Where did the time go???


WOW - August flew by!

I can't believe it was the 10th when I posted last ~ whew! We've been pretty busy around here!

New Puppy

On the 12th we got a new Boxer Puppy - he's been keeping me pretty busy entertaining (playing and giving toys), training (potty OUTSIDE!) and intervening (no don't eat that!!!).

Daughter's Birthday

My gorgeous princess turned 8 this month - talk about time flying! She had a birthday party with family and friends from school - a wild and crazy afternoon!

Mom in Town

My Mom came out for a week from Santa Fe, we were going, going, going! It was a lot of fun, I wish she was still here!

School Starts Monday

My kiddo will start 3rd grade on Monday (double WOW) so the summer has come to an end and it's time to go crazy for the Fall/Winter/Holiday candle season! Whoo hooo!

Playing catch up!

Now that the dust is settling, time for me to catch up on house cleaning and my favorite thing - my candle business! I have a million-and-one things to do!

I love it!

I enjoy setting my own schedule, so I can do what I want when I want! What a true blessing!

Do you want to have your own personal freedom of time?

Let's chat...

Alethea Anderson

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