventory issues, ordering issues and beyond...

This also creates a pile or basket, or cart FULL of items that need to be re-homed...

Let me tell you, the industry I'm in has a lot of front end racking, i.e. racking at the very front of stores, the check lanes.  These are a very popular 'dumping ground' for things.

I've found (to mention a few)...

  • a full bag of rice
  • clothing
  • toys
  • used tissue/napkins
  • Starbucks cups
  • Soda cups
  • pretty much anything that someone decides they don't want at the last minute...
The above does not include what I've found in our 'mainlines' which are in the store aisles vs checkouts.  LOTS of stolen items, also called 'shrink' at a store (shrink the reason prices go UP at stores, to counter the amount of theft that takes place)

  • half eaten candy bars, chips, crackers
  • empty cans of soda
  • melted ice cream (on a stiiick)
  • food from the deli
  • food from the dairy
  • empty boxes of medicines, make up, food, and more...
So next time you have an unwanted item, if you can, please put it back where it came from.  If you simply cannot make it back to the correct aisle, please take care with cold items.  i.e. place frozen items in a freezer and cold items in a fridge.  You'd be amazed how many 'cold' items are out on shelves, and then put back in coolers... 


Alethea Anderson



Empty shelves, orders made...

Waiting for what seems like days...

Days to weeks, losing sales...

Always tracking UPS trails...

Alethea Anderson


Whose Fault Is It

Is it the fault of the trainer or the trainee, if a job is done incorrectly?

On one had the trainer teaches the trainee...

On the other hand it's the responsibility of the trainee to learn and ask questions if stuck...

Yet on one foot the trainer should check up on the trainee....

Yet on the other foot the trainee may not respond to redirection....

Different people learn differently.  Some need to take notes and follow notes.  Some need to learn hands on. Others need both.  Each must work with their team to learn 'how' each member learns, and teach to that person in that manner...

Just one of those things...

Alethea Anderson


St Lucia

Several years ago one of those 'reality shows' filmed in St. Lucia, ever since then, it has been a place I've wanted to visit...

In the Caribbean Islands, it is a beautiful, romantic place that looks exciting and exotic...

Some info on St Lucia.


Alethea Anderson


Hurry Up and Hurry!

Sometimes it can be a bit challenging to wait for others to do what they need to do so you can do what you need to do...  i.e. at work - each person has their job duties, their job duties depend on other people performing their job duties.  When other people don't do their job duties, it can impact other people that cannot do their job duties unless the other person's job duties are completed.  Get my drift?

When I have a task, I want to do it, finish it and knock it off the grid. Granted I'm the type of person who takes the bull by the horns, and if I can, I do whatever I can to get the task done - but in some instances it is completely out of your hands.  What can one do in this situation?  Hurry up and wait, that's about it...

When you have something waiting to be checked off a list though, you want them to hurry up and hurry!


Alethea Anderson


Lists, lists and more lists

I've been known to make lists... shopping lists, to do lists, want lists, store specific lists. Even for work I make lists.  Lists help me to stay organized.  I do have some tips for lists though, as if you write a list the wrong way, it may become one of those lists that never get completed!

Some people do better when they write the BIG things at the top of the list, i.e. the thing they least want to do, as doing it, will make them feel better, and motivate them to do the rest.

While on the other hand, some people feel better knocking out a lot of the little things off the list, feeling they've made progress crossing off multiple things.

Sometimes it's nice to toss a few things on the list you know you are going to do anyways... i.e. get up, take a shower, get dressed... It can be good to mix the things you always do anyways in with the additional things you need to get done...

Are you a list person?  How detailed are you?  Do you make write your grocery list by food category, or the aisle the products are on?  Do you list projects large to small or vice versa?  Do you use highlighters, different color inks or different papers?

Well, checked this one off the list!

Alethea Anderson


Paying it Forward - I Bought Lunch for a Homeless Man

Today while working I decided to stop for lunch, as I was walking into Panda Express there was a homeless gentleman inquiring if I had any change to spare.  This is common in several of the areas where I work, lots and lots of people asking for money.  As it is a new year I decided to do something new...

When I paid for my order I grabbed a gift card and asked the cashier to add $10 to it.  I was going to give this card to the man out front so he could have lunch, on me...  For some reason the card would not load $10, the cashier apologized and sent me on my way...

I walked outside and the man smiled sweetly, I asked if he wanted lunch and he pointed to the Wing Stop next door...(perhaps the card did not load because he's like Wing Stop better than Panda?  We'll never know, the Universe works in mysterious ways!) I gestured for him to come with me, he hopped up with a kick in his step, he bowed down, opened the door for me and waved me in.  I went inside and shared with the cashier that I was going to buy the man lunch.  His name was Neal, and he was very grateful.  

Honestly the best $8.91 I spent in a LONG time... The girl at the counter next to me who was waiting for her order got tears in her eyes, she said she got emotional seeing what I was doing for this man.

As I walked out with a smile, I looked her in the eyes and said  "please pay it forward" and she smiled...

Alethea Anderson


WEED in Berkeley

Berkeley, California is in my territory for work.   It still, to this day, astonishes me how many people smoke weed.  Well not that fact that many people DO smoke weed.  But the fact that they do it so publicly, where it is illegal.  You literally smell it all over Berkeley.

People in small groups smoking on the streets.  Individuals walking into a store, smelling heavily of marijuana.  Persons driving down the road lighting up a bong in traffic.

I was even in the receiving bay of a store which all of a sudden was filled with pot smoke.  The Manager came running back there to see who was smoking and it turned out it was a couple delivery drivers sitting in their truck outside the building.

Hey California, maybe you should get in on this weed thing... Could really be financially beneficial for our struggling economy!  Just saying...

Pondering aloud right now, I bet snack sales are through the roof in Berkeley... lol

Alethea Anderson


Pay It Forward, With a Smile

Create your day with your attitude... I totally believe this!  Head out in a miffy mood, and everyone will seem pissy and grumpy.  Head out with a happy outlook, and everyone will seem happy.

Happy is a choice, I highly recommend choosing it :)

If you smile, someone will smile back, then share that smile with others - keep it going!

Alethea Anderson


Monday Traffic Report - San Mateo Bridge

Today I drove Foster City for work, usually this commute takes me over two hours - today was almost record time, just over an hour! Woot!

I traveled from the East Bay and crossed the San Mateo Bridge, we have lots of bridges here in the Bay Area - the San Mateo bridge is a neat one to travel across as it is kind of a unique span compared to the others...

When heading West, it starts out low, parallel to the water.  When the tide is high it appears the bridge is actually floating on the water. 

Then there is a sizable incline (so boats can go under).  Sometimes there are helicopters hovering to the side for wire work, sometimes you see planes coming in to land at the San Francisco Airport. Other days you see wind surfers out sailing across the water...

On a clear day, it is just gorgeous as you can see the San Francisco Skyline across the sparkly ocean!

Sometimes you have to pause to appreciate the beauty that is all around you, even when you are commuting :)

Alethea Anderson


Stay-cation almost over....

*sigh* my little stay-cation is almost over, today was the last day; back to the working world tomorrow!

Good news, I survived the holidays, and managed to keep a low profile, chilling at home mostly. It was nice to be home with my daughter who also was on stay-cation :)

As I chose a stay-cation, vs. traveling abroad, I successfully avoided the paparazzi.... (lol)

Looking forward to starting fresh in 2014!  (aside from the fact that my alarm will sound at 6 am tomorrow morning...)

To a fresh start!

Alethea Anderson


Organizing the Home Office

Today I decided to re-organize the home office... 

I was getting that feeling of being overwhelmed a bit, enclosed, surrounded by too much stuff.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm super organized, to the point of having it pointed out multiple times, by multiple people, that I'm 'anal'... 

Sometimes my organization may go a bit overboard.  So today was a day of purging; old paperwork, condensing my baskets, boxes and containers to include fewer things IN fewer things (sometimes less IS more).

WHEW it was a lot of work, and if you peeked in my office door, it actually does not even look like I spent a day organizing my home office - LOL...

Doesn't that drive you nuts? When you know you did so much but it just does not appear you did?  (well me and our recycle bin in the garage know).  I got rid of a LOT today, and it feels GREAT!

Getting rid of the old, allows room for the new!  Here's to 2014!

Alethea Anderson


Have You Ever NOT Grocery Shopped?

So I finally took some vacation days, I had not taken any for a full year, and finally took some days around the holidays. Besides leaving the house to celebrate Christmas Eve and a Birthyouation party a few days later, my plans were to pretty much do nothing.  And, it was fabulous!

I SO needed time to sleep in, relax, and just, do, nothing...

Which actually included the fact that I did not go grocery shopping, much to the concern of the other people whom live here with me (snicker).

I knew we had plenty of food, I figured I'd let everyone be creative with snacks and such.  Opposed to the usual everyone-eats-all-the-new-stuff-and-leaves-the-old-stuff-to-go-stale situation.  Well it worked!

We are out of TONS of things that have been looming in the pantry for quite some time, muaaa - haaaa- haaaaa...

But can I mention how much money I saved not buying groceries for two weeks?

So now I have two days left of my little stay-cation and I really (really-really) don't want to go to the store this weekend... I may just check out the local grocery store's home delivery service. (grin)

Alethea Anderson


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

They say to go confidently in the direction of your dreams....

However sometimes it is an unknown road you must take to get there!

There may be multiple paths, hiding beyond multiple doors - seems to be where I am right now!

Heading somewhere, just not sure where yet!

Alethea Anderson


Welcome to 2014

Am I the only one searching for something new in 2014?

Start a new company?  Join a new company?

I know it's time to head a new direction, I just need the internal compass to settle on which one!

Alethea Anderson