When the 'comfy couch' tosses you on your face, what do you do?

Have you been booted off your comfy couch? Perhaps they came and repo'd your couch!

The government says the economy is in dire straights, the word 'Recession' is tossed around and people are getting scared. People are getting laid off, homes are foreclosing, cars are being repossessed, credit lines are closing - how is this 'recession' affecting YOU? Are you going to claim to be a victim? Or are you going to take a stand and REFUSE to take part in said 'recession'?

What will you do to take a stand? How are you going to make a change?

Here's a secret...

"During times of economic strife the Network Marketing industry has flourished."

Perhaps you balk at the idea of Network Marketing....

"A Pyramid!"

you declare. Well, it's time to take a second look and find the truth in Network Marketing... Network Marketing is the only industry that is RECESSION PROOF. That's right, this industry has record growth when times are tough because strife awakens the entrepreneur in many. The entrepreneurial bug bites when the odds are down, people have a NEED and when they have a NEED they take ACTION.

Some start their own companies, some search out ways to make money with minimal investment. With Network Marketing you earn based on how hard you work plus you also have the potential to show others how to do the same and earn from their hard work too. No one said it was easy, but worth it? YES.

Now listen up, the reason for this substantial growth in Network Marketing during economic downfall is because people get desperate, their couch is missing, they need a new one! They NEED extra money, and are finally WILLING to do whatever it takes to make it happen. (Who likes sitting on milk crates anyway? You get waffle butt!)

You see regular people get 'comfy' in their lives, and often reject change. They think...

"I'm comfy here, if I try something new, I may have to get up off the couch..."

They get comfortable with their lifestyles, don't get me wrong, they WANT more, but don't bother because they are riding comfy couch of life.

However, when someone is ejected from the kicked back cozy recliner, they fly across the room, land hard and get rug burn on their nose. When face to face with carpet (or waffle butt) they realize...

"NOW I am NOT comfortable any more..."

At this time, people who formerly did not even consider the idea of a home based business. People who would not touch a network marketing company with a ten foot pole. People who would not be caught dead sharing an opportunity with co-workers, family, friends and neighbors. These same people have a motivation, they have a NEED. They are driven by survival. They are driven by wanting to pay the heating bill, put gas in their car, put food on the table (by wanting a new couch)

"Some of us seek the opportunity of Network Marketing and we knock on its door, while others wait until the knock is at THEIR door."

Either way, it's a step in the right direction. First and foremost, you HAVE to WANT it and you have to BELIEVE in YOU to make it happen. If you are experiencing an echo from the wallet, some new rug burn or your couch is missing, I'd love to chat with you. Explore my home business website and contact me. Let's chat!

I work at home FROM my comfy couch and I LOVE it!

Alethea Anderson