Paying it Forward - I Bought Lunch for a Homeless Man

Today while working I decided to stop for lunch, as I was walking into Panda Express there was a homeless gentleman inquiring if I had any change to spare.  This is common in several of the areas where I work, lots and lots of people asking for money.  As it is a new year I decided to do something new...

When I paid for my order I grabbed a gift card and asked the cashier to add $10 to it.  I was going to give this card to the man out front so he could have lunch, on me...  For some reason the card would not load $10, the cashier apologized and sent me on my way...

I walked outside and the man smiled sweetly, I asked if he wanted lunch and he pointed to the Wing Stop next door...(perhaps the card did not load because he's like Wing Stop better than Panda?  We'll never know, the Universe works in mysterious ways!) I gestured for him to come with me, he hopped up with a kick in his step, he bowed down, opened the door for me and waved me in.  I went inside and shared with the cashier that I was going to buy the man lunch.  His name was Neal, and he was very grateful.  

Honestly the best $8.91 I spent in a LONG time... The girl at the counter next to me who was waiting for her order got tears in her eyes, she said she got emotional seeing what I was doing for this man.

As I walked out with a smile, I looked her in the eyes and said  "please pay it forward" and she smiled...

Alethea Anderson

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