Home Business : Which company do I choose?

Home Business : Which company do I choose?

Once you've done your research and have found your passion, the next step is to find a company. There are many to choose from; some have been around 1 year and some have been around over 30 years. How do you know which one is for you?

Contrast and Compare

Myself being in the industry since 2004, I often 'shop' other companies in the direct sales/home party/mlm industries. I want to be on the up and up when someone approaches me with a question about the competition.

These are the questions I ask...

Joining Questions
  • How much is it to join?
  • Is there a monthly minimum purchase requirement?
  • What is the distributor discount when purchasing product?
  • Do I get this discount up front, or is it paid later as a commission?
Website Questions
  • Does the company provide a distributor website?
  • Is there a cost for this website?
  • Does the website have a web store?
  • If yes: How much commission will I earn from the web store?
  • Will purchases from the web store count towards my monthly purchase requirement?
  • What are the cost of materials such as catalogs, fundraiser forms, etc?
  • How frequently are these forms updated?
Company Training
  • What kind of training is provided by the company? (reading materials, calls, etc...)
Team Building
  • How much do I earn for building a team?
  • What percentage do I earn from my downline?
  • Am I paid on the full retail or a commissionable volume?
  • How many levels deep can I be paid?
  • As my team grows, does my monthly personal volume requirement increase?
  • Can I ever 'lose' my team?
  • Can I ever slip back to a lower level or lose my position if my team size or volume decreases?
  • Say I work this business for 10 years and want to stop working it, will I still receive a residual income check from the team I've built?
  • Can I bequeath my distributorship (residual income) to a family member? (meaning can you transfer to a family member if you pass away and can they continue to get the income from the business you worked so hard to build)
How to earn
  • How many ways can I earn money with the company?
  • Am I required to utilize all these ways?
  • How are we allowed to market the company and opportunity?
  • Are there any ad restrictions? (i.e. web marketing rules, print ad rules, etc...)
A general rule of thumb...
Take your notes, apply the facts and do the math! Today I spoke with yet another company and asked all the questions above, did the math and found I am making far more money with my current company than if I were with the other.

Choosing a Sponsor
Be sure to choose a sponsor aka team leader who will be there for you, more on this tomorrow!

To find out more...
...about the company I'm with, contact me!

Alethea Anderson


Are you ready to make a change in 2008?


You may have stumbled across this blog via cyber space, you may have found a link on my home business website, or I may have directed you here as you asked for more information about this opportunity. Take a few minutes and read through this message to learn about the company, the opportunity and myself...

Are you ready to make a change in 2008?

Have you been thinking of joining the company, but you are just 'not sure'? I understand, it can be quite a decision. I tried many other opportunities before finding this company!

Feel Confident

I work my business as a Leader should, I am here for my team members. I don't push my members, I coach them. But only when they ask, without bombarding them with information they don't want or need.

Grow at YOUR Pace

There is no pressure here, you can grow slowly or as quickly as you like, I'm here to guide you!

You Choose HOW to Run YOUR Business

As a distributor, you have the flexibility to run your business as you wish. You decide how many (or few) hours per week you'd like to devote, you decide what aspect of the business you'd like to work on...

Team Building

The icing on the cake...

With this company you are not required to do fundraisers or you are not required to build a team. There is a small monthly commitment, but wouldn't you expect that since you want to run a business?

My Promise

I, Alethea Anderson, am here for my team members. I love my home business and time is devoted to my team. I understand the concept of 'paying it forward' and I take Zig Ziglar's words to heart

"You can have anything you want, if you help enough people get what they want!"

It's all about the TEAM where Together Everyone Achieves More. When you need help I am reachable via email, text and telephone. You are not left alone. You are not going to be sitting clueless in the dark. I commit to help you when you ask me for help!

Why THIS Company?

Here are some facts...

  • The company itself has been around over 20 years.
  • The company is all about the distributors and is one of the ONLY companies that gives such a huge percentage of the income BACK to the distributors.
  • The company provides fabulous incentives, gifts and more.
Why I am personally attracted to this company...

My love for the products and how they resonate with me as a whole!

I am SO Excited to Create 2008

Are you with me? 2008 is going to be GREAT we're going to reach new heights! If you stumbled across the site, be sure to request info via the link to the upper right. If I sent you here, get back with me so we can chat!

Oh I almost forgot....

Did you know there are oodles of Tax Benefits of a Home Based Business? Simply by joining the company you open doors to huge tax benefits. I personally can deduct a portion of my house payment, utilities, telephone, internet, mileage, business supplies and SO much more. Consult your tax advisor to see how a home business can benefit you on your income taxes too.

Let's Talk Soon!

Alethea Anderson


Finding Your Niche in Network Marketing


What Works for Someone Else, may not work for you...

Well, in the past I tried plastic ware, party wares, skin care, pantry fare, cleaning products and vitamins. Each company I thought...
  • 'wow, how easy people LOVE plastic storage!'
  • 'wow, how easy everyone has birthday parties!'
  • 'wow, how easy people want to look younger!'
  • 'wow, how easy everyone wants food!'
  • 'wow, how easy everyone wants natural cleaning products!'
  • 'wow, how easy everyone wants to be healthy!
Finding Your Niche

The key to this industry is finding YOUR niche. Though plastic ware did not work for me I know people at the top of the company. Though skin care was not for me I know people driving white Mercedes. Those companies were their niches, my niche is something totally different!

Your Niche is your PASSION
To pin point your niche, you have to find your passion. You need to find a product that...
  • will use daily.
  • love and stand behind.
  • can easily talk to others about.
You see once you find your passion the rest is as easy as 123. Not 'easy' in the sense of not putting in effort. But easy in the sense of it coming naturally to you.

Let's see if our passions connect!

Alethea Anderson