Lenovo Sent Me a Dirty Laptop that Did Not Work

A Lenovo Review : So I got my Lenovo back, after two missed deliveries (signature required) I ended up having to go to FedEx to pick it up. But hey, YAY, I got it back!  (a little over a month after shipping it in for repair...)

They shipped my laptop in its original box, the super skinny, non padded box that I bought it in.  No padding, nothing, just taped my expensive laptop in a box.

When I opened the box, my computer was gross. Covered in fingerprints, top bottom, inside.   They even peeled off my little protector stickers, I was heartbroken as I leave those on as long as possible. Why they felt the need to take them off, beyond me!

To top it off, the tech that was working on my laptop left it logged into Tech Admin, so I was unable to use my computer.  I had to call Lenovo and sit on the phone with a (new) tech agent who logged into my computer and whom was being guided by someone else, painfully slow, step, by, step...

Over an hour later, I was using my laptop once again.  While I am grateful for my warranty, I am displeased with how my computer came back to me.  It really was unacceptable, but what option did I have?  

I explained all of the above to the customer service agent, she told me that if FedEx broke it, I'd have gotten a new one.  Wait, what?  As for the mess of fingerprints, well, 'it will be reported'...

I told her I'd be blogging about it, so here I am!

Typing on Lenovo,

Alethea Anderson

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