U2 - THIS is how Network Marketing works!


Today I was watching this video and I realized that U2 has used Network Marketing since the beginning of their music career.

The video above was filmed on the strip in Las Vegas, what did U2 do? A low budget video that reached thousands of on lookers in Las Vegas. What did the onlookers do? They went home and told people how cool it was to see this new group U2 performing on the strip.

Those people who found out, later heard of U2 via MTV and thought 'how cool, my friend saw them in Las Vegas, maybe I'll check them out and buy a tape...'

Years later U2 used this same marketing method by having a concert on top of a building, drawing a huge crowd and police and media attention. Basically, U2 screamed it from the roof tops! It worked!

Yet again, about a decade later, U2 did a concert on the back of a flat bed trailer while driving through the streets of New York city. Genius!

They used simple marketing, spread the words on the streets, shouted it from roof tops and took it across town.

YOU can do this with YOUR business too...and yes, you can make millions...

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Alethea Anderson
Home Business Coach and Web Marketer

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