Good Dog/Bad Dog = Good MLMer/Bad MLMer

I recently heard a story of a person who adopted a dog who ended up being a cat chaser. After a very close call with the dog and the house cat, the person decided to give the dog away.

It's not the pet's fault... A pet takes time, devotion and training. Just as Labs are not 'prone to jump' and Chihuahuas are not 'prone to bark', dogs are not 'prone to chase cats'. ALL dogs will jump, bark and chase cats, birds, squirrels, running people etc... if it is allowed! It is a conditioned behavior, that was never corrected, often it was accidental reverse conditioning that made the dog learn the unwanted behavior was 'okay'.

This is very common as many people do not spend time learning pack behavior and "How Dog Thinketh". Many people hop into dog ownership assuming a dog is a furry little person and will simply do what they say. Facts are simple, NOT!

So frequently when a dog misbehaves; i.e eats the house apart, chases a cat, jumps on people, escapes out of the yard etc... People say they've gotten a 'bad dog' and that they've 'tried everything', and it's just best to find the animal a new home. (aka quit on their dog)

When in reality, just a few things were done (if any) then they just give up, they quit owning the dog. Like this instance of this particular dog, it was about 4 days from the 'cat incident' to the dog 'finding a new home'.

This life situation is an exact replica of the MLM industry. Many people give up on their MLM business because it does not behave the way they want it to. The moment they realize the business does not perfom the exact way it is expected to, they just quit.

Just as having a well behaving dog takes takes time, devotion and training. So does having a home based business. People are not 'prone to success' it is a learned behavior! Those who have a hard time either did not take time to learn, or had poor and/or reverse conditioning at some point during their Network Marketing career and no one taught them the 'right way'.

So do you see where I am going here? ANY 'bad dog' can be taught to be good. ANY 'bad MLMer' can be taught to be good. It' all starts with a choice. Choose to give the dog the training he needs. Choose to give yourself the training you need by seeking an effective coach/trainer.

The main difference between dogs and humans? A dog wants to learn, a person has a choice to. A dog is given up, humans give up.

Something to think about...

I'm going to go love my Boxers now!

Alethea Anderson
WAH Dog Lover


Have you ever found a little diner off the beaten path?

You know, the little 'hole in the wall'
that had the best meal you ever ate?

Then you told everyone how much you loved it?

Guess what? You have successfully done direct sales and network marketing! You had a great experience, a great meal, and simply felt the need to share it with others. In turn, the restaurant got new business. The people you told loved the restaurant, and they told their friends who told their friends and so on.
BUT... What did the restaurant give you for starting this chain reaction of new customers? Did you get a free meal? Do they send you a check every month? Nope!

Now here is how we tie this to the network marketing industry, except it is not someone else's business you are sharing. It is your very OWN business that you are passionate about and sharing with others. And in turn for sharing your business with others you DO get a check every month for your efforts!

Alethea Anderson


Will the Economy Ruin my chances at a Successful Home Business?

Want to hear the truth?
Here it is, are you ready?

Only if you ALLOW it to ruin your chances! Plain and simple, if you act a victim of the economy, then this will ooze out of your being and you will definitly have a difficult time building a successful home business.

When people step into a home business thinking thoughts like...

  • People can't afford to buy...
  • People can't afford to join...
  • People in my area are poor...
  • People in my city are suffering...
  • People here are all losing their jobs...
Having a mindset like the above is instilling self-sabotage. How can you possibly be successful if you feel that everyone you encounter will have an excuse? In reality, you are making the excuses for them, not even having to leave your house or even pick up the phone to make your business un-successful. OUCH, huh?

Truth be told, most people QUIT a home business before they even start!

However, there is a secret weapon. Education. No degrees. No massive reading. Just plain and simple ABC 123.

Show your customer product value. How does the product help your customer? How does the product better their lives? How does the product save them money? In the instance of the product I offer, it lasts longer, is cleaner, is stronger and is of a higher quality than a product of a similar nature that can be found in department stores. When you do the math, the product I offer is LESS per unit price than the 'cheaper' ones found in stores since my lasts up to 4 times as long.

Show your prospect the dream. Especially, I reiterate ESPECIALLY during times of said 'financial strife' people are actually LOOKING for a way to earn extra money. If you could present to them your home business opportunity and an easy way to make $200 per month you could be changing their life for the better. What is more exciting is it actually has the potential to yield $2000 per month or even $20,000 per month. There is no ceiling, the limit is only your imagination...

My business is growing, fast, during this 'recession'. Yours can too, and I'd love to show you how!

Alethea Anderson
I refuse to take part in the 'recession'...


But I don't want to BUG my family and friends...

I hear this all the time...

"I've tried many businesses before, and my family and friends think I'm NUTS. I don't even WANT to tell them I'm joining another company..."
Do you feel this way? You are not alone, many people have changed companies during their quest for the perfect home business. This is not only okay, it's normal. Very seldom will you find the successful Nework Marketer who made a fortune in the very first company they joined. Usually, we try a few, learn some valuable lessons along the way, eventually finding our mother ship!

There is no reason to 'bug' anyone about your new home business. The first step is to remove any negative thoughts and imagery from your mind, because if you feel like you are bugging people, you are going to create it!

Now let me share my experience... I felt the same way, I thought for sure no one in my family would even want to hear about, touch, feel or even look at anything from my business. I had gotten so much negative reaction like...

  • ANOTHER one?

  • Those things never work...

  • A pyramid scheme?

  • Or they'd ramble on to tell me how so and so a friend of a friend twice removed got totally screwed over because of some MLM.

So I TOTALLY resonate your thought process in not wanting to BUG anyone about your new business! This is what I did.

I did not directly tell ANYONE that I knew personally about my business. I simply incorporated my business into my life. Those that I knew; co-workers, family, friends, neighbors ~ they all got products from my company as gifts. Birthday, Housewarmings, Christmas, etc...

I used the products in my own home, I am a product of my product. I use them. I love them. I share them!

I never said a word BUT people asked, and that that point I told them. Guess what they all said?

"You have these awesome products and never told me???"

Ironic isn't it? It's all in the confidence and the presentation! I'd love to show you how to 'not bug your friends' it's part of what I do as a team leader and a coach....

Alethea Anderson
The anti-bugger

Thou shall not bug thy friends and family...


I saw Harry Potter on a Thursday!

When is the last time you saw a movie Mid-Week?

No crowds PLUS a matinee ticket, can you beat that? Yet another reason I love the freedom and flexibility of working at home. I got to see a movie for a discount and got to pick the best seats in the house. The best part? I got to spend time with my daughter who is on her Summer vacation.

Life is fantastical!
Alethea Anderson

Creating my own magic, day after day!


Tupperware 1994

This is where it all began!

See this plastic, UFO looking thing? It's a Double Colander introduced by Tupperware in 1994. This is when I got my first taste of the Direct Sales industry. I bought this piece of Tupperware when I attended my first 'home party' fifteen years ago. I thought it was the coolest thing in plastic, a locking lid to hold in lettuce, or noodles, or anything...

When the distributor said during her presentation 'I have fun earning an income and get to stay home with my kids doing just 3 parties a week, let me know if you'd like to learn more!' I was a 20-something with no kidlet yet, but I was fascinated with this concept.

So when I filled out the little survey at the end of the party, I did check the box that I was interested in learning more about how to work at home. The gal called me within a couple days and I was soon in her car on my way to a Tupperware Rally.

The buzz in the room, all the excitement, people earning little trinkets of awards, keychains, diamond studded pins and the introduction of the people earning their cars. It was all so much to absorb by this full time working, college 'drop out' (I took a semester off and have yet to go back!)

When I won a mini muffin maker I was in! The distributor was at my home the next day and I paid $60 for this HUGE kit of Tupperware. (Most of which I still have and use today) I still remember the new plastic smell and the crack of the consultant handbook and the excitement within.

All I had to do now was, book a party. It never happened. I quit a couple months later...

I admit, I got caught in the moment. I did not evaluate the opportunity to see if my passion lay in burping pieces of plastic. Now don't get me wrong, I know a few 6 figure income earners in Tupperware that have cars and all sorts of fantastical stuff, it was just not my passion...

But I had gotten my feet wet, and KNEW I wanted to work at home. Tupperware was not my 'passion', but I knew there had to be SOMETHING out there that I would love to do... From that point forward I was absolutely fascinated with the industry and started absorbing everything I could!

If you'd like to find out where I ended up, please feel free to contact me...

Alethea Anderson