Hurry Up and Hurry!

Sometimes it can be a bit challenging to wait for others to do what they need to do so you can do what you need to do...  i.e. at work - each person has their job duties, their job duties depend on other people performing their job duties.  When other people don't do their job duties, it can impact other people that cannot do their job duties unless the other person's job duties are completed.  Get my drift?

When I have a task, I want to do it, finish it and knock it off the grid. Granted I'm the type of person who takes the bull by the horns, and if I can, I do whatever I can to get the task done - but in some instances it is completely out of your hands.  What can one do in this situation?  Hurry up and wait, that's about it...

When you have something waiting to be checked off a list though, you want them to hurry up and hurry!


Alethea Anderson

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