The Lotto Fantasy

Have you ever had the lotto fantasy? You know the one where you sit there and daydream 'what if I actually won?...

All the ideas swirling around your head about what you'd do with the winnings..... Would you be anonymous or go public? What would you do first? Would you plan for the future? How much would you just 'blow for fun'?

Every time one of the lotto games get really HUGE I find my self getting lost in some of these thoughts... dream home, traveling, helping others, kiddo's college PIF, lovely retirement.. *sigh* so many fun thoughts come to mind!

I found myself in this mode last night, the dh came home with 10 sets of numbers for the half a billion dollar lotto, so for a few hours we had the 'what if' talk... For a few minutes you actually can feel it and imagine it, then you feel the ' won't happen...'... I wonder if the LOA plays any part in the lotto? Is it luck, or is it those people who really, REALLY believe with their whole be-ing that they are going to WIN?

It sure would be fun, and life changing, that's for sure! There were no winners last night, now they say by Saturday it may be up to a BILLION dollars. Holy SH!T!

Will we get more tickets? I don't know... we'll see what happens!

Alethea Anderson (I wouldn't mind getting the domain MultiMillionMom lol)

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