Have You Ever NOT Grocery Shopped?

So I finally took some vacation days, I had not taken any for a full year, and finally took some days around the holidays. Besides leaving the house to celebrate Christmas Eve and a Birthyouation party a few days later, my plans were to pretty much do nothing.  And, it was fabulous!

I SO needed time to sleep in, relax, and just, do, nothing...

Which actually included the fact that I did not go grocery shopping, much to the concern of the other people whom live here with me (snicker).

I knew we had plenty of food, I figured I'd let everyone be creative with snacks and such.  Opposed to the usual everyone-eats-all-the-new-stuff-and-leaves-the-old-stuff-to-go-stale situation.  Well it worked!

We are out of TONS of things that have been looming in the pantry for quite some time, muaaa - haaaa- haaaaa...

But can I mention how much money I saved not buying groceries for two weeks?

So now I have two days left of my little stay-cation and I really (really-really) don't want to go to the store this weekend... I may just check out the local grocery store's home delivery service. (grin)

Alethea Anderson

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