Is Facebook a FAD?

  *sigh*  One does not realize how much they really enjoy Facebook until they cannot access Facebook for over 2 hours... 

Seriously, I hop on a few times a day to browse status messages, check for wall posts and all that fun Facebook stuff.  Well today I've not been able to access Facebook for about two and a half hours and you know what?  It's driving me CRAZY!

While on the topic of Facebook, I keep meeting people who refuse to get a Facebook account.  They say it's a 'fad' and will go away so they don't want to invest the time.

Let me ask this... If Facebook were a FAD would it...
  • promoted on nearly every single TV show and commercial?  ("like" us on Facebook!)
  • printed on nearly ever single print media? (magazines, newspapers, coupons...)
  • ...would all of your service vendors promote a Facebook icon on their websites? (gas/electric/water/etc..)
  • ...would your dentist's office have a Facebook logo on their business card?
  • ...would you tell people you meet "look me up on Facebook!" ?
What about restaurants, car dealers, grocery stores?  Nearly EVERYWHERE you go you will see a Facebook logo (and ofter twitter too)  "like" us and "follow" us ~ we all know what that means now, it's part of our language now!

I don't think Facebook is going to do anything but GROW!  Personally I find it a great way to see what the gals from High School are up to these days, what companies I enjoy shopping with are offering, how people are marketing and of course to meet ~ mingle and network with other like minded individuals!

So I guess one good thing about Facebook being 'down' or whatever it is that's making me not be able to access the site is that I finally did another blog post.  LOL

Alethea Anderson
The "is what it is blog" (for the moment)


Direct Sales Rant, Rave and Vent

Greetings, tis I, Alethea Anderson and I've got a BEEF.  What's your beef, jerky?

"Way too many people are claiming to be Network Marketing Masterminds selling you their services based on their 'accidental' success (or for some, faux success via the fake it til you make it philosophy). "  Well there it is!  Shortest blog of the year from me! 

There's my rant, off my chest!

Over and out!

Alethea Anderson