Good Dog/Bad Dog = Good MLMer/Bad MLMer

I recently heard a story of a person who adopted a dog who ended up being a cat chaser. After a very close call with the dog and the house cat, the person decided to give the dog away.

It's not the pet's fault... A pet takes time, devotion and training. Just as Labs are not 'prone to jump' and Chihuahuas are not 'prone to bark', dogs are not 'prone to chase cats'. ALL dogs will jump, bark and chase cats, birds, squirrels, running people etc... if it is allowed! It is a conditioned behavior, that was never corrected, often it was accidental reverse conditioning that made the dog learn the unwanted behavior was 'okay'.

This is very common as many people do not spend time learning pack behavior and "How Dog Thinketh". Many people hop into dog ownership assuming a dog is a furry little person and will simply do what they say. Facts are simple, NOT!

So frequently when a dog misbehaves; i.e eats the house apart, chases a cat, jumps on people, escapes out of the yard etc... People say they've gotten a 'bad dog' and that they've 'tried everything', and it's just best to find the animal a new home. (aka quit on their dog)

When in reality, just a few things were done (if any) then they just give up, they quit owning the dog. Like this instance of this particular dog, it was about 4 days from the 'cat incident' to the dog 'finding a new home'.

This life situation is an exact replica of the MLM industry. Many people give up on their MLM business because it does not behave the way they want it to. The moment they realize the business does not perfom the exact way it is expected to, they just quit.

Just as having a well behaving dog takes takes time, devotion and training. So does having a home based business. People are not 'prone to success' it is a learned behavior! Those who have a hard time either did not take time to learn, or had poor and/or reverse conditioning at some point during their Network Marketing career and no one taught them the 'right way'.

So do you see where I am going here? ANY 'bad dog' can be taught to be good. ANY 'bad MLMer' can be taught to be good. It' all starts with a choice. Choose to give the dog the training he needs. Choose to give yourself the training you need by seeking an effective coach/trainer.

The main difference between dogs and humans? A dog wants to learn, a person has a choice to. A dog is given up, humans give up.

Something to think about...

I'm going to go love my Boxers now!

Alethea Anderson
WAH Dog Lover