Benefits of a home based business...


Which Scenario Describes you?
  • I work Full Time or Part Time, and like my current job - but I'd like to do something on the side to bring in some extra cash each month.
  • I work Full Time or Part Time, and I'd like to eventually fire my boss and work 100% from home.
  • I am an at home parent, looking to bring in some extra money.
  • I am unemployed, can't find a job, and am looking for a break.
What is your WHY?
Owning a home based business has many benefits, no matter your current situation! Everyone could use more money, but what is your 'why' for wanting to work from home? You can have one, or more than one: I want to work from home so I can...
  • home with the Kids
  • a Savings
  • a Car
  • a Home
  • ...have a nice Vacation
  • ...have personal and financial freedom
  • ...home business tax advantages
  • ...quit my J-O-B
  • ...set my own hours and working schedule
  • ...spend more time with my family
Financial Advantages of Home Based Business
Owning a home based business gives you many financial advantages. You can write off or deduct many items on your income tax return! Examples of items you can deduct are...
(always consult your tax advisor to check your State's regulations)
  • Inventory purchased for the business
  • Marketing expenses
  • Postage used for business purposes
  • Supplies, i.e. office supplies, pens, papers, computer, printer, printer ink...
  • Milage used for business purposes
  • Part of your house payment
  • Part of your utilities for the house
  • Internet/Phone charges
  • Domain Registration/Hosting Fees
  • Health Insurance
According to the Small Business Administration Research Bulletin: The Small Business Economy 2004
"...Home-based businesses are a rapidly expanding form of business in the United States. A February 2004 study by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers indicates that approximately 1 in 10 U.S. households operate some type of full- or part-time home-based business...."

According to The Success Factory International
"America is in the midst of an extraordinary workplace transformation, the home-based business phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down."

Between 2005 and 2010 consumer marketers will begin to see new potential growth coming from the millennial generation consumers, the babies of the 'baby boom' generation born from 1977 on. This year the leading edge of the millennial generation turns 26, the age corresponding with first marriage. With marriage, these consumers will begin a predictable pattern of home and family-directed spending. These life stage changes can mean renewed growth in the candle market in the years ahead."

Alethea Anderson

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