The Media is Dangerous

You know what is really scary in our country? The Media.

The Media is SO powerful and people, let me rephrase that, "sheeple" believe every single word of it.... I do not endorse nor deny the points of view
of the cartoonist. I simply wanted to use his illustration and
give credit where due...
I travel a lot for work, and I listen to a lot of AM radio. I flip between conservative and liberal radio, as often the two are discussing the same subjects each day, and I find it fascinating how the points of views are SO different when discussing in depth the exact same topic.

For instance, I will see a video online, watching a speech in its entirety. Then I'll hear hear a sound clip of a piece of the same speech on one station - that is then talked about in detail by the show host. Then on another station I'll hear another snippet of the same clip - leaving out some valuable information, which is then twisted by the talk show host to make it sound like a completely different situation.

It is frustrating when you hear an entire clip and are able to form your own view on the actual verbiage, then to hear 15 seconds taken totally out of context and have warped views pouring over the radio waves...

What brings me to this topic today, is that someone I know has a post going on Facebook with LOTS of conversation firing back and forth, I know the 'full story', where the snipped posted is about 10 seconds of what took place. Totally heated exchanges, and over the wrong reason... If someone sought out the entire clip, they'd know exactly what happened and why the situation ended the way it did.

It's election year folks, please RESEARCH. This is JUST the beginning of the Media intentionally causing confusion in order to sway people one direction or another. Be an educated voter, do not succumb and fall victim to the intentional misleading Media!

Please VOTE wisely in 2016...

Alethea Anderson

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