"The Secret" in a 1975 Children's Book...


The Green Seagull and the 'Secret'

As you may already know, I am a big fan of "The Secret" movie and book on the Law of Attraction. It seems reminders of this pop up often and in unexpected places when we need a little boost of getting thoughts going in the right direction.

Recently my daughter found a series of books I got during the 70's and early 80's by Serendipity Books. A series by Stephen Cosgrove and Robin James where whimsical characters go on adventures, each one teaching a thoughtful, moral story.

We've been reading these books together and last night one of the books she chose was "Jake O'Shawnasey". It's a book about a green seagull who cannot fly. Well, actually what happens is each time he takes flight, his doubt overcomes him and he falls. He does not 'believe' he can fly, and the moment he stops believeing, he falls.

So a wise owl in the book tell him that he needs to know the 'Secret' and to find out the 'Secret' he needs to get to the top of a very high cliff. Jake makes his way up the cliff determined to find the 'Secret" and when he gets to the top and on a boulder the following is inscribed:

"If you find you're not believeing
In everything you do...
Just remember lots of trying
Will bring confidence to you"

After reading the inscription Jake realized that if he has confidence in what he is doing, and if he believes in himself than he can learn to fly. He proclaims..
"I know I can do it! I know I can fly! I really and truly believe in myself!"
...and he takes flight....

'Secret' to 'The Secret' past to present...

I got tears in my eyes. I was in awe that I was taught 'The Secret' back when I was my daughter's age. It was even called the 'Secret' in the book. Capital 'S' and all!

It simply shows you that experience the teaching of the Law of Attraction our entire lives. In my case I did not learn how to harness this energy until I was in my 30's. But WOW, just WOW.... I mean down to the exact moment, you must believe in order to achieve. You must have full and complete confidence and 'know' while believing in yourself.

..."I can do it..."

My daughter asked why I was crying, as it was a happy book. I told her I was happy, happy that she is reading the same books with me that my Mom, her Nana, read with me when I was her age... I asked her what the book meant to her, she said 'if I believe I can do it, I can'.

My precious, on her way to making all her dreams come true....

Can YOU do it? Do you believe in YOU?

"The Secret" has changed my life. are you ready to walk through open doors and make a change in YOUR life?  Let's work together to make it happen!



Alethea Anderson

Always smiling, believing and achieving!