Do you HAVE to be talented to BE Succssful in Home Business?

Today's post is a spin off from yesterday's post "Does Talent = Success in MLM?"

After I wrote it I got thinking... You see, in order to be successful you do NOT need to be talented... So this message is almost the alter ego from yesterday's message.  Both posts portraying the exact same message, yet in different ways.

You see, yesterday's message was catered to those who know they are talented, and assume that talent will bring them greatness.

Today's message is catered to those who feel they have no talent, and assume this lack of skill will result in failure.

As I stated yesterday, talent is not a measure of success.  Talent must be followed by BELIEF and PASSION.  Without the latter two parts of the equation, talent, is just that, talent...

Now keep in mind one does NOT need to have talent in order to be successful in the home business industry.  You do not need a high school diploma nor a college degree. You do not need to be well spoken.  You do not need to be rich or beautiful.  It does not matter your color, your religion or where you grew up.

The ONLY thing that matters is PASSION and BELIEF.

I honestly feel that those without talent, yet have a powerful passion and belief most certainly dominate those 'talented' individuals who lack passion and belief.

If you have passion and belief, simply head towards your goal.  One foot in front of the other, until you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Alethea Anderson
Passion & Belief


Does Talent = Success in MLM?

So, do you think if you are talented, you'll be successful?  Truth be told.  No.

Someone can be a talented racecar driver, but if they don't believe in themselves, they'll never win the race.

Someone can be talented at the art of selling, but if they don't ask for the sale, they'll never sell anything.

Someone can be talented at drawing, but if they don't market their gifts to the world, they'll never be discovered.

Someone can be talented at singing, but if they don't show people they can sing, they'll never be heard.

Someone can be talented at writing, but if they don't publish their work, they'll never be read.

You see TALENT is only one part of the equation.  One must have a passion to turn that talent into success.  One must have the drive to escalate that talent to work for them.  One must market their talent so they are seen and heard by the world.  Most importantly, one must BELIEVE that they actually HAVE talent because if one does not BELIEVE that they can ACHIEVE the highest levels, then they'll never get there.

No one will win the race, sell something, be an artist, a singer or an author if they don't believe in themselves.  All those whom are successful started where they were, and took the steps to get where they wanted to be...

Got talent?

Alethea Anderson


Ever Notice How Someone ELSE'S Mood Sometimes Changes YOUR mood?

The good news is you have 100% CONTROL over YOUR mood regardless of the moods of those around you!   One simply can not 'blame' their mood on the day, the weather, their hair or someone else.  Well they 'can' and often DO but the reality of this is, it is a CHOICE!

If you wake up and slam your foot on the corner of the dresser and say "ARGH this day is going to SUCK!"  you are going to create that reality....

If you look out the window and see the sun is hiding and say "BLAH another crappy day with no sun!"  you are going to have a crappy day...

If you have a cow lick that just won't go away and you think "GREAT, this just RUINS my day!"  you are ALLOWING 'hair' to ruin your day...

If your day is going along swimmingly, everything is perfect, you get up, get dressed, eat a healthy breakfast then get a junky email from some family member spilling all their woes about their horrible weekend and then you just feel like crap. Well, honestly, you are ALLOWING that email to create the way you feel.

In every moment we have a choice.  Let's flip the above scenarios....

Slam you foot and say "OUCH" then tell yourself it's just a moment that soon shall pass, and head to the shower with a smile!

Look out the window and see no sun, but then look at the world around you and see the birds singing, find a smile in the moment!

That pesky cow lick just won't cooperate, laugh it off, it is what it is!

A jerky email from a family member, don't absorb it!   Think about how fantastical YOUR weekend was and sent them a little note like "sorry to hear about your bum weekend, it's a new day today, start fresh and leave your weekend behind you!"

How this blog came about was I got a phone call today from someone who had that 'tone' in their voice.  You know that "I'm not happy" tone.  They were very brief on the phone, then promptly exited the call. I sat here thinking 'jeez, I wonder what is bugging them..' and I caught myself geting pulled into the lows that person projected.  I had to tell myself 'NO!'  and I went and played with my dogs for a few minutes, animals are so 'in the now' and can snap you out of a funk in a second.

I made a CHOICE to be happy!   What do YOU choose?

Alethea Anderson
Choosing HAPPY!


Leadership, Helping Others Succeed : Do you give a Hand OUT or hand UP?

As a Leader in the MLM industry, myself and other leaders have often had conversations about what kind of help is the most beneficial, and which type of assistance is actually harmful in the long run.

When I first got started in this industry I'd actually DO the work for people.  I'd build their websites for them, if they had no product I'd give some to them, if they were out of catalogs I'd hand them right over. If they had questions I'd provide them the answer within a matter of minutes.

I thought I was doing them a favor by giving away the farm!  I quickly learned a lesson, I was training these team members to want a hand out vs coaching them to seek a hand up when they needed one.

I'd have people who soon 'expected' hand outs.  They 'expected' answers within moments and would become stressed and upset if I were not availble that very second!  If I did not answer my phone, they'd call and call and call and leave message after message after message in a panic.

I created monsters!!!

I was not actually helping them one bit, I was actually making them help-less by creating a 'need' and not empowering my team members with the confidence to take the steps to get from where they were to where they wanted to be.

What do I mean by Hand OUT vs Hand UP?
  • A hand out would be when someone said they needed 'just one' catalog, so I'd pay postage out of my pocket to mail one right out. 
  • A hand out would be when someone asked a question like 'what is corporate's phone number' and I'd just give it to them. 
  • A hand out would be when someone would want me to do the work FOR them, and I would....
Now the difference in showing someone the way, vs just saying "here ya go"
  • A hand up would be when someone needed 'just one' catalog but instead I show them where catalogs can be ordered in the back office, plus give them ideas on how to successfully use the catalogs by lifestyling their business and/or booking parties and events.
  • A hand up would be when someone asks a question like 'what is corporate's phone number' and I guide them to where it is located on their website.
  • A hand up is when someone asks me to do the work FOR them and I offer advice and tips and offer to review the work once they've completed it.
I can honestly say that not ONE person who I 'handed out' to is still in the business.  They always quit.  Often those seeking hand outs have short lived careers in this industry as they are constantly seeking the 'easy button' and they don't have the passion or persistence to keep moving forward.

So an important Leadership Tip is to give a hand UP not a hand OUT.  Be there for your team members as a coach and leader.  Be there as a guide and a trainer.  But don't do the work FOR them.  Show them the sources, help them with the tools, teach them the way to utilize the tools properly.

We each have the same tools, it's the person holding the tool that makes the difference.  Only passion and persistence will win in this industry!  Keep moving forward!

Alethea Anderson
Hand UP!


Day 3: Do you FLUNK at Facebook-ing? "Posting to YOUR WALL and News Feed"

Here we are, Day 3 of "Do you FLUNK at Facebook-ing?"  On Day 1 we went over mis-using the cr-apps, Day 2 we went over mis-using Private Messages and Private Chats... Today we will go over mis-use of  "The Wall" and the "News Feed"  Plus you get a Bonus Lesson on HOW to use the News Feed to benefit your online business prescence...

This is where my little quote  "you could be broadcasting your activity to hundreds of thousands of persons." comes in!

Whatever YOU post  where it says "What's on your mind?"   enters the News Feed of every single dingle person on your friend list (assuming they've not hidden your posts due to SPAM that is)

Remember as we discussed before, people who are using Facebook as a tool to build a business need to build relationships.  This involves posting messages about "what is on your mind".   Now if you are ONLY posting about your company, including links to your website, how it is a ground floor opportunity, the phone number to tonight's opportunity call, how you sponsored 20 people this week... well, you are not providing anything of VALUE to your readers.  You simply are posting AD after AD after AD after AD odds are you'll be 'hidden' or 'deleted'....

No one has an opportunity to get to know WHO you are when all you are posting is about only YOUR business.   Remember, you could be broadcasting your activity to hundreds of thousands of persons...

Your goal is to post information of value, as each person who does read your post has the opportunity to comment on your posting.  When they comment, this automatically goes on to THEIR wall.  So all of a sudden your message has just reached even MORE people, people that are NOT on YOUR friend list.

Each person also has the opportunity when viewing your message to 'share' your posting, if they choose to share your message of VALUE, this will not only be on THEIR wall, it will also be broadcast into the News Feed of EVERYONE on THEIR friend lists....

There is a lot of cross over on Facebook, a GREAT post of VALUE could quickly be shared by someone, who shares it with someone else who then shares it with someone else.  Who then tweets it, and then is retweeted, then someone finds your page because they are curious about who you are, then they ask about your opportunity....

You see, using Facebook for online marketing is SO so much deeper than posting a link.  Let people know WHO you are.  Are you working at home today?  Are you taking the kids to the park?   Are you cooking a brand new recipe for dinner?Add in some little teasers so people will see you as a person, someone with a life, a family, goals.... 

I'm not saying NOT to talk about your business, just do it right.  Maybe one day share that your new company newsletter came out and post a link.  Another day share that a team member hit a goal. Share that you are getting ready to head out for a home party. The key is s * p * r * i * n * k * l * e the business info in every so often.

Another tip, don't go CRAZY with the personal stuff either, s * p * r * i * n * k * l * e!

You'll soon find that you are PASSING on Facebook with Flying Colors and your grade F will fall to the wayside as your relationships grow.  People will be adding YOU as a friend, your credibility will grow and people will be curious about WHO you are AND your business too....

Alethea Anderson
Straight As


Day 2: Do you FLUNK at Facebook-ing? "Private Message and Private Chat"

Here we are, day 2 of the series "Do you FLUNK at Facebook-ing?"   Yesterday we went over intentional and unintentional App abuse (a term I've coined as cr-app)  Today we will be going over how NOT to use use Private Messaging and Chat.

Private Messages

A very tempting way to send a private, personal message.  Some think they'll have a captive audience as all it takes is 'just a second' for someone to read about your BEST OPPORTUNITY on the face of the planet... But there is a time and a place.  Remember as I said yesterday "you could be broadcasting your activity to hundreds of thousands of persons".  I'm going to show you how this will BENEFIT you, but not yet.  First the nitty dirty gritty of what you are doing WRONG.

Bad Scenario Number 1:  You request friendship and are accepted, you send your new friend a Private Message and you say "Thank you for adding me!  Have you seen this new ground floor opportunity yet?" with your link attached.  You are GOING to have your message DELETED.  Also keep and eye out where your friend count just went UP one it may go DOWN 1.

Bad Scenario Number 2:  Someone requested YOUR friendship and you accepted, you send your new friend a Private Message and you say "Thank you for the friend request!  I can help you grow your MLM with this amazing automated system!"  See above and watch your friend count DROP.

Bad Scenario Number 3:  You have a new friend, you see they are in the same industry, you decide to ask them a question "are you open to looking at other opportunties"

Bad Scenario Number 4:  You have a new friend, you see they are in the same industry, you write them a note "I see you are with Company X, that looks really interesting, could you tell me more?"  However your INTENT is that you DON'T CARE, you just want a reason to talk about YOUR opportunity.

Private Chat

Bad Scenario Number 1:  Hi.... hi.... hi.... you keep persisting and get no answer.  Let it go, they don't want to talk to you.  Or they are away from their computer.

Bad Scenario Number 2:  "How are you?  Do you like Chocolate?"

Bad Scenario Number 3:  "Could I ask you a favor?"  leading to a request to 'watch a quick video...

Bad Scenario Number 4:  "Hey, will you give me your honest opinion?"   Come on, we all know where it is going...

I hope you can see the pattern here, the above methods are not marketing.  They are shoving an opportunity down someone's throat.  I don't know why people do this, or teach this, but the conversion rate is low. 

The key to a place like Facebook is building relationships.  Be HUMAN, be REAL and if people are interested in YOU they will ask YOU for information.

Plainly put, do NOT do to others, what you do NOT want them to do to you.  How would YOU feel if you got those messages in YOUR Private Message Box?  How would you feel with a bait and switch scenario?

That is always one way to gauge your marketing, you must respect others with the same greatness you expect them to respect you with....

Alethea Anderson
Being Respectful of your Greatness


Day 1: Do you FLUNK at Facebook-ing? "Application Spamming" = Cr-App

This is just one is a series of 'Do you FLUNK at Facebook-ing?"  Do you abuse your Facebook friends?  Do you know how to turn off the 'auto wall posting' settings for your applications?  Read on...

Facebook is an amazing place, a social networking platform that connects long lost friends, high school senior classes, past room mates, people you worked with, family members and beyond.

But Facebook is also a great tool for the online business builder, if and only IF it is used properly.   Unfortunately Facebook has been found by spammers of all sorts.  Some of them have no idea they are even spamming.

This threee day Series of "Do you FLUNK at Facebook-ing?" will offer you some tips on utilizing Facebook the best way to grow your online business.

Now lets start with Applications (aka apps)

I can promise you that if you are filling people's walls with ihearts, kitten smiles and pillow smacks, you are going to lose a few friends.... You see, these are 'cute' when you are connected with a group of 25 people you knew from high school.   Maybe you send 'drinks' to the gals from the office....  Maybe you share angel blessings with your church group.

But if you are here for business reasons, you need to consider a few things...You see, some apps are manual, you have a choice to go in and send Mary a Mai Tai or Bruce a Beer. Those are great as you are selecting each person manually who gets what on a very personal level.

But some apps have a mind of their own and every time you make a kill on Vampire Wars or complete a batch of Buffalo Wings on Cafe World it is broadcast to EVERYONE'S wall on you friend list.  Again, perhaps not bad if you are soley socializing with a group of bunco buddies, but if you are Networking and have a friends list in the hundreds or thousands you could be broadcasting your activity to hundreds of thousands of persons.

Now pay attention to this statement "you could be broadcasting your activity to hundreds of thousands of persons."

Some may think "OH COOL", let me enlighten you.  "This is NOT a good thing if you SPAMMING while attempting to  GROW A BUSINESS ONLINE".

The last thing you want is for an industry great to click 'remove' and wipe you off of his stream, or even worse, delete you as a friend all together.   Your first thought may be "who cares", but let me reiterate.... "you could be broadcasting your activity to hundreds of thousands of persons...."  I will dive deeper into this over the next couple days...  Now you may wonder "WHY would they waste time deleting ME?"  Let me explain....

I am friends with many "big names" in the industry who have maxed out their friend balances (you may have only 5,000 Facebook Friends on your profile) and I am lucky enough to be one of those 5,000.  

Now consider this, what if just 1% of those people had apps on auto pilot?   That is only 50 people, assuming *only* 1% did not change their auto app settings, for just ONE app, that would be 50 automated 'spam' posts per day.   Now what if someone had 5 auto apps, what if 100 people had 5 auto apps?  All of a sudden you are part of a BIG problem clogging up someone's wall with cr-app!

Now your key as a web marketer is to be seen in a positive way, being Mary Mafia or Freddie Farmer in a very public way will certainly lessen your credibility in the Facebook circle, especially if you are making requests for AK-47s and Peach Trees....  So this is what you want to do.  TURN OFF THE AUTO WALL POSTING!

Here's how to edit Facebook App Settings...

Click on the 'Account' tab and a drop down box will fall, then click on 'Application Settings'.  You will see a list of your Applications.  Odds are there will be more here than you even knew about.  Often people join apps on 'accident' and even some of these 'accidental apps' could be spamming your friends' walls.

So first step, delete any app that you do NOT USE.   To delete the app, click the little X to the far right on each line.  Personally I only have 3 Apps, that's it!    Now to edit settings on the apps you use, you'll see next to the app 'edit settings'.  Now go in and click the 'Additional Permissions' and REMOVE the check where it says 'publish recent activity to my wall'. 

Now you also need to utilize the drop down box to the upper right, here you'll see 'recently used' followed by a series of other options, go to every single one on that list and DELETE and EDIT to clean up your applications lists!

Another note, some Apps attempt to bypass their setting by offering you a 'one time' post while in the game, click CANCEL when this happens. i.e you level up in Cafe World and the app asks you 'would you like to share this news with your friends?'  Click CANCEL or else you are SPAMMING!

You are on your way, great work getting rid of the cr-app!  Tomorrow we'll talk about Private Messages and Chats and what NOT to do!

Alethea Anderson
Anti Cr-app


Shine BRIGHTLY from within so the shadows lean the other way...

I just read an article by a Mom who works full time for a well known company that is a bit adult-risque.  She said that other Moms often cast shadows upon her as they feel she has no business being a MOM working in a company associated with girly magazines.

Now all this Mom does is work there, in the office!  Yet others degrade her.  She sounds to be a strong women by the way she worded her article, never the less I could feel her pain...

Growing up I was often cast out and under by others who said I was not good enough, not pretty enough or not smart enough.  Even if they were not putting me down, they were always saying I could work harder, dress different, stand straighter, talk louder or apply myself in other ways.  My errors always gaining attention, my accomplishments thrust to the wayside.

I left a commet on her article and said something along the lines of "Shine brightly from within as this will make the shadows lean the other way..."

I relate this to many in home business as often it only takes one or two people, often those closest to us to say a few damaging words to make us want to quit.  Even myself, when I got involved in MLM had family members who did their best to take the wind out of my sails.  My cure?  I SHINED!

To get from where you are to where you want to be, shine brightly and your route will be well lit for the entire journey!

Alethea Anderson
Bright Light!


Can you REALLY "Set It and Forget It" in Home Business?

Are you wanting a business that is on auto pilot?  You just want to plug in and let "the system" do all the work for you.  You simply want to "set it and forget it"?  

Well I have a little surprise for you.

It's NOT going to work!

Let me explain.   Let's say you were watching an informercial. You got caught in the hype and excitement and ordered the "set it and forget it" oven.   Now, you just got it delivered, it's in its box.  Where's your chicken?   The commercial said you could just "set it and forget it" so why can't you put the box on your kitchen counter top and get your chicken?

Well you obviously know you need to take it out of the box, remove the tape, the cardboard and the plastic inserts and assemble some small parts.  Now all that is done. Where's the golden brown yummy chicken?

Oh yea, you need to plug it in and set it!  But, wait, where's the chicken?

Ok, another step, you have to go to the store, buy the chicken, go home, unwrap the chicken, clean the chicken, season the chicken, pierce the chicken and stick it in the machine.  But you're hungry, you want it NOW!

Well, you still have to turn on the machine and get it going. Eventually you smell the aroma of golden chicken wafting on the breeze and you know it's almost time!


The buzzer went off, YAY!   HOT HOT HOT ouch!  Not YET!!!!

Now you  have to use the funny gloves to take out the chicken, put it on a plate, let it cool, then carve it and get it ready for eating!   

Now THERE'S the chicken!  YUM!  The fruits of your labor, but it was a bit more work that you anticipated.  You could not just "set it and forget it" could you?

AND, all that was JUST once, all that effort was just for this one dinner!  PLUS you are not even done yet!

Next you have to clean the machine, you have to wipe out the grease, get those fricken chicken drippins', you have to wipe down the inside and outside. You have to take care of your "set it and forget it" system if you want to keep it running and in tip top shape, so you have to tend to it to make sure it keeps running smoothly!

The next time you want some easy peasy chicken, you have a series of steps to go through.....

I'm hoping by now you've gotten my drift.... No matter how "easy" it is, there is always work involved!  Even with a home business that promises you that you can "set it and forget it", well, it's just not going to happen.  You don't just power up the computer and expect the money to flow in to your bank account, I can guarantee, it will NOT happen!

You have to take all the steps to get that "set it and forget it" system running, you have to maintain it, yes you will enjoy the "chickens" of your labor, but you have to clean up, clean out and keep doing it over and over if you want more and more chicken to keep appearing....

Always remember, you have to take all the steps to prep the chicken now, before you can cook it and enjoy it later....

Alethea Anderson
Chicken Chef Extroadinaire


So tell me, WHY did you start a home based business in Direct Sales, Network Marketing or MLM?

I'm guessing you wanted to make MONEY right?

Have you made any money yet?  If so, fantastical!

Next question, have you made as much as you expected you would have at this point in time?  If so, fantastical!

Next question, are you on the path, right where you want to to be, growing your business?  If so, fantastical!

Sounds like you are on the right path, keep moving forward from where you are to where you want to be!

BUT, if you answered NO to any of the above questions we have a few things to evaluate!

You've made NO money... what steps have you taken towards earning money?  Have you chosen a date for your open house?  Have you booked any home parties?  Have you passed out catalogs?  Have you booked any events?  Have you talked to co-workers, family, friends and neighbors about your product?

If you've done none of the above, well then, you should know why you are not making  money!   If you've done 'some' of the above, well, it many not be enough.... If you've done ALL of the above, SEVERAL times, and had zero success, then it's time to get with leadership and ask for some help...

You've not made AS MUCH as you thought you would...  After you got started, did you KEEP DO-ing?  The most common reason income flatlines in home business is the lack of initiave to keep pressing forward. Often a speed bump gets in the way and instead of gently stepping on the gas to go up and over this petite hurdle, many allow this mere hiccup to stall their entire business.  

If you are experiencing a flat line in income, parties, sales, team building or any aspect of your business consult your coach and leadership team for some tips.

You've not moved down the path as FAR as you thought you would have by now...  You thought you'd have a growing team, whose teams were growing, and their teams were growing.  But you've sponsored no one, or just a couple who have came and left, or a couple who just do 'nothing'.  

It happens!  Don't let this take the wind out of your sails!  When your boat seems to be sitting still, always reach out to leadership to help fill your sails with wind once again.

This industry is not *easy* like a set-it-and-forget-it mini oven.  You DO have to take action steps in order to get from where you are to where you want to be!

Alethea Anderson
Doing What I Love


Leadership : Which Way NOW? How to get Where you want to BE in MLM

Are you feeling LOST in  your home business?

One of the most frequent reasons that someone quits MLM is because they are CONFUSED.  They know to GO, but they don't know HOW to GO or WHERE to GO.

Now there are two parts to this story.  People who don't know how or where to go either...

A) Don't have the courage to ask for  help.


B) Don't have the drive to figure it out.

If you are struggling, which applies to YOU?  

When you are stuck in a rut, do you call or email your sponsor and ask for help?

When you are stuck in a rut do you dive into the archives of company information to find an answer to your question?


When you are stuck in a rut do you blame the company and your sponsor for the fact that you are not having success?

The Key Is...

When in trouble, ask for help!  Your sponsor WANTS to help you, and in the rare instance your sponsor is absent, there is someone else upline who will graciously take their place.   Also take initiave, utilize your company tools too to self educate.  If you want to get from where you are to where you want to be, don't rely on someone else to carry you on their back!  Ask for directions and someone will show you what to do and where to go to achieve your goals!

Alethea Anderson
Travel Guide


Revolvoing Doors: Round-and-round, Yet NOT Getting Where you Want to BE.

Sometimes moving forward in a home business can be challenging.... It's like you get stuck in one of those revolving doors.  Around and around and around, where you were, where you're headed, where you were, where you're headed...

But you just don't seem to step OUT of that 360 degree safety bubble...

You have two choices when stuck in the revolving door of life, just two.  No in between options!

1) Step off on the side where you were and resume life as you've always known it.


2) Step off on the side where you want to be and move forward one step at a time until you get there...

Alethea Anderson


Your MLM Flame, how brightly does your PASSION burn?

If I've said it once, I've said it 100 times, to make it successful in MLM you need to have a burning desire to make it happen. You have to have a burning passion to keep you moving forward even in lulls, through dips and over speed bumps.  You need to have a burning desire to succeed no matter what mountains or brick walls stand in your way.

Now what does this flame look like to you?  How do you envision it?

Do you see a flame that burns within, it keeps burning, same height, same width, burning at a steady rythm day after day?   Let me tell you, a flame like this can be blown out by a puff of air.  It can be extinguished by a small breeze. 

My flame is a raging inferno!  If someone blows on it, it gets hotter and burns faster!  If there is a breeze it takes off like wild fire.  THIS is the type of BURNING FIRE OF PASSION YOU NEED to have in order to GLOW and GROW in the MLM industry.

It really does take a certain depth of burning fire in this industry.  Not all will survive the industry.  Many will quit.  Not because they can't do it.  Not because they fail.  They will quit because their flame was not big enough!

How BIG is YOUR flame?  DO you have it in you to take all the steps to get from where you are to where you want to be?

Alethea Anderson
Burn baby BURN!


What are your URBAN roots? Just for FUN!

There is a thing going around Facebook right now, to go to and type in your name to see what comes up! 

Here is what comes up for "Alethea"....

"Alethea" Description: Mysterious, Quiet,...

Virtues: Acceptance, Commitment, Discipline, Foresight, Honesty, Honour, Hospitality, Humility, Independence, Integrity, Intuition Morality, Modesty, Obedience, Patience, Respectfulness, Responsibility, Trustfulness, Truthfulness

This personality this is one of a kind persona, an oddity in this mundane world, if not an in explicably intriguing character. To the onlooker Alethea is a quite subdued individual whose character revolves around a shy yet steadfast nature. Such character derived in a loyalty and rooted in trust grows upon one reaching out in a whisper transmuting into a deep admiration. To the exuberant and animated she is inconspicuous, imperceptible, and invisible. As if no more than a premonition to the supercilious, yet to the keen, she becomes a work of genius unlike any other. Permeated with wisdom and infected with kindness she guides and strengthens those around her.

In the absence a throng, she dispels the cloak releasing a creative and exuberant character vivacious and thirsty for life. In this she is no longer tranquil and subdued, but alive, full of an insatiable and unquenchable desire for life. This powerful craving brings out a random and indescribable occurrence, transforming a quiet heart to an innocent and playful, but vivid and active one. This freedom found only by herself and with her closest friends is invigorating. Such energy brings back the innocents of childhood infectious joy.
I'd say it's pretty much right on!
Alethea Anderson
Urban Raw


"Imagination" Can you really 'dream' your way to the TOP in MLM?

What is "Imagination"?   It is the formation of a mental image of something that is neither perceived as real nor present to the senses...

How can Imagination become the foundation for your future?  ALL new ideas were created from an imagination.  Thomas Edison imagined a light bulb...  Henry Ford imagined a horseless carriage...

If there were no thought, there would be no things!  Now ponder this...

"I think, therefore I am"


"I am, therefore I think"

Interesting isn't it? 

The fact is if you can not imagine yourself at the top. If you can not see yourself there.  If you can not feel yourself there.  If you can  not focus on your desired outcome with every fiber of your being, it simply will not happen....

Success, reaching the top, does not come by accident.  It comes by imagining it, believing it, and acting upon it.  Desires manifest as results when you take the action steps to get from where you are to where you want to be.

So IMAGINE!  Use that Imagination!   SEE it, FEEL it and most of all BELIEVE it!

Alethea Anderson


Do you have "Hope for the flowers" : Many in MLM don't know HOW to get to the TOP

This is an amazing little book, it looks like a children's book, but it is much deeper than a children's book.

I recommend "hope for the flowers" to anyone and everyone on a journey in the Direct Sales, Network Marketing, MLM industry.

This book walks you through the journey of a very determined catpillar, who wanted to get to the top, because everyone else wanted to get to the top. 

Only to find in order to get to the top, you really have to go within....

He figured out what he needed to do to get from where he was, to where he wanted to be, and it was magical...

Alethea Anderson


How's your Cafe World? All about MLM Dedication!

Okay, here it comes!  Some TOUGH LOVE for MLMers who say "I can't...."

Tell me all about YOUR Cafe World Cafe!

What level are you in Cafe World? 
How long did it take you to figure out how to cook a meal and serve a meal?

How long did it take you to figure out how to expand your cafe?

How long did it take you to figure out how the food could spoil?

How long did it take you to figure out how to send/receive gifts?

How long did it take you to figure out how to add a friend?

How long did it take you to figure out how to hire/fire someone?

How long did it take you to figure out how to change your clothes?

Do you log on Cafe World daily because you want to get to the top?  You want to go up in levels, it feels pretty good huh?  You like it when your "thumbs up" score rises... You love receiving gifts from the efforts of others...

Well you can get to the top of your MLM company by applying effort.  You can go up levels in your company too... You can grow your income (score) and you can earn a residual income (gifts) from the efforts of others too...

Do you get my drift?

In a nutshell, if you can navigate Cafe World, run a successful Cafe, cook dishes, add friends and so on, THEN YOU CAN MARKET YOUR MLM BUSINESS!  Not only can you market it, obviously you have TIME to grow your home based business too!

Now I'm not saying you can't still play, I admit, I'm a Cafe World junkie myself, BUT I know how to fit a wee bit o leisure time in between my networking and marketing, my track record shows this... 

To those who feel they can't build a website, well, it's no harder than learning how to use Cafe World or even Facebook.  For those who feel they can't create a following or gain friends while networking, well, it's no harder than using Cafe World or Facebook.

I told you this one would be on the edge of 'tough love'...  Time to hop out of "Cafe World" and jump into the REALWORLD!   You can make your cake, and eat it too (pun intended) but you also can create a successful MLM home based business...  You simply have to take the steps to get from where you are, to where you want to be. 

Alethea Anderson
The Greasy Spoon {wink}


One Must Take Their Hands OUT of Their Pockets to Climb the Ladder of Success

There are a group of people walking around the bottom of the ladder to success... they all complain that they are not getting anywhere.  They all have several things in common, first of all they all have excuses.....
  • My Sponsor does not help me.
  • I'm not good at selling.
  • No one I know will buy.
  • I don't have enought time.
  • I don't have enough money.
  • My husband/wife does not support me.
You'll notice they all have a another thing very much in common.  All of their hands are in their pockets. 

What do I mean by this?

Well, in order to climb a ladder it takes effort.  One foot, one hand, one foot one hand, scaling upwards to the top, to the place we call success.  When someone spends their valuable time making excuses, their 'hands are tied' figuratively speaking....

None are putting their feet on the first rung of the ladder because they don't have a hand available to make it happen.  It is too simple state that...
  • My sponsor is not there to help me climb the ladder.
  • I'm not good at climbing a ladder.
  • No one I know will buy the fact that I could climb a ladder.
  • I don't have enough time to climb a ladder.
  • I don't have enought money to climb a ladder.
  • My husband/wife won't allow me to climb a ladder.
Now pay attention to all those sentences and look closer, what does each one have within?  I and/or ME.  When you break it down, the only thing that can stop someone from climbing the ladder of success is the self.  If someone wants it bad enough, if someone has the burning desire within; it does not matter about the sponsor, being good or bad, having the skill, having the money or having the support.  What matters is HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT.

With that said, are you wandering around the bottom?  Misery loves company!  If you want to make a change, onward and upward hot stuff!   Grab ahold of that ladder and go-go-go.  To get from here to there, you have to climb every rung in between!

Alethea Andeson
Climbing up, uP, UP!