...sands through the hourglass and CLEAR THE CLUTTER!

...greetings my friends!

It's been a busy summer with the kidlet home for vacation, family came in from out of town, shopping, boating, beach...and on top if it all MOVING.  I know you know what it's like to move...

Pack it all. Move it all. UNpack it all. 

I find serenity in moving though, it provides the perfect opportunity to clear out the clutter! 

Getting rid of things you don't use really lightens the load of life.  How many out there are guilty of keeping the little dust collecting 'trinket' (aka crap) that someone gave you because you feel guilty if you toss it away?

Now how many of you keep ALL your receipts?  Have a drawer with expired coupons?  Have every single magazine saved with the intent to some day go through them and pull out all those great ideas and recipes?   Clothes you are keeping 'just in case' you 'get fat again' or 'get skinny again'?  Yea I know it's true!

So even if you are not MOVING like I just did, take this as an opportunity to clear out the crap!  They say a cluttered home is a cluttered mind.  OUT with it!

From an energy stand point, think of the attachment you have to all these 'things'.  Imagine little threads of energy going from you to all these items.  Can you see how all these threads criss crossing and pulling different directions can tie you up?  Can you feel how they bind you?  Can you sense how these things could actually hold you in place not allowing you to move forward?

Now imagine the FREEDOM you will experience when you get rid of these items!   Cutting all those threads of energy allowing you some room to MOVE.  Nothing binding you, nothing holding you down or back.  By physically letting go you are letting yourself open up on a new level.

Sometimes we just have to LET GO, even though we spent money on it.  Sometimes we just have to LET GO, even though someone gave it to us. Sometimes we just have to LET GO, LIVE NOW and JUST BE!

So come on, clear the clutter, and tell me all about it!

Alethea Anderson