Why Leave ONE Cookie in the Cookie Jar?

Why oh why, when there is just one cookie left, does no one eat it? The lonesome Oreo sits there, no friends, until it goes stale... Why?  Why not just eat the Oreo instead of leaving it all alone in the bottom of the jar?  Just for the sake of not being the one who at the last cookie?  Just do it, what's one more?  Eat the last cookie!

On a fruitier note, I saw some Lemon Oreo Cookies at the store the other day, and, I actually bought them.  I'm not exactly sure why, probably due to the fact that I went shopping while I was hungry.  

Now I've had lemon cookies before, they can be quite tasty, like the Milano Lemon cookies - pure divinity!  Hoping these are good... I prefer making my own cookies from scratch, they are so much healthier (I make a super duper awesome oatmeal raisin cookie).  However sometimes I succumb to temptation and end up with crap filled fake food like Oreo...

I do believe that some cookies have no business being made.  I mean there are some WEIRD Oreo flavors coming out, I saw this one the other day and honestly said "YUCK" out loud, when I saw the end cap at a Target store...  Yes, Watermelon Oreo cookies, maybe someone thinks those sound good, this someone does not...

Equally disturbing were the Watermelon cupcake mix (and matching frosting) I also saw at a Target store.  I don't know why, but watermelon does not sound good to me in any form, other than, well, watermelon fruit... Okay, Jolly Rancher watermelon candies are good - but that's it!

Off my cookie box.... Here's some Oreo fun!

Alethea Anderson


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