A Holiday Savings Tip - Be Prepared to SHOP!

Have You Ever Experienced This Scenario?

It's a week before the holidays, your list is getting longer and longer, and your funds seem to be fewer and fewer...

How to cope? Who to cross of the list? Do I buy everyone something small? I don't want to get something cheezy that people can't use... HELP!

Here is a helpful holiday tip that I LOVE to use! Pick your favorite store to shop, one of those stores where you can get something for anyone, my choice, Target!

I go to Target once a week, and every time I go I load cash onto a gift card. With my purchase I ask the cashier to simply add $20, $40, etc... to the balance of the card. Now imagine the balance on the card doing this for 3 months, how about 6 months? What if you started this the very first trip to Target after the holidays and had a whole year on the card?

Pretty exciting isn't it? It's a savings account, away from the savings account. Utilizing the 'out of sight, out of mind' scenario, you are less likely to use this cash, if it's not in the bank and not greec cash in your wallet. The best part, NO credit card fees involved!

So get started today, you still have time to $hop and $ave for the holiday season!

Alethea Anderson
Savvy WAHM

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