How to be Grateful for Yucky Things, and Why

Yesterday I blogged about being grateful as gratitude holds the key to opening doors... After the post I got to thinking about how sometimes it can be really tough to be grateful for something when that something is not necessarily lovely... So I decides to share an example....

I have two Boxer dogs. They crap in the back yard. A LOT.. Sometimes I feel like I pick up ten pounds of dog turds in the yard and I'll tell them "If I had a dollar for every turd I've picked up over the years..."

There was a point in time I caught myself saying repeatedly, "why do you have to crap so much?" In turn, I noticed that the dogs were not going as frequently... The LOA created a scenario that led to 'constipation' for the dogs resulting from my energy saying they were going too much... This was kind of an awakening moment, as I realized I need to be grateful that they crap so much, because it means they are healthy, and that their systems are doing what they need to do!

I know this may be a strange lesson in gratitude and the law of attraction, however it is to show you that where the thoughts go, the energy flows... We need to be so careful where we focus our intent, our thoughts, and our energy....

So yes, the Boxer Duo are happily crapping in the back yard to their hearts content, and I am grateful that the little poop factories are running!

Alethea Anderson

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