First Official Day of Summer Vacation

Well she did it, she finished up 5th grade with a BANG! I am now the official Mommy of a Middle School 'tween' (gasp)...(eeek)....Yay (I think)!

After changing schools mid-year she had a really tough transition while going from one county's school system to the next. With grades looming very low, her spirits were too. New school, no friends, failing grades.

However she had an amazing teacher who connected her with a girl whom is now her best friend. This teacher also had the passion to make it happen and with the teacher, myself and most importantly my daughter's positive outlook; the kidlet soared to new heights!

On her promotion ceremony last week she was called to the front of the gym, she had earned a Silver Presidental Certificate for her grades. She was beaming, I was crying (I was and still am so proud!)

So today is officially the first day of summer break and I am honored to be a work at home Mom! My kidlet is here, snoozing in the other room. I'm not at an 8 to 5 and she is not at daycare. Life is good. I am grateful. I am happy.

Alethea Anderson
Proud Mommy