Lists, lists and more lists

I've been known to make lists... shopping lists, to do lists, want lists, store specific lists. Even for work I make lists.  Lists help me to stay organized.  I do have some tips for lists though, as if you write a list the wrong way, it may become one of those lists that never get completed!

Some people do better when they write the BIG things at the top of the list, i.e. the thing they least want to do, as doing it, will make them feel better, and motivate them to do the rest.

While on the other hand, some people feel better knocking out a lot of the little things off the list, feeling they've made progress crossing off multiple things.

Sometimes it's nice to toss a few things on the list you know you are going to do anyways... i.e. get up, take a shower, get dressed... It can be good to mix the things you always do anyways in with the additional things you need to get done...

Are you a list person?  How detailed are you?  Do you make write your grocery list by food category, or the aisle the products are on?  Do you list projects large to small or vice versa?  Do you use highlighters, different color inks or different papers?

Well, checked this one off the list!

Alethea Anderson

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