Weird Comments by Blog Spammers.... Say What?!

Lately I've been getting some pretty weird blog comments.... I find is so very interesting the tactics that spammers utilize in hopes of getting past comment spam filters on blogs.... 

i.e. this lovely posting that was followed by a link to their website...

"Selecting the proper chair can be daunting what with the number of styles currently available within the market.Whether you such as your roast cooked rare or medium, click here for prime rib cooking times and directions to make certain you possess a perfectly roasted prime rib or rib roast for that holidays.The responsibilities were divided between your parents and Shanel this way: The parents earned all the money because they could with odd jobs, like janitorial work in a church, dishwashing inside a restaurant, and sewing in a downtown sweatshop, while Shanel learned around she could about how to complete everything else on this country and taught it to the entire family."


I've seen a marked increase of these types comments in the past month or so... always worth a hoot or two, always weird, just no sense at all... 

Yea....that's why I approve comments.... LOL

Good news is, the more attempted 'spammers' means the blog is getting more views! LOL

Alethea Anderson


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