Light Asparagus, Chicken and Quinoa Bake - Recipe Review

I found this recipe on Pinterest, it looked unique, and since I was armed with a bag of Quinoa that I had been wanting to use, I gave it a go!
However, I made a few modifications...
  • The grocery store only had thick asparagus stalks, I prefer the thin ones - so I used broccoli!
  • In lieu of white cheddar, I used a Colby/Monterrey blend (the store had no white cheddar!)
  • I used Tastefully Simple's "Garlic Garlic" in lieu of the Montreal Chicken Seasoning (I love TS's Garlic Garlic, and use it often!) - after taste testing the mixture, I added a dose of pepper. Need some Garlic Garlic? Shop with Sue!
  • I used frozen chicken tenderloins vs slices of chicken.
  • I omitted the leek. 
The outcome...

Delicious, I really liked it and would cook it again! The only thing I'd do differently is perhaps add more Quinoa and vegetables. The broccoli really cooked down, this is where I find the leek make have been valuable in this recipe.

I think this recipe would be great with many different substitutions and variations. You could use other grains, mixtures of grains, other veggies, etc...

Definitely a recipe I'll cook again in the future :)

Alethea Anderson 

PS and if you're funny like me, the purple dish in the picture was purchased at TJ Maxx back in 2014... (I asked the blogger because I thought the dish was so pretty!) LOL

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