Are you a 2% or a 98%?

Why is it 98% of people "FAIL" in this industry?

Because only 2% have what it takes to succeed. Sounds a little harsh? Well, it's harsh reality. People are lazy... 98% of people want something for nothing. They want to get rich over night. They don't want to work for it. They want someone to hand them a business that is automated and will start generating income within 24 hours.

The truth, it's hockey puck.

Any ad promising instant success overnight and money pouring into your PayPal account is representing a short lived company and neglects to tell you the most important part, the TRUTH.

The thing is, the 98% will fall for the above ad...

...even though they can't afford it they'll succumb to a high initial investment making their upline a huge chunk of cash. Then they'll fail. These are the same 98% who can't afford an opportunity that requires 'work'. Funny how they can find money to join a 'get rich quick' scheme because they 'want' to believe it's real. However when presented with the opportunity to actually work for success and financial freedom - they can't afford it!

However anyone in the 2% who reads that ad...

...knows in the real world it takes blood, sweat, TIME and tears to make it in this industry. We hear the word 'no' more than anyone else. We hear 'oh that's a pyramid' or 'oh those companies are scams'. But, to the 2% that keep moving forward we see what the future holds. We envision our path. We feel it like it's here now and we KNOW it's going to happen. We don't 'think' it's going to happen we KNOW it. Just like we know the color of our eyes, we KNOW we're going to make it BIG in this industry.

Back to the 98%, they are the kings and queens of excuses.
  • I tried, no one bought it.
  • I don't want to bug my friends.
  • I can't talk about my business at work.
  • I'm too busy.
  • I have no time.
  • I can't afford it.
Sound familiar? Then guess what - are you 98%!

The 2% press forward!
If someone does not buy it, they're on to the next person. They don't 'bug' their friends, they tell their friends about their exciting new venture. They don't talk about their business at work they get creative and give their co-workers samples. They are not too busy, they find time to succeed. They work their busienss so they CAN afford it.

Here's the deal.
1) Be 98%, a quitter full of excuses. Keep your day job and keep working til you retire or die. Hopefully you'll save some money so you can retire confortably at the young age of 75, or keep on working because you have to.

2) Be 2%, a go getter full of reason. Work hard, quit your day job while you are still young. Help others reach their goals. Enjoy life, retire young, enjoy time, enjoy freedom and go on a vacation or two.

If you had to choose to be 98% or 2% what would YOU choose?
It's that simple, the choice IS yours. Everyone in this industry is provided the same tools, it's how you learn to use them that is the difference. No matter your color, creed, gender or age you can make it if you have the passion within you succeed.

Now Choose!

Alethea Anderson


MLM - those who 'do' vs. those who 'won't'...

MLM - those who do vs. those who won't...

DO or DO NOT, there is no 'try'." Yoda, Wise Little Green Man

For a little green guy he's pretty wise isn't he? It is 100% factural and true... In MLM you either 'do it' or you 'don't'. There is no in between and there is no trying. Replace the word can't with the word won't. It is impossible to join an MLM and say "I just can't do it". It's not true, you can do anything you put your mind to. If you say you can't do it, you are really saying you won't do it. Seriously, what do you think you can't do?
  • You can't come up with the money to join? NOPE You WON'T come up with the money to join.
  • You can't talk to people you know? NOPE You WON'T talk to people you know...
  • You can't talk in front of people at a party? NOPE You WON'T talk in front of people at a party...
  • You can't talk to a stranger about the opportunity? NOPE You won't talk to a stranger about the opportunity.
  • You can't build a website? NOPE You WON'T build a website.
  • You can't learn how to be a leader? NOPE You WON'T learn to be a leader.
I think you get the jist of it now..."Do or do not, there is not try" In other words you will DO it or you WON'T do it...

Etc..etc...and so on!
Does this sound like tough love? Well it IS! I have seen so many people with a flaming passion to make it happen to only quit, run with their tail between their legs and say 'I can't do it'... By doing this they are basically throwing financial freedom, time with family and so much more right out the door. Because they WON'T do it. That's the difference...

When someone says "I want to be like so and so, I just can't do what she does..." NOPE That person is saying they won't do what she does. The ONLY difference is that the SHE had the DO in her. The driving force to make it happen. Not accepting failure as an option. The passion to keep moving forward.

Do you have what it takes?
  • Do you have a WILL DO attitude?
  • Do you have a passion to make it happen?
  • Are you going to let obstacles block your path or will you climb those walls to get to the dream of success?
  • How high will you jump?
  • How far will you run?
  • When you feel you physically can't go a step further, will you take another step?
I wan't dreamers. I want visionaries. I guess I want Jedis to join my team to help me build an Empire! If you have what it takes, contact me...

Alethea Anderson