Team Building 101


So you want to build a team...

Every time I welcome new team members to my team,  I get private emails from people on other teams asking...
  • What methods do you use?
  • What's in your business kit?
  • What's your SECRET?
This is what I tell them...

"I use the company system! We have a fabulous training manual, training guides and so much more. Simply use the tools and your upline to help you reach your goals!"

It really is that easy!

The tools are right here, provided to everyone who joins the company. All it takes is a team leader to show you the way and time utilizing the tools to implement team growth - of course dedication and the desire to succeed have a strong impact on your success as well.

I provide these tools to my team members...so they don't have to ask!

When someone new joins my team, they are not 'left in the dark'. They receive the training in the areas where they want to grow. I show them where to find information, and I am available for one on one phone consultations as well, and always available via email to answer questions too. I remind my team members of upcoming training calls and I provide them links to recorded calls. I have a wealth of resources too! No one is left behind on my team!

More info?

Contact me!

Alethea Anderson


11 words that say it ALL


A little inspiration...

While watching a little TV the other day I was enjoying a show about the Forbes Top
100. Someone asked Donald Trump tips for success and he said....

"Work hard, never ever give up and enjoy what you do..."

So simple, yet so true!

I have always told people that you have to find your passion, work hard at it, and never give up.

Work Hard: Success does not come 'easy'!

Never, Ever Give Up: There will be bumps in the road, just keep on going no matter what or who is being a 'bump'.

Enjoy What You Do: Your passion will shine through, love what you do, enjoy what you do. You should be having FUN while making money!

Are you a hard worker, with a drive to succed and looking for the 'thing' that will make working at home fun?

If so, let's talk!

Alethea Anderson

How Exactly do you EARN in Network Marketing?


Evaluating The Opportunity to EARN

The most common question I hear is "How much money can I make?" The question is important, and definitly a fair question - but it's not an easy answer by any means. When own your own business as a distributor for a Network Marketing company - you don't get paid a 'salary' you are paid based on your efforts.

Same Amount of Time, Different Results

There may be 2 people putting in the same amount of hours per week, let's say 15 hours for instance. One person may be making thousands per month, the other hundreds. Same hours, but why such a difference? The effort applied!

YOU get paid on YOUR efforts

This is the way you earn in Network Marketing, for instance, with our candle company - you have several ways to earn:

  • Your personal sales: You sell your product, you earn money. The amount of money you make depends on how much product you sell.
YOU get paid on your TEAM's efforts
  • You personal team's sales: If you decide to build a team, by showing others how they too can earn profits selling product - you will earn an income based on their retail sales each month.
  • Your team's, team sales: What if your team members decide to build a team? Let's say you sponsored Sally onto your team, and Sally sponsored Fred. Now you get paid on 2 levels...
Do you see the simplistic beauty in this? You show others how to build a business, and they do the same! What if you had 100 people on your team? What if you had 1000?

No Ceiling!
As you can see the income earning potential is limitless, and there is no glass ceiling. There is no one or nothing stopping you from achieving total financiall success. You build you business at the rate you desire.

Let me train you...

If you are considering a home based business, I'd be pleased to train you to build your business at the speed you want to the size you want.

Alethea Anderson