Online Marketing Sure Has Changed...

....boy has it EVER!

I started marketing online before the term 'online marketing' was a thing! I remember when I joined my first Direct Sales company, way back in 1994, I asked if I was allowed to market the business on the internet. They looked at me like I was insane...

Way back then there was no 'social media'... Marketing online was actually meeting people in forums... You'd find a forum that you were interested in, and get involved in the forum. Now mind you, most forums did not allow 'advertising' except for your signature - so you had to be creative!

Flash forward ten years, I was in a different direct sales company, this company did not allow you to mention the company name in any online marketing efforts. You could not have any links to your company site anywhere on the internet. You had to be absolutely 'generic' to get people to contact you, and once they made direct contact, you could THEN tell them what the company was.That was tricky, but I made it work! (in all reality there are STILL companies out there like this, mainly for legal reasons to prevent any liability in their team members giving incorrect  or misleading information)

I am ever intrigued at the advancement of direct sales online marketing, I love it! Now so much more is allowed as so many companies are realizing the POWER of the internet, and how by lifting some restrictions it opens doors to more successful people, which leads to bigger success of the companies...

I continue to immerse myself into methods of online marketing, finding ways that work, and ways that don't!

I love what I do and I do what I love!

Alethea Anderson

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