Like No One Is Watching...and how it relates!


I like to share inspirational articles and then reflect on how they had an impact on my life. Please read this article below, my comments will follow...


Like No One Is Watching
Shake Your Tail Feathers

From DailyOm.com

Most of us express our distinctiveness in many ways throughout our lives. Although, as we proudly share our offbeat traits and preferences with the world, we take great pains to downplay those eccentricities we ourselves deem odd. Instead of living lives colored by these quirky impulses, we seek out socially acceptable outlets for our peculiarities. We may not realize that we are editing ourselves in this way because our individual societal awareness is unintentionally attuned to the attitudes of the people we encounter each day. Over time, we have learned to suppress some of the most fun aspects of individuality. To rediscover and embrace these buried traits, we need only ask ourselves what we would do if we knew for certain that no one would judge our choices.

Visualizing this day without judgment can help you better understand the idiosyncrasies that are an important part of who you are but seldom manifest themselves in your existence. Perhaps you secretly dream of replacing grown-up, conservative clothing in favor of a changing array of costumes. You may envision yourself painting your car electric-green, hugging the trees in a crowded local park, singing joyous songs as you skip through your community, or taking up an exciting hobby like fire spinning. Try not to be surprised, however, if your imagination takes you in unexpectedly simple directions. In your musings, you may see yourself doing things such as breaking out in dance or dying your hair a fun color. Regardless of the nature of your suppressed peculiarities, ask yourself what is really stopping you from making them a part of your life, and then resolve to incorporate at least one into your everyday existence.

Life as we know it is so short. Making the most of years we are granted is a matter of being ourselves even though we know that we will inevitably encounter people who disapprove of our choices. When you shake your tail feathers like no one is watching, you will discover that there are many others who appreciate you because you are willing to let go of any inhibition. By doing this you help others know it is okay. No one else in the world is precisely like you and, each time you revel in this simple fact, you rededicate yourself to the celebration of individuality.


...my comments!

I find this often relates to those willing to open the cage door and spread their wings trying a new home business. I have met many whom have the spark blazing in a fire of desire wanting to grow their new business. Often times those around them, most often family and friends seem to damper the flame...


It would seem that those closest to us would embrace our new ventures, however many find that those closest are the most harsh... "Why are you doing THAT?" ~ "You've never done anything like that before how will you be successful?" ~ "Psssshst I'm not buying any!"

Those little comments...

...can run a newbie's esteem right into the ground and make them shut their cage door before even soaring to new heights!

How to overcome!

Like the article above, keep on going no matter the disaproval you receive. Keep 'shaking those tail feathers' and soon those who DO support you will 'flock' to you. You'll have a nest full of other tail feather shakers who agree with you, respect you and help you grow! Even Oprah, Donald Trump and other multi-billion dollar moguls had their share of negative comments - and you know what I've seen BOTH of them 'shake it' on TV!

Come on, let's shake it!


Alethea Anderson

Burning brighter every day creating prosperity on the way!


If you think Network Marketing is hard... "You're joking, right?"


I wanted to share this Article by Tim Sales of BrilliantExchange.com ~ don't let your dreams escape you because you think something is hard!


"If you think Network Marketing is hard...."

I was at a table where a bunch of distributors were talking between themselves and each got on the band wagon and threw in their own proof of how "hard this business is.

"I let the pity party continue for a while then finally exclaimed,"You're joking, right?"

If ever you could have heard a pin drop it would have been at that moment.

Let me describe my view on the subject and then I'll write what I told the people sitting at that table. I'm doing this in hopes that you too will stop or will leave the pity party when you hear it. Your success depends on it.

To be able to see my view, allow me to take you back to just prior to my entering M.L.M.

The year was 1987. I was with the US Navy's underwater bomb squad team in the Persian Gulf. Our "job" was to locate and defuse the bombs that were in the Gulf. Of course that's plenty dangerous - but the sea snakes bothered us just as much.

Sea snakes are extremely territorial and the most toxic of all snakes. So imagine defusing a live bomb while looking over your shoulder for sea snakes - that's quite a distraction!

Fortunately sea snakes don't have long fangs so we would wear 1/2 inch thick wet suits as a safety precaution. It's difficult for the snakes to penetrate the skin through a 1/2 inch wet suit. But wearing a thick wetsuit is an additional problem because with the outside temperature between 100 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit (38-49 Celsius) it's extremely hot wearing a 1/2 inch wetsuit in that heat.

Oh, I almost forgot the other hazard - the enemy. The enemy is someone whose intention is to kill you if he sees you.

So that was my life leading up to me answering an ad in the Washington Post for my network marketing company.

Now back to the discussion I was having at the table with the people who were complaining that network marketing is so "hard."My statement was, "You're joking, right?"

Then I went on to say some of the following:

What's hard? You sit on your butt in an air conditioned (or heated) room with your drink of preference on your desk. The bathroom is within a few feet of your office. Food is abundant. Your only distraction is your child or pet coming into the room ... what's hard about that?

In the bomb squad, for us to get to our work we had to sky dive in or row a boat in (underwater bombs don't like the sound of motor boats). For a network marketer to arrive at "work" they normally have to walk up or down some steps or down a hall - what's hard about that?

In the bomb squad, if we goof a little, we blow up. DEAD. If you are terrible on a phone call - NOTHING HAPPENS - you don't blow up - you don't die!
You call a prospect, he's not there. Go to the next one.You call a prospect, he's there but isn't interested. Go to the next one.

You call a prospect, he's there, agrees to watch a video and then won't answer the phone afterwards. Go to the next one.

You call a prospect, he's there, agrees to watch a video, you reach him for the follow-up - says it's not for him. Go to the next one.

You call a prospect, he's there, agrees to watch a video, on the follow up call he says he's super excited... but his wife won't let him do it. Go to the next one.

You call a prospect, he's there, agrees to watch a video, on the follow up he says - I want to do this. You sign him up, help him... and go to the next one.What's hard?

The only hard part is not knowing what to say to your prospect - That is all covered in Professional Inviter. Even if you call someone and get a super jerk on the phone, the worst he'll do is yell at you - so what? He's not going to shoot you!

Network marketing is NOT hard!

If you can't relate to my bomb squad examples or you're thinking I'm somehow different from you, let me tell you what I've observed in others.

A mother of a toddler lugs around a 25 - 35 lb. weight 18 hours a day. Tosses him from hip to hip. Hasn't had a good night's rest in 2 years. Changes diapers containing substances that don't look or smell like they're from this planet. The child runs through the living room with his arm out and cleans off the coffee table - does anything hit the floor? NO! His mother catches the vase and puts it back on the table, catches the tea glass before it spills and sets it back down. She glances up and sees her toddler has the family's picture and frame held above his head about to throw it and she (in an instant) steps over the coffee table and with one giant step reaches her toddler and pulls the picture frame from his hand before he throws it. This isn't work to her - this is "a joy." She says to her husband, "Honey, let's have another one."

A man decides to "take some time off from work." He plans a hiking trip. He loads everything he'll need to live for a few days in a backpack. It will weigh 50-80 lbs. He throws it on his shoulder and hikes straight up a hill. He'll sweat all day, not off and on, but the whole day. He'll pitch his tent at sun down; eat Cup-O-Soup by stirring in warm water.

He'll navigate tomorrow's journey in his tent with a flash light in his mouth. He'll sleep at a slant and on rocks and tree stumps. He'll wake in the morning, pack everything back in his pack and eat a protein bar for breakfast. He'll reach the summit and spend just a few minutes looking at the view of what he accomplished... then head back down. He arrives at his truck, tosses the backpack in the back of the truck and thinks, "I've gotta get back to work." Work? (!) He gets back home and his wife asks, "How was it?" His reply, "It was great!

"Now I urge you to have this same conversation with yourself. Look around at what you do that is hard work that you actually call play. Then compare that to what you do when you do network marketing... it's NOT hard and it's not work - it's great fun and a joy! And if it doesn't feel like that for you yet, it will, once you know the Inviting Formula, as contained in Professional Inviter.

Enjoy what you do,
Tim Sales


WOW huh?


Alethea Anderson