Monday Traffic Report - San Mateo Bridge

Today I drove Foster City for work, usually this commute takes me over two hours - today was almost record time, just over an hour! Woot!

I traveled from the East Bay and crossed the San Mateo Bridge, we have lots of bridges here in the Bay Area - the San Mateo bridge is a neat one to travel across as it is kind of a unique span compared to the others...

When heading West, it starts out low, parallel to the water.  When the tide is high it appears the bridge is actually floating on the water. 

Then there is a sizable incline (so boats can go under).  Sometimes there are helicopters hovering to the side for wire work, sometimes you see planes coming in to land at the San Francisco Airport. Other days you see wind surfers out sailing across the water...

On a clear day, it is just gorgeous as you can see the San Francisco Skyline across the sparkly ocean!

Sometimes you have to pause to appreciate the beauty that is all around you, even when you are commuting :)

Alethea Anderson

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