But I don't want to BUG my family and friends... of the most common excuses given in Network Marketing!

This is a mindset that kills many a network marketing career. The facade has been created out there and seems to have subliminally been downloaded on the mental hard drive. People seem to think that MLM is about 'bugging people' you know. Due to this, many people avoid the industry like the plague!

The image people have in their head is calling people and saying "Hey, I'm in this cool new business and I know you could use extra cash. Want to join my team?" This scares the hell out of them. Why? FEAR. Fear of rejection. Most fears are actually based on rejection in one form or another.

Now let me present 3 scenarios....

1) Have you ever eaten at a restaurant, and loved it so much that the Monday morning you went to work and told everyone about the amazing wait staff, the fantastic food, and the gorgeous decor. It came naturally, because you genuinely loved the experience. Yet no one paid you to do this!

2) Have you ever purchased a new lotion, loved it, carried it in your purse, and offered to the gals at work? Yep, it came naturally, because you loved the product. Again, did you get paid for this?

3) Here's another, have you ever purchased a cell phone that is so awesome with widgets and apps and it's the best thing since sliced bread and you simply could not wait to show everyone? Uh huh....natural...for no pay.

SO how does this apply to network marketing? Simple. Be excited about the product you represent. Share it with others, just as you tell them about a restaurant, lotion or cool cell phone. Just share. No pitch, no sales, just share.

Now here's the flip side of the above 3 scenarios, look at how they generate interest...

1) WOW, that sounds great - where is the restaurant? I'd love to go this weekend I have family coming into town!

2) That lotion is fantastic, where did you buy it?

3) That phone totally rocks, how much is the service? Where can I get one?

TAAA DAAAA! You just created business for 3 businesses, and they did not even ask for a referral! That is networking. Sharing information with a network of people.

Now take it a step farther....

1) Someone who knows someone at your office asks for a restaurant recommendation, the person remembers that you mentioned a new place in town. That person tells the new person your experience and creates yet another new customer for the restaurant.

2) Someone from your office buys the lotion you brought in, shares it with her sister who is visiting from out of town, who loves the lotion and bought it too. She brought it to her office and shared it the next week. 2 gals from her office went out and bought it too...

3) Someone who overheard your conversation about your phone was on the subway and overheard a conversation between some people choosing a new cell phone. They mentioned the phone you were talking about. The person decided to interject on the conversation and share the details you shared at the office.

See how simply sharing something from your product line can open doors to conversation and then it travels naturally through the grape vine. This is just nature, people share ideas, and pass them along from one person to another.

How does this apply to a network marketing business?

Well, this is where the term 'be a product of your product' comes in. Go into the office and share one of your products. Let the conversation carry on normally, and when they ask where you got it, tell them the truth! "Oh I started a home business, check out the catalog!"

You did not bug anyone, you shared, they asked, you made a sale. All you are doing is giving yourself the referral instead of the restaurant, the store that sells the lotion or the phone manufacturer.

Remember, it's not about bugging anyone, it's about growing your own successful business :)

Have fun!

~Alethea Anderson


System? What system? Whose system? The magic key to home business success.

A week or so ago I read an article about 'finding your system' and the article pointed out the system is 'you'. I have been pondering this ever since, and yesterday my upline wrote an article along the same lines as someone in the team lineage asked her what 'system' she offered.

With two instances of 'systems' being brought up in this manner within such a short period of time it really made me decide to write this article right here.

We web marketers often cross paths with other web marketers offering...

  • "THE system..."
  • "The BEST system..."
  • "Online marketing system..."
  • "A system that is guaranteed to work..."
  • "Plug right into this system, and it do all the work..."

I joined several of the free informational auto responders, out of curiosity. Each one offers to sell you their system, the one that worked for them. Now that is a VERY important six words there.

"...the one that worked for them."

Pretty profound when you pause and come to the realization, what works for someone else, may not necessarily work for YOU. It worked for THEM. They did it their way. You see, in this industry we often hear 'duplicate', 'do what I do', and you'll build the perfect business.

While pondering that fact, realize that the industry average is an 80% drop out rate. 8 of 10 people who get into network marketing, direct sales and party plans quit.

Now if the 'system' worked for 'everyone' wouldn't there be more success? Well, yes and no. You see, systems vary by the marketer. Some market via the web, some market person to person, some cold call via the phone. Now if you come across a 'system guaranteed to work' but it's a lead generation system to call leads, yet you refuse to get over a fear picking up the phone.... or if it's a system of local marketing and you are horrified of approaching people within 3 feet of you, or if it's a system telling you to you're going to have a problem.

If you do not have patience to start web marketing, or hate the idea of doing home parties, then those systems will not work for you.

Now don't despair, if one thing does not work for you, there are dozens of other ways that will. You have to find out how you are comfortable marketing and run with the fun! You should do what you love, really you should...

Some of the 'systems' I have seen are...
  • Book 3 parties a week.
  • Give a business card to everyone within 3 feet.
  • Call your entire warm market of at least 100.
  • Get leads with Pay Per Click Ads.
  • Utilizing Social Networking.
  • Go through the phone book and start calling.
  • Generate hundreds of leads online.
  • 3, 3, 3 (or 4, 4, 4 or 5, 5, 5 etc...)
This is just scratching the surface as there are so, so many different ways to run a home based business and do you want to really know what the magic secret to success is? Yourself.

In reality there is no one way, and no wrong way, you need to find the you way!

How does one find the 'you way'? Well this depends if you are already in the industry, or if you are looking to join the industry.

If you are IN the industry already, and are seeking mentor-ship... Go upline. So many uplines do have 'their' systems in place, but often there are several within the company offering different sorts of mentor-ship. Ask upline, contact corporate, find someone within your organization who offers leadership.

If you are NOT in the industry (or are in and have not been able to find a mentor in the company) Google it! There are many great mentors in the business, Dani Johnson, Jonathan Budd, John Fogg, Kim Klaver, Michael Clouse, Tim Sales and many, many more.

Be wary in your research as anyone can say "I've sponsored 100 people a month for the past three years..." Also be leery of anyone showing you paychecks on their website. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Many sites have videos showing luxury cars, feet dangling from hammocks in tropical waters and huge houses. Do your due diligence. If you find someone in the public eye you are considering as a mentor, go find them on Facebook and/or follow them on twitter.

Find out 'who' they really are. Look at their pictures, see the person behind the website, explore the person behind the posting!

I firmly believe that ANYONE can excel in this industry, if they want to. There is no glass ceiling here.
If you want it, create it!

Alethea Anderson

Work at Home Mom and Home Business Mentor focusing on teaching what works best for YOU! No 'system' here, just the facts. I help you create your own prosperity by working with you to do what works best for YOU!


"Unemployment Idol" - of 650,000 will YOU be chosen for a J.O.B?

Did you know that in February 2009 more than 600,000 people LOST their jobs across the United States? Were you one of them?

Now keep in mind that was *just* the month of February, the average National unemployment rate is nearly in the double digits now, in some areas it's over, like the state where I live (Nevada) it is now nearly 11%. That is 11 people of every 100 with no job.

I have been watching the MSNBC RSS feeds coming across and in the past few days I've seen...
  • 700 people apply for a single janitorial job.
  • Man submits over 300 resumes, was one of 1,000 for one job.
  • More than 5,000 applicants for hotel jobs in California.
  • Man drives 3400 miles in hopes of finding a job, sells tool box to pay the rent.
These headlines are crossing the newswire coast to coast, Newspaper Headlines, Blogs, RSS feeds and more... People are swarming to jobs in droves hoping and praying as they are mentally screaming 'pick me, pick me'.

Online job websites are getting record numbers of hits, companies are pulling down their ads quickly as they are getting way too many applicants, more than they can handle. Ads that say no calls are getting so many calls from applicants wanting to stand out, that are 'following up' to make sure their resume has been received. (only to be told, yes we got your resume as well as 1,000 others...)

Introducing "Unemployment Idol", yep, it IS a reality, not a reality 'show'. Hundreds of thousands of people are seeking jobs, will you be the lucky one who shines brightest to get the job?

What makes YOU stand out from the rest? Is your experience greater? Your resume broader? Are you willing to work more for less?
Imagine the employers, the 'judges' we'll say, having to sort through and read all the resumes. How do they pick the best employee? Perhaps they have a panel of 4 each with their own opinion...
  • Judge 1 "looks like a good dawg, but I'm not sure.."
  • Judge 2 "has some experience, but is lacking in some areas."
  • Judge 3 "wonderful, I love the whole thing!"
  • Judge 4 "are you kidding me, you're going to have to do better than that!"
Are you worried that you may be too young for the job? Too old? Over qualified? Under qualified? Asking too much for salary? Job not offering enough salary?

Are you seeking jobs that are very far away willing to sacrifice your time to commute 2 hours each way?
Are you dumbing down your resume so you don't look over qualified or fluffing up your resume so you appear to be able to work a career where you have no experience?

This is exactly what you are up against, thousands of others doing the exact - same - thing.
You just don't know who fluffed better, who is offering more for less salary, who is willing to travel farther for even less... Imagine the employers and what they are going through!

Every morning when I awakeI am thankful for earning an income
in a recession proof profession.

I'm in Network Marketing. I choose my pay and I get paid for for my efforts, as well as upon the work of others on my team. When I want a raise, I can create it. My income has steadily been increasing over the past year. The best part? I can not be downsized, laid off, or fired. As I continue to grow my career in Network Marketing, my income is continuing to grow too.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?
Well, it's not. Network marketing has been around for over 50 years. And in the several strained financial times over these several decades, the Network Marketing industry has climbed to new levels each time exploding in growth and creating more and more six figure income earners.

Network Marketing is being your own boss, like creating your own job because Network Marketing is a Lifestyle Choice.
Keep in mind, Network Marketing is not a 'job' in the sense of working for someone else, it's a Lifestyle choice and a path. Network Marketing is readily available to anyone willing to make a change in their lifestyle.
  • A resume is not required.
  • Skills are not required.
  • Travel is not required.
  • Experience is not required.
There is no discrimination in this industry. It does not matter your age, sex, sexual orientation, economic status, race or religion. ANYONE can excel in this industry. The only thing that is required is the passion to succeed and the strength to not accept failure as an option.

There is no glass ceiling in Network Marketing. You can dream and travel as high as you want and the only person that can stand in your way is YOU. There is no cap on the income, if you build it, it will come. A very true statement in Network Marketing.

What IS Network Marketing?
This is an industry of marketing, via networking with others. There are several ways to earn an income in Network Marketing. The key is believing in you and making it happen. There are people that have gone from almost losing their home and going bankrupt to earning tens of thousands of dollars per month.
Whether you really need just $100 more per month, or would feel more comfortable with $1000 more per month. Even if you need to replace an income of over $50,000 per year, all things are possible with Network Marketing.

Explore the Possibilities...
I've been in the industry since 1993 and if you are ready to take the bull by the horns. I teach my partners to move forward and make their dreams happen. You have a can keep submitting resumes, but you can also take charge of your life and make a Lifestyle Change...

Alethea Anderson


Forum 'Netiquette" do you do this?

Have you ever been tempted in the heat of a moment to head to your closest forum of online friends and vent about your business? Perhaps you are upset about a change in the company, something your downline, crossline or leader has done (or not done), possibly you tried a product that did not like, or found a typo on the corporate website. Did shipping take too long or did something look wrong, taste wrong or smell wrong? You are so irritated and flustered you simply have to unload this off your chest and you want to do it NOW!

Proceed with CAUTION!

If this moment arises in your online marketing career I share this warning; pause, think about it before you post and choose your words carefully. Re-read your message before clicking that magic button that makes the post available to anyone on that forum and potentially to anyone in cyber space if it is an open forum...
  • How could this post reflect upon you as a business professional?

  • How could this post reflect on the company you have chosen represent?
Always consider the outsider, the person who is not in your company who is lurking in the folder to investigate the products, the opportunity and potential leaders.

Will they see your name in positive threads, or will your name be attached to negative threads?

Everyone poster is entitled to an opinion, but remember that each 'lurker' and potential business prospect forms their views based upon what they read...

"avoid being negative because no one likes being around an unhappy person"

I'm always seeking positive minded individuals to work with!

Alethea Anderson