What you don't know CAN hurt you!


Don't be afraid to ask...

When you are considering or have recently started a new business you must ask all questions that come to mind. Your upline is there to help you grow your business! Ask anything and everything you can think of. Make a list, add questions as they pop into mind then ask away! I LOVE when I get lots of questions, it shows me how serious someone is about the opportunity.

I can honestly say, those who have asked the most questions - are those who are doing best on my team! They have taken the time to educate themselves so they can move forward. If they get stuck - they ask and I answer - easy as pie!

There are NO stupid questions!

I am a firm believer of this 'rule'. A question is a question because it needs an answer. If someone does not know the answer, it is important no matter what. There are no dumb questions, no silly questions, no stupid questions! If you have a question ASK and you will RECEIVE an answer!

What you don't know CAN hurt you!

What if you had a burning question, and you did not ask because you thought it was silly? What if you thought you should be able to find the answer by searching the back office or the message group? What if you tried but could not find the answer? What if this question was so important that not knowing the answer held you in place and did not let you move forward in your business. What if because you did not move forward in your business - you just quit? That is a painful reality in home busiess...people quit because they don't know the answers and feel 'stuck'. Always ask!

No support?

Often those same people say "well I quit because had no support..." Often it is not lack of support, it is lack of letting the upline know you need support. Team leaders are often managing teams of large amounts of people - they need to work with the teams to give them what they need. If leaders don't know you need help, then how can they help you?

Can't reach your upline?

How have you tried? What tools does the company give you to reach your upline? When new members join my team the first thing I do is make sure they have my name, email address, website URL and home office phone number. Our corporate websites also have a convenient link in the back office that shows the upline name, email and phone number - so team members are never without this information. It is now in their hands to make an effort to establish contact!

Email and Phone!

Please never feel like a bother to your upline, we are here to help you succeed! Email, phone, do whatever you can to have your questions answered because they ARE important!

~Alethea Anderson

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