Have you 'had it' with your job and being J.O.B. ???


What is J.O.B. ?

Many of you work your butts off at your job - just to be J.O.B. ! Now what exactly is J.O.B. ?
This is a term meaning...

J ust
O ver
B roke

Which describes a huge amount of people in the US that are working paycheck to paycheck, working and working and getting knowhere - running at top speed on the treadmill of life.

How can a Home Based Business Help?

A large percentage of people who start home businesses are looking for only a few hundred extra dollars per month - which is easily attainable on a very part time basis. A few hours a week could easily earn you a few hundred extra dollars per month. Many who achieve this goal in a short amount of time get inspired, set bigger goals and go for a thousand dollars per month. Many, whom are very driven by the burn to succeed - actually quit their 'job', quit being J.O.B. and start working their Home Based Business full time replacing their previous job income and far exceeding their income and making financial freedom a reality.

Benefits of a Home Based Business

Simply becoming a distributor for a home based business, you are entitled to amazing tax deductions.

Part of your mortgage/rent
Part of your utilities
All business supplies including products purchased for inventory
and so much more!

(always consult a tax advisor to make sure you take the correct deductions! It is advisable to use a tax advisor experienced in small business. You literally could deduct thousands per year!)

Many people dealing with the J.O.B. start seeking ways to bring in extra money - and they stumble across the home based business market.

How is a Home Based Business different than a job?

You are your own boss, you set your rules and most importantly - you set your pay scale. At a traditional job, you get paid hourly or a salary. When you have your own home business, you choose how much you want to make by setting goals and making it happen. At your job, even if you stay there for years and years - you'll only get a small 'raise' each year if you're lucky! If you own your own Home Based Biz and want a raise - you simply work to achieve that raise, any amount - it's up to you and your efforts!

No limit, no glass ceilings in home based business...

The income potential is limitless when you apply yourself to a home based business in the Direct Sales industry. No one can stop your success, except for you yourself! If you have the burn within - the drive to make it happen - I'd love to work with you to help you CREATE your prosperity.


Alethea Anderson


How can Network Marketing Work for YOU?


Ways in Which Network Marketing Can Work for You

Anyone can succeed in Network Marketing, age, sex, race, creed BUT you have to have a lot of DESIRE. It is important that you think of yourself as a business owner - not an employee!

It works if you really want it to work for you

Dream BIG, desire mightily and do the necessary work. What you put into your business, you will get out of - if you belive in yourself.

It works if you have the right attitude

If you think you can or if you think you can't - both are true. You will manifest your feelings, so FEEL your success and make it happen!

It works if you have a solid belief system

Believe in YOURSELF
Believe in your PRODUCT
Believe in your OPPORTUNITY

If you saw this business and thought "I can do that!" You are on the right path!

Know your Hot Buttons

What is your WHY for wanting to have your own business?

Financial Freedom?
Opportunity to Travel?
Time with Family?
Be your own Boss?

You can make a little, you can make a lot, it's up to you...

Some join a company for an extra $100/mo.
Some join so they can pay for a new car.
Some join so they can have total financial freedom and unlimited income.

Set your goals, put them on paper and make them happen.

You must be willing to learn...

Why re-invent the wheel when someone has already done the hard part? Utilize the training and tools provided for you!

That's why I'm here...

I am here to help you create your prosperity...

Alethea Anderson


Design your own prosperity!

Hello Fellow Candle Lovers!

"Design Your Own Prosperity"

That's a powerful statement, isn't it? That is exactly what home business does for you - opens doors to let you design your prosperity, your income, based on the efforts you put forth into your business.

Direct Sales is for ANYONE

There are no walls (or glass ceilings) in the Direct Sales industry. Men and Women of any color, religious background , education or economic background equally have the same odds of success with a Direct Sales home based business. In fact, there are more women millionaires in Direct Sales due to the fact that there is no glass ceiling!

Fortune Magazine Describes Direct Selling as...

"...the best kept secret of the business world, an industry of steady annual growth, healthy cash flow, high return on invested capital and long term prospect for global success."

The Well Known Direct Sales Marketing Guru Zig Ziglar says...

"For the committed, self motivated individual, a home based business offers enormous benefits, including elimination of travel, time savings, expense reduction, freedom of schedule and the opportunity to make family your priority as you set your goals."

"Design YOUR own Prosperity"

Let's work together to make it happen!

Alethea Anderson


The Power of Positive Thinking


In home business, 2 negatives to not equal a positive!

Recently on a home business message board I frequent, a thread was started about being stuck in a rut. People were posting that they just could not move forward and wanted to 'give up' on their home based business. One thing I noticed in all the posts were the negative words used over and over... couldn't, wouldn't, can't, didn't, frusterated, bummed, gave up.

None went upline...

A few of the posters wanted to give up on their various businesses, and none had spoken to their uplines. If you ever feel lost in business, ALWAYS go to your upline for support. Your upline is there to help you succeed and has no way of knowing you need help unless you tell them!

It's not those around you, it's YOU

One of the posters mentioned that their fire was put out when their family was not excited about their new business. She said it 'took the wind out of her sails' because they were not doing the happy dance along with her. She let their negative response to her new business push her 2 steps back to the point of wanting to quit. When starting a new business, the fact is not everyone is going to jump for joy and feel your same excitement!

Let your excitement shine through!

Don't give up, even if someone does not jump in and buy a product from your company, or give you amazing props for starting a new business - don't let them 'marsh your mellow'! Use that energy, spin it around and propel yourself forward!

My Story, maybe you've experienced the same...

Back while trying other companies I always approached my 'warm market' co-workers, family and friends with my products. Then I'd try a new business. Then I'd try a new business. People got wore out by the fact that I kept changing my mind - it made me look wishy washy! I felt like they wondered 'how long will she stay with this one' hence their lack of excitement for my newest business venture. I heard the comments, 'oh ANOTHER new business?' - 'so how long will you do THIS one?' - 'oh jeez you did not succeed at the others, you won't at this one either'. Brutal huh?

I challenged myself!

Instead of crawling into a hole and giving up, I decided I'd show them! I used that 'hurt' to make my business happen!

Positive Thinking

If you BELIEVE it you will ACHIEVE it! This is most important, you have got to, hands down, no ifs - ands - or buts about it, BELIEVE in yourself. It is so simple to talk yourself out of a good thing because you don't believe you will succeed. You have to tell yourself you WILL succeed.

Positive Affirmations

Speaking positive words every day, will help you achieve positive thoughts that equal positive results. For instance, make a note and stick it on your bathroom mirror.

"I will succeed, failure is not an option"
Simply reading that day after day will put forth a positive thought instead of a negative one!

You must remember...
Building a home based business takes time, energy and devotion. It won't happen overnight, and I can guarantee it won't happen without effort on your part. The magic money fairy does not start sprinkling you with money until AFTER you've done the leg work to get the money flowing your direction!

I BELIEVE anyone can ACHIEVE success...
I believe, I KNOW that anyone who wants success in home business can achieve it. I know people who make 6 figure incomes in almost every single company out there - so there is no question it can be done.
The question is - do YOU have it IN you?
  • Do you have a burning desire to work at home?
  • A burning desire to make it happen so the kids are not in daycare?
  • A burning desire to have extra money each month and financial security?
  • A burning desire to fire your boss and set your own hours?
  • A burning desire to retire early and ENJOY retirement with money?
It CAN happen!

Alethea Anderson


Don't re-invent the wheel, use the tools we give you for FREE!


Why re-invent the wheel?

Starting a new home business is a huge decision, it can change your whole future making you financially sound and giving you financial freedom. Why would you want to start a new business and have to figure out how to run it?

I provide you the tools, for FREE!

I use the tools that my leaders have already tried, tested and made true! My upline in the company has already paved a road of success. It would be silly for me to go off road and experience the road blocks and bumps when she already has a system in place that WORKS!

There is NO 'set it and forget it' here...

As my team member I commit to you that you won't be left behind! I do not sign team members and then leave them to figure it out - I help them grow their business at the rate they want to expand. If you want to retail, I'll help you with retailing. If you want to build a team, I'll show you the tools to build a team!

I'm here for you!

I've joined teams for other companies in the past where the leader was nice and helpful, then when I joined they vanished from existance leaving me lost and alone. That won't happen here, due to my past experiences my goal is to make sure you have ME available for YOU! I work full time from home, so I am here for you! Available via email all the time and we can chat by phone too! I want you to SUCCEED because it feels great to help others reach their goals. Your success ensures my success, we are a team striving towards the same goal and research shows that teams do better working TWOgether!

Alethea Anderson