Pineapples do NOT grow on Trees

Let me share a little story... Every since I was a kid, I always envisioned pineapples growing some sort of palm type tree in a tropical place like Hawaii.  I never knew, until I was in my 30's, that pineapples actually grow on a ground plant, - and that the fruit is actually the 'blossom'.

Now I cannot believe I am going to admit how I found this out, but here goes... Farm Town.  Yep, I never knew until I planted a crop of pineapple and saw them growing in my little virtual field.

Fast forward - I was at Trader Joe's and look what I found!   You can actually plant your own pineapple plant and grow your own fresh pineapple!  I thought this was pretty damn cool. No, I did not buy one, maybe next time....

I also wanted to share that the checker at the store told me that if you cut the greens off a pineapple, and place them in water, they'll root, and grow a new plant.  So evidently you cans grow your own pineapple plant from a store bought pineapple too.

I {heart} pineapple,

Alethea Anderson

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