Your Soap Box : What do your 'posts' say about YOU?

Back on March 4th I blogged about Forum Netiquette, and another round of negative posts has inspired me to write on the topic again...

I am frequently in awe over the choices people make regarding the company that they have personally chosen to represent. I admit, on occasion, I may waste some of my precious time being frustrated over the actions of other people.

I see people, in the heat of the moment, step on a soap box and shout things to the world (literally, when on the www!) They claim they are simply 'venting' their frustration, but I don't think they get it. They simply don't comprehend the irreversible damage they are creating (for themselves)...

I know I should just 'let it go' and I always do ~ eventually! But occasionally, for a brief time, I get caught in the moment. The good news? In actuality, their actions really have no effect on me personally, in reality, when a forum is filled with negative Nellies it's good for my business. I'll explain that later. But sometimes, I wish that other people knew the damage they were doing to themselves!

Often I lurk, watching the conversations take place, I'll shake my head and gasp or giggle a time or two thinking...

'oh no he didn't!'

...only to find, yes, he DID! He did say something totally tasteless and nauseously negative about the very company he represents.

I've been known to come along and sprinkle smile dust on a thread or two as I am a very positive person and negative energy is a real downer. I choose to surround myself with like minded individuals and tend to squelch out those who dive into the doldrums. So I like to come in and share some sparkles and rainbows (outside ideas, perspectives, and thoughts to help lighten the load a bit).

Sometimes, this does the trick. However, sometimes an ego challenger steps forward quoting the bill of rights and the freedom of speech blah, blah, yadda, yadda, pbbblt! :P Kudos to them! If they want to toot their negative horn, so be it. They are creating their experience... When this happens, I do not confront as I am not a web battler. (I'm a lover, not a fighter!) I refuse to feed the hungry egos of negative Nellies! (negative Neds, etc.. ) When this happens I step back and let them simply do their thing.

They are creating their own reality and they have a choice. To post or not to post.

Now back to how I said that these negative notions are actually good for me and my business. How? Well, see it this way. Someone is looking for a home based business. They decide to lurk in the folder for the company I represent. They see posts from negative Nellies/Neds and they see posts from perky positive persons (like me). Whom do you think they'll choose to partner with in their business?


It is so, sO, SO important to consider both sides of a topic that you choose to post on the Internet! You may be majorly ticked off, and have the need for bleed (it rhymed, but you know what I mean right? Going for blood?) but like I said on March 4th, is your post going to cast shadows on YOU and your business TOO?

Do you skip in-between the flowers or stomp on the ones in your way?

I'm always looking for those who stop to smell the flowers, the shining stars with smiling, positive attitudes to work with. If you are willing to learn, and are on a path of positive thought and energy, I'd love to chat with you. (of course wanting to have fun and being willing to LOL is a huge plus too) Maybe we can work together...

Alethea Anderson

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