5 Essential Characteristics a Company MUST have...


The 5 Essentials 

Company Check List: There are 5 essential characteristics that a company must have to survive long-term in this industry. Take note and see if opportunities you've tried before and you might find that one or more of these areas were missing or lacking, thereby reducing your possibilities of success. See how our Candle Company stacks up to the 5 Essentials.
  1. LOW UNIT COST - In other words, a broad segment of the American population must be able to afford these products.
  2. IT MUST BE HIGHLY CONSUMABLE - You must be able to make a sale and have the product get used up or consumed and re-purchased over and over again by the same consumer.
  3. THERE NEEDS TO BE A CERTAIN MYSTIQUE OR EXCLUSIVITY - That is to say you can’t run down to your local Wal-Mart and buy this same quality of product at the same price or less money.
  4. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN ADEQUATE MANAGEMENT TEAM IN PLACE - Proven leaders who have been there done that, and willing to bring on qualified people to build a worldwide company.
  5. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN ADEQUATE PROFIT MARGIN - To fund both the company and the distributors network.
How do the companies you are researching stack up?

Alethea Anderson


Benefits of a home based business...


Which Scenario Describes you?
  • I work Full Time or Part Time, and like my current job - but I'd like to do something on the side to bring in some extra cash each month.
  • I work Full Time or Part Time, and I'd like to eventually fire my boss and work 100% from home.
  • I am an at home parent, looking to bring in some extra money.
  • I am unemployed, can't find a job, and am looking for a break.
What is your WHY?
Owning a home based business has many benefits, no matter your current situation! Everyone could use more money, but what is your 'why' for wanting to work from home? You can have one, or more than one: I want to work from home so I can...
  • home with the Kids
  • a Savings
  • a Car
  • a Home
  • ...have a nice Vacation
  • ...have personal and financial freedom
  • ...home business tax advantages
  • ...quit my J-O-B
  • ...set my own hours and working schedule
  • ...spend more time with my family
Financial Advantages of Home Based Business
Owning a home based business gives you many financial advantages. You can write off or deduct many items on your income tax return! Examples of items you can deduct are...
(always consult your tax advisor to check your State's regulations)
  • Inventory purchased for the business
  • Marketing expenses
  • Postage used for business purposes
  • Supplies, i.e. office supplies, pens, papers, computer, printer, printer ink...
  • Milage used for business purposes
  • Part of your house payment
  • Part of your utilities for the house
  • Internet/Phone charges
  • Domain Registration/Hosting Fees
  • Health Insurance
According to the Small Business Administration Research Bulletin: The Small Business Economy 2004
"...Home-based businesses are a rapidly expanding form of business in the United States. A February 2004 study by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers indicates that approximately 1 in 10 U.S. households operate some type of full- or part-time home-based business...."

According to The Success Factory International
"America is in the midst of an extraordinary workplace transformation, the home-based business phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down."

Between 2005 and 2010 consumer marketers will begin to see new potential growth coming from the millennial generation consumers, the babies of the 'baby boom' generation born from 1977 on. This year the leading edge of the millennial generation turns 26, the age corresponding with first marriage. With marriage, these consumers will begin a predictable pattern of home and family-directed spending. These life stage changes can mean renewed growth in the candle market in the years ahead."

Alethea Anderson


Duplication is the way towards SUCCESS!


Why re-invent the wheel?

We make this business easy to duplicate, which is key to opening doors and starting a successful home business. Do as those before you have already done! They have paved the road to success, they have made and perfected the tools that already work.

FREE Tools

Most of our tools are absolutely FREE! FREE Email training, FREE phone training, tons of FREE files for download, FREE interactive yahoo group! A wealth of information at no cost to you!

Affordable Tools

Simple, low cost tools to build your business.
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Catalogs
  • CD/Videos
Use one, use two or use them all! We'll show you how to use these tools to build a successful home business.

We all have the SAME tools

There are people that make $100 a month, $1000 a month and over $10,000 a month in this business. What do they all have in common? They all have the exact same tools! No matter who you are, where you live, etc.. We all have the same tools to build a successful business. The only thing different is the person using the tools! Let me show you how!

Alethea Anderson


What you don't know CAN hurt you!


Don't be afraid to ask...

When you are considering or have recently started a new business you must ask all questions that come to mind. Your upline is there to help you grow your business! Ask anything and everything you can think of. Make a list, add questions as they pop into mind then ask away! I LOVE when I get lots of questions, it shows me how serious someone is about the opportunity.

I can honestly say, those who have asked the most questions - are those who are doing best on my team! They have taken the time to educate themselves so they can move forward. If they get stuck - they ask and I answer - easy as pie!

There are NO stupid questions!

I am a firm believer of this 'rule'. A question is a question because it needs an answer. If someone does not know the answer, it is important no matter what. There are no dumb questions, no silly questions, no stupid questions! If you have a question ASK and you will RECEIVE an answer!

What you don't know CAN hurt you!

What if you had a burning question, and you did not ask because you thought it was silly? What if you thought you should be able to find the answer by searching the back office or the message group? What if you tried but could not find the answer? What if this question was so important that not knowing the answer held you in place and did not let you move forward in your business. What if because you did not move forward in your business - you just quit? That is a painful reality in home busiess...people quit because they don't know the answers and feel 'stuck'. Always ask!

No support?

Often those same people say "well I quit because had no support..." Often it is not lack of support, it is lack of letting the upline know you need support. Team leaders are often managing teams of large amounts of people - they need to work with the teams to give them what they need. If leaders don't know you need help, then how can they help you?

Can't reach your upline?

How have you tried? What tools does the company give you to reach your upline? When new members join my team the first thing I do is make sure they have my name, email address, website URL and home office phone number. Our corporate websites also have a convenient link in the back office that shows the upline name, email and phone number - so team members are never without this information. It is now in their hands to make an effort to establish contact!

Email and Phone!

Please never feel like a bother to your upline, we are here to help you succeed! Email, phone, do whatever you can to have your questions answered because they ARE important!

~Alethea Anderson


3 Things to Be SUCCESSFUL!


Just the other day someone in my upline sent an inspiring message to our group, below is a partial excerpt from the the message:


"The three things you MUST have to be successful in YOUR business -

Desire - you have to have a burning desire. It's hard for me to explain this if you don't have it and if you do have it, you know exactly what I mean. You lay in bed at night, tingling with the excitement of what you have your hands on. For me, it gets me BACK out of bed for an hour or two in the wee hours, because I can't sleep and am excited to do things. And, because this is inspired action, when I go back to bed, I fall right to sleep and wake up rested, ready to do it again. My husband thinks I am nuts, but he appreciates the efforts!

Willingness to Work
- I guess that goes along with getting up at 2am, ha! No, you don't have to, but you MUST be willing to actually work your business. Take action steps to move you forward. Nothing great comes without some effort. Check your "Willingness to Work" meter and super charge it if you need to.

Teachable Spirit - Are you truly coachable in this business? I wasn't in the early days. Boy, I am now! Do you read something in the training manual and think " I'm not doing that." OR do you neglect to get on coaching calls, or read at all? Again, check your "teachable spirit" meter, and decide to make a change if it's not registering high. Great things await you if you are willing to make the effort. "


She summed it up with the following...


"You - YOU are the one who determines what your income will be. YOU make the difference. YOU determine it for YOU, I determine it for me. Either way, it comes down to you!

Bad news - it's YOU who makes the difference. Some people don't want to take responsibility for their success and want to blame others for failures.

Good news - YOU can make the difference! It's your desire. You must go through a process to get there. Understand the process. I mentioned that on Monday's call. UNDERSTAND and accept that there is a process. You can speed up the process through your efforts. Know the process!"


So what are YOU going to do for YOUR business?

~Alethea Anderson


$100 or $100,000 - we all have the same TOOLS


Rome was not built in a day...

Almost everyone knows this saying and it is so true. You know what, much of it still stands today. It took time to build into an Empire and part of the empire still stands for you and I to see today.

Rome, Home Business - huh?

The reason I mentioned Rome is because it is very much like starting a home based business. You cannot wave a magic wand and with a puff of smoke have a successful business pouring in tons of money. It takes time, blood, sweat and tears to build a successful business Empire. There will be the good and there will be the bad - but you need to conquer and overcome the fears and objections that hold you back.

We all have the same tools...

A member on my team shared with us the other day how we all have the exact same tools for our business. It is true, it's not like some of us are using nail guns while others are using a regular old hammer and nail. Everyone in this business has the...

EXACT same tools.
EXACT same products.
EXACT same compensation plan.

Nothing is different, no matter where you are in the United States YOU have the exact same tools to build an Empire that those before you have used to build their 6 figure Empires. There are no excuses, but the ones you give yourself.

We are all equals when it comes to this business! Your success depends on YOU and how you run your business.

Our team offers you all the training tools you need to create your Empire:

Email Training
Phone Training
Interactive Chat Training
Online Documents and Downloads

If you are looking to build an Empire, please contact me today so we can discuss your Empire, how big you want to make it, and how fast you want to get there!

Alethea Anderson


Your success = equals = my success...


Beautiful day here in Northern Nevada! I got up early, processed some emails, send out some CD/scent sample packets and dropped the kiddo off at school. I then headed into town to meet one of my fellow team members. She is a vendor at a big event this weekend and she borrowed a few supplies from me to fill up her display table.

I am very excited for her, this is her first event and it is a local oldies car show with lots of traffic! This will be a great way for her to launch her new home based business. She's been doing great so far, and this will give her a turbo boost!

As a team leader I help my team succeed in any way I can as my team's successes = equal = my successes. The more their businesses grow, the more my business grows - so I am devoted to help any of my team members who want to succeed!

I'd love to help you have a successful home based business as well. If you are considering starting a business, please don't hesitate to contact me so we can discuss how this business can work for you and how I can help you reach your goals!

~Alethea Anderson


Call your leads! (promptly)


I cannot stress enough how important it is to contact your leads. I have learned my lesson - a few times already. I supposed I needed to be **bonked** a few times with it before I 'got' it!

Here is an example...I had a lead come through my marketing website on Thursday 5/4. She also called my toll free line and left a message to call her after 7 pm CST. I printed the lead and noted to call her 5 pm PST which would be 7 where she lived.

I got side tracked and did not call. Then I told myself, I'll call her Friday. I was out all day and - forgot. Then I told myself "oh I can't call her on the weekend, I'll call her Monday...."

Well today I was out and about today (Sunday) and when I got home I checked my caller ID. She had called my home office. So this lead has made 3 attempts to contact me - am I NUTS?

I picked up the phone and called her immediately! A lovely lady who had attended an event on the other side of the US a short while ago. The consultant who represented the company did not give her any information when she asked about the opportunity so she headed to the web on her lunch break at work and contacted me.

She was very excited about this business and knows as a fact she could do amazing and fun event hostings! She would love to replace her current jobs (yes she works 2!) and have more money to spoil her darling grand son. I want to help her make it happen!

So here is the part where I need to emphasize to call the leads promptly. She told me since she had not yet heard from me - she contacted another distributor today. So now I have a risk of losing this fabulous lady! 100% my bad!

At this point I can only hope I made a connection with her. She is a charming and fantastic lady, I do hope she partners with me. Wherever she lands in this amazing company, I wish her well.

I have learned a valuable lesson on time...Contact leads, contact them quickly!

Have an amazing day!

~Alethea Anderson


Why training calls are important!


If you've ever been in Direct Sales before, you know they hold training conference calls. You, like me,
may have found these calls to be kind of a pain to try to get to. It is so easy to make up excuses as to
why you cannot call in...

"It's at our dinner time"
"I have to put the kids to bed"
"That's when my favorite show is on"
"Saturday? I'll still be sleeping!"

Today I made our Saturday Training call, hosted by the first Director in the Company. Astounding, inspiring, uplifting!

She shared ideas on how to...
  • boost business during the summer months
  • local marketing ideas
  • web marketing ideas
  • methods for mailing out to prospects
  • pre-prepping for the Fall candle season
  • keeping in tune with one's self with reading self improvement books
I have not made every single call in the past, but each time I make a great call like this one it really inspires me to be on the next!

It is so simple to make a 30-45 minute call fit into your schedule. It is worth it to have a successful home based business. This small chunk of time will add to dollars over time, so it is valuable time, well spent.
I highly recommend you do your best to make the corporate training calls, they will dazzle you, inspire you and lift you to levels never thought possible.

If you are thinking about joining a home business, please email me for a list of Opportunity Calls. There are several each week held by the Top Guns of the company!

Once you join our team, then you will get the schedule to the fabulous business building, business growing training calls.

"See' you on the calls!
Alethea Anderson