What's your online wine? (WHINE!)

{she approaches the soap box slowly, stepping up, looking around the room and begins...}

I guess you could call this one of my pet peeves, maybe even a 'vent' of sorts... I've been networking and marketing on the web since the late 90's. (Over a decade, wow!) I am a positive person, a positive thinker, almost to the point I've driven people nuts with my postive thoughts and quotes and sometimes unsolicited advice! (I always want to help and heal!) Truth be told, you have to have a good outlook on life in general, in order to be successful, long term, in a home based (or any) business venture.

Online 'wine' should be smooth, sultry, give off an aromatic bouquet and walk with sturdy legs...

Is this how you represent YOU? You pour your wine into a crystal glass, fit to be seen by the world? You speak in light, eloquence and and positively?

Perhaps your online WHINE is gritty, gunky and a bit on the odoriferous side, stumbling off into the distance...

Is it poured into a fingerprint smudged plastic cups with a snap on stem? You words are dark, dank and negative?

What drives me nuts are people who complain,
complain and complain yet refuse to take action.

I am referring to the Network Marketing industry and people whining about their own personal lack of success. You see, I'm on many online forums, social networking sites and beyond. It is sometimes overwhelming the amount of people saying things like...
  • I tried...
  • I can't...
  • I feel...
  • I did not get...
  • It does not work...
  • Yadda, yadda, yadda...
Usually when people post their comments, all they say is the above in addition to their 'problem'. They never include their action steps they took in order to accomplish what it was they were attempting to do. Nor do they include their remedy steps to fix what was not working.

I sometimes ponder if they find pleasure in the pain
of what they perceive as 'failure'...

Often I'll watch these conversations as a 'lurker', other whiners will join in (misery loves company) and when one helpful person comes along to offer some advice or a remedy to band aid the situation  all the whiners jump on the positive person who was attempting to help!

The opposite of dark is light and
boy do whiners run from the light!

(I know you know at least one web whiner. Every time you see their name attached to a post you know something dark and negative about their business, their family, or their life is just a click away...)

Whiners never admit that they did not DO. They find reason for perceived failure in every other person, thing and the company itself. It is the world's fault, the economy's fault, their neighbor's fault, mother, father, sister, brother, schedule, lack of finances, etc...

They simply come on line, vent to feel better,
then sit on their cheese while drinking in the whine
hoping for others to come along
and indulge in the toxic cocktail with them...

Now I've seen this in every single dingle company out there, there is no discrimination, whiners join all the companies out there!

It's a bummer because this industry is so fantastical! ANYone can achieve success, however it's those who like wine and cheese that rise to the top... (if you don't drink, how about grape juice, that'll do too!)

Are YOU a WHINER? It's hard to admit. But if you find you run into constant problems with your business, and you run online to vent about it, you might be... Please, contact your sponsor, utilize the tools available to you and always keep in mind there are people in your same company probably making tens of thousands of dollars. (most of the major companies have people making 6 figure incomes)

The only difference between you and them
is the the brand of 'whine'...

~Alethea Anderson
Merlot Mama!

Beware; one little action can create a very unwanted result...

So we decided to spend a nice, sunny day at our local lake, Lake Lahontan. This is the closest lake to our home, about 20 minutes away. For some reason we've always avoided this particular lake because people have always said it's dirty. Well, it's not! We think perhaps they say it so others don't go there so they have have it to themselves LOL.

So it was the family; myself, hubby, kiddo, sis-n-in-law, 2 nieces and a niece's boyfriend. We were enjoying the water, tubing and playing. Then it was lunch time!

We found a little 'peninsula' that was uninhabited, kind of a 'private beach' you could say and we made up camp. The little ones played and swimmed and we kicked back and munched some lunch.

One thing about Nevada is dry air, it's nearly impossible to eat a sandwich before the dry air sucks the moisture out of your bread. By the time I got to the end of my sandwich, it was almost like it was toasted. So I tossed the bread onto the shore line knowing some critter would enjoy a snack later.

Within 2 seconds, there was a Seagull.

Mind you, we are hundreds and hundreds of miles from any sea. And there is a Seagull.

We figured he was a straggler, out and about looking for a snack. Well, the hubby thought maybe he should have more... so he tossed him a handful of cornchips.

Within 2 seconds, there were 20 Seagulls.

Everyone started giggling, I started shuddering. They all joined in and started tossing more chips to the poor, hungry Seagulls...
Within 2 seconds, there were 200 Seagulls.

I kid, you, not. 200 Seagulls, squaking, swirling around, diving, attempting to be the first to get the chips. As I sat there, in my chair, with a sweat shirt over my head and holding my soda pop under 'cover' I thought how our little 'private beach' peninsula must appear to those across the lake as we were bombarded and dive bombed by oodles of Seagull scrounging.

Now I can't blame the birds, I love birds, I blame my goofy family for thinking it'd be 'nice' to hand out a few chips. I also blame myself, for tossing a little piece of bread crust, for some creature to enjoy at a later time.

The lesson in this story is that all actions lead to 'something' no matter if it's good or bad. Sometimes we need to pause and think about an action we take as it may lead to a potentially undesired result...

Here's a little video coverage of the event so you can see how fast they came!
~Alethea Anderson
Another Day in the life of this Mom...


Are you CLIMBING or, are you GROWING to the TOP.

Yesterday I touched upon staying grounded while climbing to the top. This got me thinking as it may sound confusing to some. i.e. how can one possibly climb 'up' if they are still 'connected' to the ground?

As the picture above depicts, a healthy vine has reached, stretched, twisted and turned its way up a ladder. Its goal was spreading its leaves, stretching towards the sun, yet still receiving its nourishment from the earth never forgetting where it came from. The plant successfully grew strong roots in the soil, yet also reached the goal of getting to the top.

You see the plant did not start climbing up the ladder, then pulled up its roots to carry itself to the top hoping to re-root itself at the top.
The plant GREW to the top.

Here is where I've modified my vision, I am no longer climbing to the top, I am GROWING to the top! You see, in terms of a human be-ing, it is more metaphorical. We of course don't have physical 'roots' as we are entirely mobile. However, we have roots in a sense of energy.

Now many do indeed grab these roots and carry them with them, with no intention of seeing where they've been while on the road to where they are going. Now I'm a firm believer of leaving the past, in the past. Yet I also believe in understanding where we came from and comprehending how our journey has gotten us right here, right now to this very moment.

There are no coincidences. You are reading this blog right now, because the moment is right. Something in this little message will resonate with you and strike a chord. Now you may read it today the day I post it. Perhaps you'll find it next year or five years from now in the midst of cyber space. The point is, you'll find it, when it applies to you in life.

I reiterate, my vision has changed. I am growing to the top, not climbing to the top. Are you coming too?

Alethea Anderson
Mom and Visionary


A post with DEEP roots...

Climbing the ladder to success is not 'easy'. EVER. Remember, the higher you get, the harder the wind blows. As you ascend the ladder, the stairs, the rope (whichever method of UP you choose) keep in mind that the internal battle is always present.

Until. You live and let live.

The past 10 years of my life have been an absolute whirl wind. I've had it all. Lost it all. Had it all and lost it all once again. There is no one to blame, as we each create our own lives based on our thoughts and actions. The key is to coming to a level of enlightenment to realize this fact.

Upon reaching this enlightenment the next step is to comprehend WHY. Why is one of 'those' words that often seems to have no answer...

Why ME?
Why NOW?

This is where many take two steps back after making such a HUGE progressive step forward. They are searching externally. Herein lies the problem, you see there is nothing out 'there' because the thing causing the problem(s) is in 'here'.

There is No bad luck. No mo-jo-jo-jo.

Truth be told, if your life is going in a downward spiral, look at why you are creating this downward spiral in your life.

Now this is where it may be controversial. Many will grumble, stomp on the brakes, holler 'NUH UH!" or simply say it's a load of hog wash. No one wants to believe that they actually create bad things in their own lives.

It is really hard to admit, and even harder to digest.

Who on this globe upon which we call our home wants to admit that they are the root of their own evils? Who wants to admit that their thought patterns have caused them to create their own lack?

No one. Not one single person.
UNTIL, enlightenment.

Upon the moment of connecting HOW a thought manifests, all the puzzle pieces fall into place. Even if just for a mere glimpse. Hanging on to that moment is the hard part, as this is the exact moment where the ego starts to get swallowed whole and puts up one heck of a fight. This is also where many succumb to the strength of the ego, as our egos fed by years of embedded subconscious beliefs long to stay where it is 'safe and comfortable'.

This is the internal battle that some fight for an entire life. Others reach enlightenment obtaining true abundance, happiness and prosperity. Yet the rest simply give up.

I'm getting a little DEEP here, one of my philosophical ramblings that I'm known to go on every once and awhile...

Let me wrap it up, or else I'll be typing into the wee hours of the morning. Which I should, it will help me clear my head! But for the sake of the potential reader who may squeak across this blog, I'll shorten it up a bit.

No matter how high you climb, the trick is, staying grounded. Like I noted in paragraph one, the higher you get, the harder the wind blows. There is room for us all at the top, and the ones who get to the top, are the ones who have strong roots at the bottom. They've built a foundation, and in the same breath they've let go of the past.

It's something to think about for sure... oh is it ever!

A day in the life of a work at home Mom, today this Mom is diving deep into the realm of thought. Well, I often do. Hence my other 'Universe' blog... Anywho... I'm starting to go random so remember, thoughts are indeed things. If your life is in a tangle, the only way to get out of the knots, is to figure out why you tied them in the first place...

Alethea Anderson