The Media is Dangerous

You know what is really scary in our country? The Media.

The Media is SO powerful and people, let me rephrase that, "sheeple" believe every single word of it.... I do not endorse nor deny the points of view
of the cartoonist. I simply wanted to use his illustration and
give credit where due...
I travel a lot for work, and I listen to a lot of AM radio. I flip between conservative and liberal radio, as often the two are discussing the same subjects each day, and I find it fascinating how the points of views are SO different when discussing in depth the exact same topic.

For instance, I will see a video online, watching a speech in its entirety. Then I'll hear hear a sound clip of a piece of the same speech on one station - that is then talked about in detail by the show host. Then on another station I'll hear another snippet of the same clip - leaving out some valuable information, which is then twisted by the talk show host to make it sound like a completely different situation.

It is frustrating when you hear an entire clip and are able to form your own view on the actual verbiage, then to hear 15 seconds taken totally out of context and have warped views pouring over the radio waves...

What brings me to this topic today, is that someone I know has a post going on Facebook with LOTS of conversation firing back and forth, I know the 'full story', where the snipped posted is about 10 seconds of what took place. Totally heated exchanges, and over the wrong reason... If someone sought out the entire clip, they'd know exactly what happened and why the situation ended the way it did.

It's election year folks, please RESEARCH. This is JUST the beginning of the Media intentionally causing confusion in order to sway people one direction or another. Be an educated voter, do not succumb and fall victim to the intentional misleading Media!

Please VOTE wisely in 2016...

Alethea Anderson

DIY Removing Tarnish from Silver Jewelry

Today I was looking through some jewelry I had not worn in awhile and found some *really* tarnished pieces... I decided to "Google it" as it seems everything can be found on Google these days...

I found this fantastically amazing method that WORKED! Even on the necklace chains, and in teeny tiny crevices of intricate jewelry!

Enjoy the sparkle!

Alethea Anderson


The Lotto Fantasy

Have you ever had the lotto fantasy? You know the one where you sit there and daydream 'what if I actually won?...

All the ideas swirling around your head about what you'd do with the winnings..... Would you be anonymous or go public? What would you do first? Would you plan for the future? How much would you just 'blow for fun'?

Every time one of the lotto games get really HUGE I find my self getting lost in some of these thoughts... dream home, traveling, helping others, kiddo's college PIF, lovely retirement.. *sigh* so many fun thoughts come to mind!

I found myself in this mode last night, the dh came home with 10 sets of numbers for the half a billion dollar lotto, so for a few hours we had the 'what if' talk... For a few minutes you actually can feel it and imagine it, then you feel the ' won't happen...'... I wonder if the LOA plays any part in the lotto? Is it luck, or is it those people who really, REALLY believe with their whole be-ing that they are going to WIN?

It sure would be fun, and life changing, that's for sure! There were no winners last night, now they say by Saturday it may be up to a BILLION dollars. Holy SH!T!

Will we get more tickets? I don't know... we'll see what happens!

Alethea Anderson (I wouldn't mind getting the domain MultiMillionMom lol)


The Law of Attraction in the Bible

Over the years I have found that many whom believe in the Law of Attraction (LOA) are often more "Spiritual" than they are "Religious". Meaning that they do not follow an organized religion, do not go to church, do not claim to be of a certain religious denomination.

 I'm not saying that religious persons do not believe in the LOA, just that from my personal experience it seems often they frown upon things such as "The Secret" or even the thoughts of Dr. Wayne Dyer and/or the Abraham channel from Ester and Jerry Hicks.

The reason I bring up this topic today is that  I received a religious mailing and included within was a picture of Jesus with the quote "And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive." St. Matthew. 21:22

I found this fascinating as The Secret and the LOA often refer to the concept of 'ask, believe, receive'....

The more I study different beliefs, the more I realize the foundations are far more similar than they are different...

Alethea Anderson


Cloud Atlas - Our Lives Are Not Our Own

I don't know if you've seen the movie "Cloud Atlas", it is a mind trip, extremely interesting, and even a bit awakening.

There is a quote from the movie that goes as follows...

"Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present - and by each crime, and every kindness, we birth our future."

I'll carefully touch on this as I don't want to spoil the movie should you intend to see it. But if you are one who believes in karma, and past lives, and that the soul meets up again with others in future lives - this movie really, REALLY makes you think....

Think about those whom you are (or were) connected to in this life, ponder if perhaps something in another lifetime led to the results of where you are now (or things you've been through), then explore the idea of 'what if' you are doing now in your life is impacting your future life/ves....

Things to ponder upon...

Alethea Anderson


How to be Grateful for Yucky Things, and Why

Yesterday I blogged about being grateful as gratitude holds the key to opening doors... After the post I got to thinking about how sometimes it can be really tough to be grateful for something when that something is not necessarily lovely... So I decides to share an example....

I have two Boxer dogs. They crap in the back yard. A LOT.. Sometimes I feel like I pick up ten pounds of dog turds in the yard and I'll tell them "If I had a dollar for every turd I've picked up over the years..."

There was a point in time I caught myself saying repeatedly, "why do you have to crap so much?" In turn, I noticed that the dogs were not going as frequently... The LOA created a scenario that led to 'constipation' for the dogs resulting from my energy saying they were going too much... This was kind of an awakening moment, as I realized I need to be grateful that they crap so much, because it means they are healthy, and that their systems are doing what they need to do!

I know this may be a strange lesson in gratitude and the law of attraction, however it is to show you that where the thoughts go, the energy flows... We need to be so careful where we focus our intent, our thoughts, and our energy....

So yes, the Boxer Duo are happily crapping in the back yard to their hearts content, and I am grateful that the little poop factories are running!

Alethea Anderson


Gratitude is the key that unlocks every door.

Many times we focus on what we do not have, we focus on the 'lack' of what is. This energy leaves us feeling dark, which results in that heaviness, which in turn attracts more lack, darkness, and heavy energy.

It can be very difficult to feel grateful when we feel like the world is out to get us, and that everything is going wrong in our lives. However, the more ways we can express gratitude, the more we will start being surrounded in the light, and the feeling of that heaviness will start to lift, and we will find that we start feeling better and attracting more good things.

How do we start? Find something, anything, you are grateful for. It can be something small... When you express the gratitude, feel it with warm light emitting from your heart.....

  • I am grateful for the fuzzy socks on my feet.
So simple, yet it will shift the energy ever so slightly....
  • I am grateful for this chair I sit upon.
True gratitude for the small things in life, on a daily basis, will continue to shift the energy around you...
  • I am grateful to be able to smell the aroma of this rose.
  • I am grateful to be able to see this amazing rose starting to bloom at sunrise.
  • I am grateful to be able to see this drop of dew on the rose.
You can express your gratitude at any time, and take it anywhere with you. Even if you are feeling distressed standing in a long line at a store...
  • I am grateful that I have the means to make this purchase.
There is always, always, always something we all can be grateful for. The more gratitude we express, we will find we hold the key to unlock doors with abundant blessings....

What are you grateful for?

Alethea Anderson


New year, new flow, old stuff has got to go!

Nothing like a fresh, new year to do some purging! Did you know that getting rid of the old energy (and things attached), allows new energy (and things attached) to come in to your life? New year, new flow, old stuff has got to go!

Start with your holiday goodies, how many years of wrapping rolls and bows do you have (that you'll never use?) You keep 'saving' them for next year, yet keep buying new stuff anyways... Out with it!

It's also a great time to organize your papers (tax season is coming). Gather what you need for taxes, and purge all the excess paperwork you no longer need. Magazines you already read, coupons you never used, receipts you'll never need again... File what you need and out with the rest!

How about the kitchen, what's hiding in the freezer that is well past its prime? What jars and bottles are in the fridge door that have expired and really should go? toss 'em! What old cans and boxes do you have in cabinets? Time to clear out the expired stuff... How about dishes, containers, stray lids that you just won't use again? Recycle or donate!

Bedroom... old clothes you won't wear... old clothes that does not fit... old sheets you don't use on the bed...

Bathrooms... old cosmetics you never use (but keep because how much you paid for them), they are not doing any good sitting there, out! Near empty lotions that have already been replaced, old perfumes, etc...etc... There's a time to let it go, the time is now!

Garage... how many boxes or tubs do you have, that you've not opened in years? Now is the time to determine if you really need them...

Sometimes it may be difficult to 'let go' of some things, but once you clean up, clear out, and find fresh new space that is tidy and organized, you'll feel fantastical!

Also, know that whatever you have to clean up, is not as big of a mess as NYC after NYE!

(Note, recycle or donate what you can, or even have a garage sale!)

Alethea Anderson


Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year! WOW, another year has flown by at warp speed... As I welcome this new year with open arms, I am realizing what a momentous time it will be. I'm starting a new job, my daughter will be graduating high school, starting college, and turning 18.

Among so many other amazing and exciting things I have visioned to be taking place!

As I am excited for these new and amazing things, I reflect back on 2015, the sands of time have now passed and that year is but a memory. Let the waters wash away the negative, and freshen the path for the new and positive. Let the door open and create new memories in 2016!

Each year people often make resolutions; to lose weight, to break bad habits, to exercise more, to eat healthy, etc...etc... However if people do not stick to their resolutions they then feel as if they've failed themselves...

This year simply have a goal to be better. Be kinder. Be happier. Feel good if you take a walk, but don't beat yourself up if you don't. Feel good if you eat some carrots, but don't beat yourself up if you eat cake. Do what makes YOU feel GOOD.

Smile more. Say more loving and kind words. Look at the blue skies more. Smell the flowers more. Hug your pets more.

Do happy. Feel happy. Be happy.

Put the HAPPY in your Happy New Year!

Alethea Anderson