5 Essential Characteristics a Company MUST have...


The 5 Essentials 

Company Check List: There are 5 essential characteristics that a company must have to survive long-term in this industry. Take note and see if opportunities you've tried before and you might find that one or more of these areas were missing or lacking, thereby reducing your possibilities of success. See how our Candle Company stacks up to the 5 Essentials.
  1. LOW UNIT COST - In other words, a broad segment of the American population must be able to afford these products.
  2. IT MUST BE HIGHLY CONSUMABLE - You must be able to make a sale and have the product get used up or consumed and re-purchased over and over again by the same consumer.
  3. THERE NEEDS TO BE A CERTAIN MYSTIQUE OR EXCLUSIVITY - That is to say you can’t run down to your local Wal-Mart and buy this same quality of product at the same price or less money.
  4. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN ADEQUATE MANAGEMENT TEAM IN PLACE - Proven leaders who have been there done that, and willing to bring on qualified people to build a worldwide company.
  5. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN ADEQUATE PROFIT MARGIN - To fund both the company and the distributors network.
How do the companies you are researching stack up?

Alethea Anderson

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