If you work at home, are you REALLY work-ing?

Today's post is inspired by this quote by Thomas Edison...

"Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing."

Now when you set out to have a productive day at home, have a goal in mind, make a list and make it happen!

Alethea Anderson


When you are Feeling a bit BLUE about your Home Business

It's okay to feel blue, sometimes we are gung ho with the winds of change filling our sails and sometimes we feel like we're on a treadmill. Running full speed but going nowhere.

Always remember, never, give, up. 98% of people give up in this industy, do you have a strong enough passion to keep going? Be the 2%!

There is always darkness before dawn, and the sun will soon glow upon a new day!

Alethea Anderson


Don't be afraid to say "Uh-lee-th-eee-uh"

What the heck is an Uh-lee-th-eee-uh? Well, it's a name... It's 'Alethea' spelled out in un-official 'phonetics' and hey, that's ME! For as long as I can remember, my name has been mangled, mis-pronounced, turned and twisted.

I remember back as far as grade school when a substitute teacher would come in the classroom and mispronounce my name upon morning roll call, the entire class would chant 'uh-lee-th-eee-uh' for me, the teacher would blush, then I would blush...

Honestly, it never really bothered me though. It's a difficult name of Greek Orgin, meaning 'truth'. (no I am not Greek) {that is always the next question LOL} Most frequently I am addressed as Althea, sometimes Aletha. When I was in customer service and sales dealing with many customers via phone I was Alicia, Olivia, Alethee and more.

I had so many people ask me 'can I call you Ally?' that I actually did that for a bit. I started spelling it 'Ale' and I was called 'Ale' like the beer. Then I tried 'Ali' and it was like the Boxer... So I then went to 'Ally'.

But it was not 'me'. If someone hollered for 'Ally', I'd not even turn as I knew my name as 'Alethea' and was not programmed to respond to Ally! (which drove people nuts sometimes resulting in a 'HEY BLONDIE'!)

Having a unique name is a bittersweet curse, as a child it can drive you insane. The other kids have trouble spelling it and saying it (as well as adults and teachers) I had all sorts of (ever so 'lovely' nick names none of which I choose to share here) When I got older, I lucked out in Spanish class in High School as everyone had to go with their 'Spanish' name, i.e. Joe was Jose, Mike was Miguel, well, I got to keep Alethea as it is also a Spanish name!

As you get older, this uniqueness tends to stand out in it's own way. For instance I worked in an office with 2 Jennifers. One was called 'Jen' the other 'Jenn'. We also had 2 Chris', one was Chris, the other Christine, both went by Chris. Often when people would call looking for one of them, and did not have a last name, we'd have to hunt down the correct person. Well, when people would call the office looking for me, even if my name was said wrong, they knew it was for me!

When I started web marketing, the uniqueness of my name was a blessing. Google 'Alethea Anderson' or search it in Yahoo and well, you find ME! There is some other Alethea who married some guy in prison, that's not me. There is also one who won some sort of boat race, not me either. And the long distance marathon runner, though I'd like to claim that achievement, not me either! But nearly everything 'Alethea Anderson' on the web is me, myself and I.

This is a very powerful tool when branding yourself across the web! But you know what, I am me, and that is what is most important. The reason I 'brand' myself is because I want people to see 'who' I am. I'm a Mom. I'm a wife. I am just like you. I kiss boo boos, am resident chauffer as well as in house chef. I scoop the cat box and gather dog turds from the back yard. I scrub the toilets and wash the floors. I love to garden and ride ATVs. I'm a sun worshipper and am SO ready for boat weather. I am an SUV Mom who goes on the dirt road on purpose so I can do doughnuts with the kiddo to make her laugh before school. I've been known to whip up breakfast for dinner and have cold pizza for breakfast. I'm wild. I'm sane. I'm insane. I'm normal. I'm human. I be.

One unique thing, other than my wonky name, Alethea, is that I have a home based business. Though I'm not at liberty to hand out names legally I am unable to give you the name 'Alethea', but, if you want a home based business, I can show you how to get started and grow one successfully...

Signing Off, I have branding to do!

Alethea Anderson


Here's a BRICK from you wall, now throw it at the CEILING!

Do you often feel stuck? Like someone built a brick wall around your life? Like you are trapped in a box with no way of escape?

Many of us feel this way, we don't know what to do. Do we stay where we are because we are safe? Or do we walk along the wall to see if we can get past it? Do we find a ladder to try to get over the wall?

Some claim that the walls are closing in on them... Others say they can never get anywhere in life because of all the walls.

What about the glass ceiling? Do you feel you can't move UP? You are unable to get to the next level? Are you are stuck in a rut? You are simply convinced that there is no way you can climb the ladder of success?

Some say they'll never get ahead. Some say the world is out to get them. Others simply refuse to take a step in the right direction because they tell themselves they'll never be able to reach their goals.

You are not alone, but I CHALLENGE you! You see, no one is building walls around you. You are creating the illusion of walls. Sometimes we do this to 'protect' ourselves from the unknown. If we get to the other side of the wall, it is uncharted territory. We don't know 'how' to be successful. We are so used to our lives 'as they are' that instead of finding out what 'could be' we 'hide' here where it is comfy, safe and warm...

Now I want you to think about that. Why are you holding yourself right where you are? Why are you choosing to 'blame' the self-inflicted walls in your life from allowing you to move forward?

YOU are the only one with the power to grab a sledge hammer and break the wall. No one can stop you, unless you allow them to. It's your wall, it's your choice. What do YOU choose?

Now what about that glass ceiling? Do you blame your lack of success on the 'glass ceiling'? Same thing, it's not there, simply an illusion created by your mind. Anyone can achieve anything, if they believe they can. Glass ceilings are almost easier to use to close yourself in than brick walls. You can see through glass, making success seem even more real, but we are fully aware that broken glass causes cuts and blood. It's another FEAR that holds us from taking what is rightfully ours. Abundance, prosperity, and success.

So I want you to keep in mind that glass is tempered now, meaning it will shatter and fall to pieces around you. So BREAK THAT CEILING and make your dreams come true.

Once we all realize that it is we who build our walls, we who create our glass ceilings, we who bound ourselves in chains and we who clip our own wings; then and only then will we break walls, smash ceilings, bust through chains and spread our wings...

Dreams ARE reality. Fantasies DO come true. They key is, you have to BELIEVE in YOU!

Here's a brick from your wall, now throw it at the ceiling....

Alethea Anderson a mommom who's breaking walls and shattering ceilings :)


Are you going for ORDINARY or EXTRAordinary?

How do you relate to this quote?

"Most gulls don’t bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight - how to get from shore to food and back again. For most gulls, it is not flying that matters, but eating."

...this is from the book (Jonathan Livingston Seagull) and I will be writing about this book for a few days. Written in the early 70's, the author sure had a grasp on the fact that we must 'be' and believe in order to soar...

Do you have it in you to SOAR beyond what is ordinary, in order to be extraordinary?
I'm going for extra-ordinary here, care to join me?
Soaring on Silver Wings,
Alethea Anderson


I actually get dressed up and 'work' all day, YOU get to be at home...

Yep, it happened once again. I was at dinner with someone and in the midst of conversation about our jobs she says...

"Well, I actually get dressed up and 'work' all day,

you get to be at home..."

Oh NO she didn't! Honestly, I still don't know how to respond to this, other than grinning, while attempting to not grind the enamel off my teeth...

Are you a Work At Home Mom? How do YOU respond when you get this sort of 'comment'?

Alethea Anderson


She LOL as she Ate Powdered Doughnuts and Downed a Blue Dew : All while on the wii Fit

So I was talking on the phone to a fellow work at home Mom friend, (who shall remain nameless to protect mocking) and she told me she was up bright and early today using her wii fit.

I'm not sure if you have experienced the wii fit yet, but it's pretty extraordinary! It actually measures your weight, body mass index and balance and tracks your progress with a virtual weigh in with goals and a trainer each day that you use it.

You get to do aerobic, strength training and yoga. You really get a work out too. Sweat and all! So as I'm talking to my friend she admits that she was laughing at herself while on the wii this morning. Now if you've ever watched anyone on the wii, it is amusing to say the least, no matter who it is. So I thought she was going to say she was doing some crazy yoga pose and lost her composure or something. Well, no....

She continued on to say that in the middle of the wii's delay in between modes, (when the system tracks progress) she was running to the kitchen to grab powdered doughnuts, snarfing them down and sprinting back to the wii. I didn't know how to process it, I wanted to laugh, but did not want to laugh, you know? But she really started laughing and said she found humor in the whole thing. Which, I admit, is pretty dang funny!

Then she goes on to say 'it gets better!' She continued to say 'I washed the doughnuts down with blue mountain dew!' Okay, that one got me, hilarious!

So she started her day with the rush of exercise, the rush of sugar and the rush of caffeine. ZING!

Perhaps not negative on the calorie intake balance, at least she's even steven!

I love working at home, it's so fun to 'hang out' with friends locally, online and via phone. What a blessing!

I suppose I ought to power up my wii fit, bikini season is coming...


Alethea Anderson

What'd the birdie say? "TWEET!"


"Yes Man" Are you a 'YES' wo/man or a 'NO' wo/man...

Last night hubby came home with the movie 'Yes Man'. I've been wanting to see this movie as I am a HUGE Jim Carrey fan.

I find most Jim Carrey movies to be hilarious, I remember him from the days of "Fire Marshall Bill" on the TV Show "In Living Color". The man is brilliant!

Rumor has it that Jim Carrey believes in living in the 'NOW', and according to this video, I believe this to be true. I've also heard that in his early career he wrote himself a check, some say 10, some say 20 million. According to this 'legend' this dream came true for him.

A similar story as that of the author of 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' who wrote himself a check and tacked it to his ceiling above his bed so it was the first thing he saw and his first thought of each day (as outlined in the movie The Secret)

Now back to my point, as I got a little side tracked. This movie moved me. Yes I laughed, but I cried. This movie connected with me on a deeper level, and I challenge anyone to say it would not do the same for them.

The basic outline of the movie without spoiling it for those who have not enjoyed it, Carl (played by Jim Carrey) was in a dark place in his life. He shut everyone out, said no to every request, and felt unsuccessful, stuck in a rut, abandoned and alone.

Until one day he runs into an old friend, who was full of life and excitement. This friend showed Carl a brochure that stated in big, bold, red letters "YES!" It was not until later when he hit a rock bottom low that he reached for the brochure, now on his coffee table, and read it.

He then attended the conference that changed his life. This conference awakened something within. Simply by saying 'YES' he allowed so many good things into his life. Formerly dark, dreary and alone; all of a sudden things were aligning at the precise moments and everything just 'worked out'.

Now I wonder, how many of you out there say 'no' when...
  • someone asks you to go to lunch...
  • when a friend wants you to spend a day shopping...
  • when your child's school needs volunteers for a field trip...
Do you always come up with an EXCUSE?
  • I'm busy...
  • I'm too tired...
  • I don't have the money...
  • I have to clean my house...
It' is important to remember, often when people ask you something, it is a door of opportunity opening. Each time you say 'no' you are closing the door and will be left only to wonder what might have happened if you had said 'YES!' instead of no...

In the MLM industry, I hear all kinds of excuses as to why people are unable to be successful.
  • I can't...
  • I have no time.
  • I have no money
  • I have no support.
  • I don't know how to...
These are all NO-s. Because those who are successful say YES. When they approach a wall, they find a way to climb it. When they hit a ceiling, they shatter it. When they have no time, they find it. When they have no money, they make it. When they have no support, they ask for it. When the don't know how, they learn it.
So I ask you, are you a YES wo/man or a NO wo/man? What steps are YOU willing to take to make your dreams become reality?

Alethea Anderson
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So I'm doing this new thing with STICKY notes...

I'm organized, I swear...Sometimes TOO organized to the point that it oozes an illusion that I might possibly be *gasp* UNorganized ~ can you relate?

Typically I use a spiral note pad, one with college rule lines. I write each of my 'tasks' and then make a nice little 'square' check off box next to each item. As I complete the tasks, I check each little box and I feel better as more of the boxes are checked off.

Sometimes I use highlighters in a rainbow of colors to signify the importance of each task. (Thinking this somehow will encourage me to tackle certain ones before others.)

However, I often find myself adding new boxes to the end of the list as I think of more 'to do'. Then I have a full page, that looks sloppy, and I re-write the list. Since I never tend to go in order, even with my pretty highlighted squares.

For some reason I tend to tackle the smaller beasties first, as I feel if I can do 5 of the little 'easy things' before I get to the big things, I'll somehow feel more accomplished.

I admit, I am one of 'those people' who says...

"Let me write that down so I don't forget..."

It's like I need a HUGE wall of sicky notes that beep and flash at me or something. You see, when you write your 'to do' list on a pad of paper, it is just to easy to close it up, and store it away. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Well, I decided to try something new. Sticky notes. My logic on this is, 'if I put stickys all over my desk, they will drive me NUTS and this will force me to accomplish the tasks on the sticky notes so my desk will be clear once again.

I LOVE a clear and tidy desk. I have my main desk which has my lap top, a candle and a calendar and a pretty hand blown glass heart my Mom gave me. (thanks Mom, love it!)

I then have my credenza, that has my PC #2 with external speakers, the telephone and 2 pretty orb-like glass paperweights. Tidy and clear. The drawers have little organizer bins, pencil cups and hanging files. I have everything organized, even a file for my 'to do' list. (organized not anal, honestly)

So anyways, I've decided to give this a go. Now it's not the first time I've relied upon sticky notes. When I used to work full time I was called the 'Sticky Queen' (other stuff too I'm sure) as my computer monitor often was rimmed with sticky notes. I got creative and would write on the note sideways or upside down so it fit on the proper side of my computer monitor.

You know you've done it, you've had the sticky that was on your computer monitor so long that it fell off, you then taped it on there and it fell again. To the point you no longer even notice it and it has become a part of the landscape of your computer... only to realize that in 2009 you had dated the note 2006... (just an example, did not happen, really...)

So yes, I am starting new, sticky notes ON my desk. Right now I have 12. Not too bad! I have 3 on the corner as they are 'done'. One of them I just put there a moment ago, several others were 'emails reminders' that I emailed to myself that I converted to sticky notes. Quite a variety of things 'to do'. Surely I can tackle all these before bed tonite. If not, I may have nightmares of being consumed by some sort if icky sticky monster...

If this does not work, I'll consider other options. Techincally, I could have done several items on my list while writing this blog. However I found writing this blog much more fun than some of the things on my 'sticky list'. I suppose I shall blog on 'procrastination' another time. (ahem)

Alethea Anderson
"Sticky Queen" and Web Marketing Mom
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A Pocket FULL of WANTS or A Pocket FULL of CA$H?

One simple question, which one pays the bills? A pocket full of cash OR a pocket full of wants?

(it's a trick question, or is it?)

Let's say a magic Genie appears before you and says, "Before you there is a simple pair of jeans. Here I offer you two bags. One bag is full of all your imagined wants and the other is full of cold, hard cash. I give you a choice, select one bag, and fill the pockets of the jeans with as much as you can, and it is yours to keep...

What would you do? Start taking cash and filling every nook and cranny for your take home bonus, or ponder upon it and go for the 'wants'?

Now I'm one who fully believes that the imagination is the key to creation. I 110% believe that wanting is the beginning to manifesting your desires. BUT. Action is the difference that separates the 'wanters' from the 'do-ers'.

Many use excuses as their weakness. I 'want to' but I can't. I 'want' to be successful but am not successful. I know what I 'want' to accomplish but I just can't do it.

At the end of the day, who has more? The person who took the hot jeans, the cash and booked a vacation? Or the person who has an amazingly sexy pair of jeans full of, well, wants.

You see, sometimes when opportunity is presented before you, there is a choice. The reaction to the opportunity, and the action taken when you step forward. If you wanted a $100 bill, and the radio said 'a hot air balloon will be dropping $100 bills over the next town in one hour' would you think...

"..oh I want $100, but so many people will go, I'm not even going to bother..."

Or would you see the opportunity and take action...

"HONEY GOTTA GO!!!" as you are running out the door...

Now who has more chance of putting $100 in their pocket? The 'wanter' or the one who took action? I would have had my keys in my hand and would have been in my car before the person on the radio stopped talking and would have heard the rest of the announcement on the car radio while I was en route on the highway. But that's me, I take action. I also would have stuffed the jeans with cash in case you are wondering...

There has to be balance, you have to know what you want, but you have to be willing to look opportunity in the face and be willing to rise to the challenge and take what is yours.
Now do you want to be successful, or are you going to be successful? Let's talk...

Alethea Anderson has a pocket full of sunshine and CA$H, do you?
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My hubby DROPPED my new Phone, and lied about it!

It all started a few weeks ago when hubby surprised me with a new phone. He knows I'm often on-the-go and he also knows I'm a facebook fanatic and twitter tweeter so he got me the most fantastical gift! An htc touch pro smart phone, I was wow'd beyond wow-ness. This phone has Windows based technology and does everything my home computer can do and then some! (except it's all so friggen teeny, tiny, and cute!)
So, my hubby dear has been playing with the phone like a new toy. I hear it clicking and whirring, snapping pictures, taking videos, logging onto the internet then all of a sudden I hear...

He echoed from across the house, while watching Nascar ON the TV at the exact same time...

"Look, look, it's live broadcast!"

Cute, cute, I know, they never grow up do they? He sees toy, I see a tool. I'm like...

"Let me TWEET darn it!"

For me it's keeping up with Web 2.0 and technology, I admit the GPS is heaven sent because I can get lost in my own town sometimes. I have my home address programmed in so wherever I am, if I get lost I can click 'home' and my sexy, sultry Lola will tell me which way to go. (I've named her Lola like the talking GPS in the movie RV with Robin Williams, gotta love Robin!)

Honestly I've not used the phone for much else other than the GPS and the phone with a few facebook posts and tweets. I've been so busy since I returned from my leadership conference in Las Vegas that I've not had time to read the books (yes BOOKS) that came with the phone.
So fast forward to this Wednesday, my loving honey decided to take the phone to work to figure out how to use it. (yep, sure) Typical man, decided to leave the books at home...

"Why do I need those?"

...he says. No, he does not ask for directions when we are lost. (he will never admit getting lost either ~ good thing I have Lola now) So off to work he goes, with my phone and his phone, so he can learn how to use it (show it off to his friends, you know it) So he calls me about 5:45 right after he gets off work to say...

"This phone is confusing, I'm going to get you a different model."
I told him to do whatever he thinks is best...so off he went to Sprint. Two hours later he calls me to inform me of his pending arrival on the home front. He also says write down this number... ### #### and call it and hung up. So I do...

"Hello honey, guess what?"
OMG he got a new phone. You are KIDDING ME! I asked if he exchanged my phone, he informed me the Sprint guy said it was the very best and if I had questions I could go in and they'd teach me. I never had any questions, I just have not had time to read the bookSSSSS yet.

So yes, the new #. Hubby dear got a third phone because 3 were cheaper than 2 when we got the family plan. (So do I give phone 3 to my 10 yr old daughter? Another blog another day...)

Fast forward half hour, hubby prances in with his cute little Sprint bag, look, look at MY phone...(a different phone than mine) Enter theme music 'I'm too sexy for shirt, sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts....' sachet, sachet, turn, blah, blah, blah... while he quickly adds in that my phone had been ringing all day...

Avoiding eye contact, he digs while telling me all about his phone, the mail-in-rebate, what the Sprint guy said, etc... Then the moment of 'not-so-truth'. He fumbles, produces my phone and says...

"Honey, what is that on your screen? Did you get something on it?"
Um no, I am anal and keep everything perfect. When the phone left the side of my lap top in my home office in the morning it was in pristine, mint condition. With an aggitated grab I investigate the phone.

"You dropped it, on the street!" I accuse...

Enter long pause, a few bumbled words, him grabbing it back to look closer, mind racing with something to say I the response I get is...


Proclaimed with his ever-so-innnocent green eyes sparkling as if to say 'who me?' You see, this home based business Mom worked at a telecommunications firm from 1993 through 2000. I sold and serviced pagers (Remember beepers? Do people have those things any more?) Well from my 7 years in customer service and sales I KNOW beeper road rash when I see it. He dropped my phone, my NEW phone on the street.

He knew I had him and there was no where to retreat. At that moment I knew he was not going to that store earlier to get me an 'easier to use' model. He was going to the store hoping to cover his arse with an exchange! Yet some how the savvy sales person conned him into upgrading HIS phone!

So I huffed and puffed for a few minutes, I was quite irked that my phone was blemished. BUT I knew I could not change it. Being mad about it would do nothing but make me feel crappy so I let it go. As he sat tinkering with his new phone.

"Look honey..." followed by "Look honey..." followed by "Look honey..."
I tell you, good thing he's cute... So, fast forward a couple hours. He has his entire phone figured out already. He balanced it gingerly on the arm of the couch while we watched who got voted off American Idol. Then 'clunk'. He forgot he had it on the arm of the couch, and when he moved he knocked it onto the tile floor. I did not smile I SWEAR! Karma, that's all I have to say!

Okay, I've really got to read these mini novels on my phone so I can show hubby my phone is cooler than his!

Alethea Anderson


Your Soap Box : What do your 'posts' say about YOU?

Back on March 4th I blogged about Forum Netiquette, and another round of negative posts has inspired me to write on the topic again...

I am frequently in awe over the choices people make regarding the company that they have personally chosen to represent. I admit, on occasion, I may waste some of my precious time being frustrated over the actions of other people.

I see people, in the heat of the moment, step on a soap box and shout things to the world (literally, when on the www!) They claim they are simply 'venting' their frustration, but I don't think they get it. They simply don't comprehend the irreversible damage they are creating (for themselves)...

I know I should just 'let it go' and I always do ~ eventually! But occasionally, for a brief time, I get caught in the moment. The good news? In actuality, their actions really have no effect on me personally, in reality, when a forum is filled with negative Nellies it's good for my business. I'll explain that later. But sometimes, I wish that other people knew the damage they were doing to themselves!

Often I lurk, watching the conversations take place, I'll shake my head and gasp or giggle a time or two thinking...

'oh no he didn't!'

...only to find, yes, he DID! He did say something totally tasteless and nauseously negative about the very company he represents.

I've been known to come along and sprinkle smile dust on a thread or two as I am a very positive person and negative energy is a real downer. I choose to surround myself with like minded individuals and tend to squelch out those who dive into the doldrums. So I like to come in and share some sparkles and rainbows (outside ideas, perspectives, and thoughts to help lighten the load a bit).

Sometimes, this does the trick. However, sometimes an ego challenger steps forward quoting the bill of rights and the freedom of speech blah, blah, yadda, yadda, pbbblt! :P Kudos to them! If they want to toot their negative horn, so be it. They are creating their experience... When this happens, I do not confront as I am not a web battler. (I'm a lover, not a fighter!) I refuse to feed the hungry egos of negative Nellies! (negative Neds, etc.. ) When this happens I step back and let them simply do their thing.

They are creating their own reality and they have a choice. To post or not to post.

Now back to how I said that these negative notions are actually good for me and my business. How? Well, see it this way. Someone is looking for a home based business. They decide to lurk in the folder for the company I represent. They see posts from negative Nellies/Neds and they see posts from perky positive persons (like me). Whom do you think they'll choose to partner with in their business?


It is so, sO, SO important to consider both sides of a topic that you choose to post on the Internet! You may be majorly ticked off, and have the need for bleed (it rhymed, but you know what I mean right? Going for blood?) but like I said on March 4th, is your post going to cast shadows on YOU and your business TOO?

Do you skip in-between the flowers or stomp on the ones in your way?

I'm always looking for those who stop to smell the flowers, the shining stars with smiling, positive attitudes to work with. If you are willing to learn, and are on a path of positive thought and energy, I'd love to chat with you. (of course wanting to have fun and being willing to LOL is a huge plus too) Maybe we can work together...

Alethea Anderson

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Social Networking : Before the 'Blog', the 'Book' and the 'Tweet'...

Before the Blog, the Book and the Tweet...

A little Web 101 here... Personally, I've been entwined in computers for nearly 3 decades. (holy cow I did not realize that until I wrote it) I was blessed to have a Father who was enthralled with computers and I grew up with a variety of computers in my home. My first computer a Dos Based Commedor, black screen, orange letters. I was one of the only kids who were able to type up and bring in a printed book report! There was no internet as we know it back then, you could 'dial in' to text based 'chat' rooms but that was about the extent of utilizing cyber land.

In Elementary School 'computer class' was using DOS coding to 'program' movement of a little triangular 'turtle' across the screen...In High School, typing class was still on typewriters! (actually, in college too for me)

I remember when Prodigy came out, there was a quiet buzz among techie people and this newly found 'internet'. (did I hear Al Gore invented it? lol j/k) Anywho...they were able to log into a 'web' of information. Like cyber-encyclopedia-britannica. Not readily obtainable by everyone, still most of us used computers for typing up text and printing on dot matrix printers (remember the zingggg, zingggg, zinggggg of those printers?)

I had my first experience of 'the web' in 1998, the year my daughter was born. Just 10.5 years ago, which seems like an eternity. I simply cannot imagine life without the internet. Back then I had a computer with Windows 95 that I got for free and aol dial up. It was so exciting to hear the whirrr-zing-bong-bong of the modem and then 'you've got mail'. Those of us with internet felt like the bee's knees. When you'd say 'I was on the internet' people would *gasp* and say 'you have a computer, WITH internet?'

It was still so new back then in 1998. Every other week you'd get an AOL CD via mail, you would see free AOL CDs at Target, WalMart, the grocery store. Everyone was getting on AOL. Web pages loaded slow back then, but we knew no different, it was so exciting.

No one knew what they were looking for, we were just looking to see what we could see and what we saw was so amazing. We could type in any word and find any thing!

Then entered smut and pop ups, ack, remember? You'd make one innocent click only to have 1000 pop ups attack your computer then, remember, the 'blue screen of death'. LOL

Wow I got a little sidetracked there thinking of how it was in those days. Look at me now, I'm BLOGGING about it. Anyone on the planet who has internet can read this post. Isn't that something?

I got started with 'social networking' back in 1999. I was selling stuff on ebay, and discovered online websites for Moms. That's where it all began for me. Just a couple years later I launched my own company and used the web to market. This was before MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and the like. With fewer people actually 'on' the web marketing was much more difficult back then!

However I successfully built a strong company which was 100% web based! In 2004 I mingled my 'old school' web marketing tactics with MLM and since have sold my company and focus 100% on my MLM career building my MLM business 99% via the web.

From the 'old school' to the Blog, the Book and the Tweet... WOW things have changed. Now one can simply log on to one of hundreds of social networking sites and present information to oodles of people just like you and me. Below I'll share 3 of my favorite Social Networking Places...

Blogger. What IS a Blog? I hear this all the time. *gasp* Yes, it's true, there are people who have no idea what a Blog is. Then again there are many that know 'what' a blog is, they just don't know what 'blog' actually means!

Blog means Web-Log and was shortened over time. A Blog is a type of online journal of sorts you could say. You can find blogs on any and all topics imaginable.

In this new era of online marketing, more and more people are shifting to Blogging for marketing practices to aid in branding themselves and their businesses.

Facebook, growing at huge proportions propelling us into the future. Once Main Stream was MySpace which seems to have fallen slight to the mass quantity of users hopping on board with Facebook. Simple to use navigation quickly connects us to family, friends, and long lost acquaintances and high school buddies.

Those of use who use the web for marketing, places like Facebook open doors across the United States and around the planet. We can now reach hundreds if not thousands with a mere flick and click.

I have used Facebook to connect with long lost high school friends, former work associates, my parents, family members cross country and more. It's a media platform that enables you to share who you are, what you do, and to aid you in keeping in contact.

Twitter. This one by far is still the most confusing to people. They hear someone 'tweeted' me, or that someone 'twittered' and when you explain it as 'it's a micro blog' they just don't get it.

Twitter allows people to post mini updates in 140 characters or less. Some tweet about their day, some about their business, some totally random facts, some totally helpful facts, some a potpourri of all of the above.

No matter how you look at it twitter is indeed a very useful tool for networking and growing a business online. Having gotten a lot of media attention lately, the growth is simply unmeasurable to other sites right now!

As an 'old school'/PRE-social networking website web marketer and a web 2.0 web marketer, I coach my team to utilize these methods to top ranking websites and grow successful online businesses.

Find Alethea Anderson on...

Blogger http://www.blogger.com/profile/16233834784190128945

Facebook http://www.tinyurl.com/alethea-anderson-facebook

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/aletheaanderson

as well as many other social networking websites, simply seach me by name Alethea Anderson!

I'm a work at home Mom with a successful online MLM Business.

Alethea Anderson

When Seeing the Lights (blue and red) how do YOU feel?

There is a certain feeling involved when seeing the lights flick on. I'm not speaking 'enlightenment' here. I'm talking the po-po, the cops, the police. In this case, the Sheriff... The first thing you do is question 'uh oh, are those for ME?' then you look at the speedo to see if you are speeding. Then your mind races, 'did I forget to signal?' 'did I cut someone off?'

Well, today as I went from a 45 zone, onto a 25 zone rural dirt road and I knew I was going a bit fast. School was starting in just one minute and I had about 3 minutes to go. I did not want my daughter late for school.
Not 15 feet onto the road, I saw a police car coming the other direction towards me. Instinct led me to lift my foot off the gas and pumped the brake (the trick they say messes with radar). I said 'oh crap' (something else but for blogging sake I'll keep it PG-13) and then, as you all know that moment of...

"he's going to pass, he's going to pass, he's going to pass.."

...runs through my head at warp speed hoping my foot-off-gas-break-pump did the trick. Then there it was 'wooot' and the reds and blues were swirling. Once again 'oh crap' (edited). I did not question why the lights were ignited. I was speeding, flying, the dust behind me was proof alone!

At that moment what was running through my head was "MAN I'm in my jammies, slippers and bathrobe..." (a work at home Mom can do these things) Then "EEK, my driver's license is in my purse, on the couch table, at home...." then "I don't know my driver's license number (well heck, here in Nevada they are about the length of a credit card #) THEN "oh I SO don't want to pay a ticket and have my auto insurance go UP." then "EWW traffic school...no, no, no..." then my daughter chimes in "MOMMY I DON'T WANT TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL." Amazing how all those things can happen in the exact same instant!

So I pull over, expecting to see him make a U-turn and appear behind me in the mirror. I was a bit surprised to see him backing up to align his window with with my window. I checked my rear view mirror to look at my self right quick, EEK, no chance the cuteness card was going to work this morning!
He rolled down his window, I did the same, and he used the universal sign; arm out, palm down, with a slight up and down motion. He said "sloooooow dowwwwwwn" then he proceeded to say "I have you on radar doing 40" (note to self the pumping brake trick does not work...)
But he smiled, probably because he saw me in my jammies, bathrobe and bed head. Also probably because he saw the panicked look on my daughter's face and he knew I was on my way to the school... He simply said "don't do it again, or I'll get you"! I told him that I promised, and I meant it. I even told my daughter we'll leave earlier every morning to ensure Mommy is not tempted to put the pedal to the metal!
So I got the kidlet to school, safe and sound, just in time for her to join the classes walking in. Perfect! On my way home I reflected a bit. As I firmly believe there are no coincidences and wanted to find the meaning of the lesson in this morning's experience.
What I feel this happend for was to tell me to 'slow down a bit'. I tend to go, gO, GO. I'm a 'get'er done' type of person and sometimes doing this is counter productive and one ends up to have gone a full circle right back to where they began.
When we slow down a bit, there is no dust on the dirt road, you can actually roll down the windows and enjoy the ride. You can see the scenery, and enjoy the peace.
So next time you are 'in a rush' take a moment to reflect upon my experience, feel the stress of the blue and reds flashing, then bring yourself into the 'now'. It's not worth the risk to rush!

Alethea Anderson
A Work @ Home Mom
Coach and Team Leader


If you were the fly, would you choose a door or window?

I just got a small blurb from a newsletter list I am on and the newsletter touched on a fly, a windowscreen, and a door to freedom. This analogy made me sit and ponder a bit and inspired this post as I feel it really relates to MLM.

You see, many join this industry ready to roll, they buzz around with excitement, flying here, there and everywhere then they see a bright light and flutter on over. Only to find the light is coming from two directions... They see a wide open door way over across the house in the other room. And they see a window right here only feet away. Their vision of financial freedom dances on the other side of the wide open door and also the vision taunts them from the window as well.

What's the difference?

Well, while the door is brighter, a path well traveled, but there are risks involved. There is travel time. This lengthens the journey. There is a house cat, who hunts flys and eats them for lunch. There are fly swatters ready to smack them down at every turn. There are even mean, green, fly eating plants wanting to swallow them whole. So even though many other flys have successfuly blazed their way to freedom via this exact same door, many choose the window.

Why? Well, it's closer.

Why travel such a far distance to get from point A to point B. (time) Why risk being a snack for a cat? (fear) Why fly into the danger zone of fly swatters who will knock them down? (rejection) Why potentially get eaten up and swallowed whole? (objection) Why take risks? They can simply flap on over to the window that is 'right here'. I mean 'right here'. No travel time required, no danger, no cats, no swatters, no venus fly traps. Just a quick cut path to freedom!

The problem?

There is a screen on the window. The fly is buzzing happily along ready to enjoy freedom only to *BONK* right into the screen. The fly falls down in the window sill, a bit shaken, and collects his thoughts. Okay, up in the air twirl around again for another go and *BONK*. Again and again the fly does this. He sees exactly what he wants, freedom, just on the other side of the screen. He gets up time and time again, sometimes even going half way across the room, towards the door to freedom, only to turn around and make a full speed head first jaust at the screen again. This one knocks him cold. He's ready to give up and then anger sets in. He persists harder and harder, buzz, bonk, buzz, bonk, buzz, bonk.

So what happens?

Every summer, you see it. Little bodies in the sill. The flys who never 'got it'. The kept persisting and resisting to try the way that works. Eventually, they just quit. They give up. They are out of the game. Ironicially enough, even though other flys come along and literally see these little quitters in the window sill, others still attempt to breach the screen. 'They did not do it, but I will find a way to make a short cut...' But are they successful?

Why ever would someone take risks in order to achieve guaranteed freedom after passing a few road blocks? When there is a shorter way?

The reality? There are no short cuts! In this industry you must be prepared to invest time, be prepared to stand up to your fears, be prepared to handle rejections and be prepared to handle objections.

How does one do this? Take the door that is wide open. It has the path to freedom, with no screens! Others before you have successfully taken this door, why would you vary from the path to create your own? Do what works and harvest the fruits of your labor. Success is just a doorway in the other room.

To your success,

Alethea Anderson


Why MLM? Why NOW? What's your FEAR? You have a CHOICE!

Why MLM? Why NOW? What's your FEAR? You have a CHOICE!


Why MLM?

Why is MLM one of the most lucrative industries to get into? MLM aka Multi Level Marketing allows anyone, no matter their age, sex, economic status, religion, education to reach astronomical heights. There is no glass ceiling and no walls (other than those that are self created). There are more millionaires in MLM than there are in any other industry.

Why NOW?

Why is NOW an especially exciting time for the MLM industry? It's in the news, it's across the country, it's in your town. The 'economy' is taking a rapid nose dive into the abyss. Who is going to save YOU? The government bail out? Likely NOT! Only YOU can save YOU and people like you are realizing the power harnassed within the Network Marketing industry.

What's your FEAR?

The reason people DON'T experience massive success in MLM is FEAR. Scared? Scared of WHAT? Fear of bothing family. Fear of bothering friends. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear is a response based on emotion. No one 'feels' FEAR, they create fear based on a past experience.

You have a CHOICE!

You can choose to join the MLM industry and make your wildest dreams come true. OR. You can choose to life the life you already lead, for the rest of yoru life. The choice is yours.

About Alethea Anderson

I've been in the MLM industry since 1993. I'm a coach and leader helping people just like you reach their highest potential while breaking down walls and shattering glass ceilings. Are YOU ready for financial freedom, more time and more money?

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