WEED in Berkeley

Berkeley, California is in my territory for work.   It still, to this day, astonishes me how many people smoke weed.  Well not that fact that many people DO smoke weed.  But the fact that they do it so publicly, where it is illegal.  You literally smell it all over Berkeley.

People in small groups smoking on the streets.  Individuals walking into a store, smelling heavily of marijuana.  Persons driving down the road lighting up a bong in traffic.

I was even in the receiving bay of a store which all of a sudden was filled with pot smoke.  The Manager came running back there to see who was smoking and it turned out it was a couple delivery drivers sitting in their truck outside the building.

Hey California, maybe you should get in on this weed thing... Could really be financially beneficial for our struggling economy!  Just saying...

Pondering aloud right now, I bet snack sales are through the roof in Berkeley... lol

Alethea Anderson

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