Happy New Year : 2012

As I'm sitting here reflecting back on 2011 I realized I've really not been in 'social media' much for the past six months or so.  Basically I stepped away from the marketing aspect of social media since I'm not involved in a home business right now. I've just popped on a few times a week to keep in-the-loop, but other than that not a lot of social media interaction.

What have I been up to?  Well, in July we sold nearly all of our belongings to come back to our home state.  We moved away from a sizeable rental home on a golf course in Nevada; to a cozy cottage rental in a prime location in an amazing school district in California.  Sacrifice?  No, you have to take action to be where you want to be!  

We are keeping open minds, open spirits and allowing good things to flow to us.  We know that where we are this moment is simply a stepping stone in time, and we are enjoying as new doors are opening daily for us.

My husband has a growing business,  I have a blossoming career, our daughter attends one of the best schools in the district.  We are blessed!

Right now I'm sitting here in my mini home office 'nook', the rear door is open allowing a mild breeze to flow in....on the first day of January!  How lucky am I?!  :)

The more things change in life, the more I realize we need to focus on the gifts we have.  Being grateful for all the things great and small in our lives.  As long as we keep moving in the direction of our desires, we are on the right track!

Isn't that what is important?   People ask us why we moved away from 'where it was cheaper'  back to California.... they look at us like we are insane.  We tell them we did it because it's where we want to BE and because it's where we see our dreams coming to fruition!

With that said, Happy New Year!  Join me in setting sails heading the directions of our dreams!

Alethea Anderson