Tax Day 2015

Fourth month, fifteenth day...
Deadline's today if you may...
Taxes done, down goes the sun!
In the red, or a refund?
Uncle Sam, he gets his share.
It does not matter if you think it's fair.
Deductions, write offs, donations too...
Save your receipts, they help you.
If you're not filing you'd better extend...
For the government, they tend not to bend...
Work hard, work to play...
Work harder every day...
Isn't this the American dream?
...isn't that what they make it seem?
There's always time to do what you love...
There's always time to rise above...
Tax day, tax day...
Refund or pay - pay - pay!

Alethea Anderson  ©  2015

Alethea Anderson


National Sibling Day as an Only Child

Well, well, well.... Yet another of the "there-must-be-something-to-celebrate-every-day-of-the-year" holidays.

Wonder if Hallmark has a card for this one?! 

A day that celebrates having brothers and sisters... I celebrate ME me, best damn me I could ever be!

(If I had siblings, I would TOTALLY be the favorite...)

Me, myself and I!

Alethea Anderson


Online Marketing Sure Has Changed...

....boy has it EVER!

I started marketing online before the term 'online marketing' was a thing! I remember when I joined my first Direct Sales company, way back in 1994, I asked if I was allowed to market the business on the internet. They looked at me like I was insane...

Way back then there was no 'social media'... Marketing online was actually meeting people in forums... You'd find a forum that you were interested in, and get involved in the forum. Now mind you, most forums did not allow 'advertising' except for your signature - so you had to be creative!

Flash forward ten years, I was in a different direct sales company, this company did not allow you to mention the company name in any online marketing efforts. You could not have any links to your company site anywhere on the internet. You had to be absolutely 'generic' to get people to contact you, and once they made direct contact, you could THEN tell them what the company was.That was tricky, but I made it work! (in all reality there are STILL companies out there like this, mainly for legal reasons to prevent any liability in their team members giving incorrect  or misleading information)

I am ever intrigued at the advancement of direct sales online marketing, I love it! Now so much more is allowed as so many companies are realizing the POWER of the internet, and how by lifting some restrictions it opens doors to more successful people, which leads to bigger success of the companies...

I continue to immerse myself into methods of online marketing, finding ways that work, and ways that don't!

I love what I do and I do what I love!

Alethea Anderson

I am a delicate feminine flower....

...or am I?

I saw this post the other day and it got me thinking... Well first it made me LOL, then I shared it on Facebook, THEN it got me thinking...

Why is it that we (women) are supposed to be sweet, dainty and delicate? Why are we expected to be sensitive? Why do people think we'll cry at the drop of a hat? Why are we the 'weaker sex'?

Why are we not supposed to burp and fart?

WHO made these rules?

Just saying... *rawr* ahem *meow*...

Alethea Anderson


When life gives you lemons...

when life gives you lemons grab tequila and salt lemons?
...grab Tequila and Salt!

Life is what you make of it, don't let anything external make you 'sour'. It's your CHOICE to be a party pooper - or turn it into a party!

Each days moves forward, time marches on. How do YOU want to be remembered? Bitter, sour, grumpy? (or) Sweet, smiley, happy?

((clink)) party on!

Alethea Anderson


Light Asparagus, Chicken and Quinoa Bake - Recipe Review

I found this recipe on Pinterest, it looked unique, and since I was armed with a bag of Quinoa that I had been wanting to use, I gave it a go!
However, I made a few modifications...
  • The grocery store only had thick asparagus stalks, I prefer the thin ones - so I used broccoli!
  • In lieu of white cheddar, I used a Colby/Monterrey blend (the store had no white cheddar!)
  • I used Tastefully Simple's "Garlic Garlic" in lieu of the Montreal Chicken Seasoning (I love TS's Garlic Garlic, and use it often!) - after taste testing the mixture, I added a dose of pepper. Need some Garlic Garlic? Shop with Sue!
  • I used frozen chicken tenderloins vs slices of chicken.
  • I omitted the leek. 
The outcome...

Delicious, I really liked it and would cook it again! The only thing I'd do differently is perhaps add more Quinoa and vegetables. The broccoli really cooked down, this is where I find the leek make have been valuable in this recipe.

I think this recipe would be great with many different substitutions and variations. You could use other grains, mixtures of grains, other veggies, etc...

Definitely a recipe I'll cook again in the future :)

Alethea Anderson 

PS and if you're funny like me, the purple dish in the picture was purchased at TJ Maxx back in 2014... (I asked the blogger because I thought the dish was so pretty!) LOL