24 Hours in a Day, Use' em right or LOSE 'em!


24 Hours in a Day, use 'em the RIGHT way!

24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds - do you utilize your time wisely? Each moment ticks past quickly, are you valuing each second of time? Sixty clicks, a minute, sixty minutes, an hour... What IS it you are doing with your time?

If you say you can't get it all done...

...you really are saying "Well I farted around so much today I did not get it all done!" If you set a schedule, have a list of chores, and set out to do them you can but...

...it's easy to get SIDETRACKED!

When building a home based business many people choose to build using the computer. This can indeed be a very valuable tool, IF, it is used properly... Many people tend to get sidetracked (aka find ways to procrastinate from what they really should be doing) on the www. They go on the web looking for one thing that is related to their home business, then they find something else on accident, which leads them to something else interesting, which leads them to a funny video, which they have to then email to a co-worker, and while in the email box they decide to check all the messages, where they get an email from an old friend, then they buzz that person on IM, then they get in a long winded chat about the weather, so on and so on...

...3 hours later...

...nothing is done! You've not showered, you have a load of laundry in the washer and an unfolded load in the dryer with 2 loads sitting in baskets. Dishes in the sink, fuzzballs on the carpet, the bed is not made and it's about time to go get the kiddo from the bus. You still have work to do and now dinner is looming in your mind. So much to do, so few hours left, why?

You pause briefly...

...to consider why nothing is done. You say to yourself "I've been busy all day, but I've gotten nothing done!"


You WIN! Yes, you've been busy, that's the truth - just not focused on the desired result. You need to have some organization and some structure. Set realistic goals for yourself and you can complete everything on your to do list in record time and THEN have bonus minutes to fart around to your hearts desire.

If you find you are having many unproductive days, do this...

...write down everything you do and how long it takes! Starting with getting up and every single thing you do noting the times. Track when you first put that load of laundry in the washer, when it actually gets the dryer, and when it really gets out of the dryer (you know when it's been so long it's not even warm any more!) This will help you see how you are alloting your time each day. You can see when you are a bizzy bee flitting around to the many flowers in the field buzzing along humming 'la la la la'!

Reality Check!

Now, if you are ready to get organized and make some money let's chat! First fill out the short form in the side column and request info on this home based candle biz. Then visit my website to learn about me and my candle biz and you'll see how this biz can easily fit into any lifestyle. I look forward to chatting with you!


~Alethea Anderson

Buzzing away the day but it working the right way!