"I SUCK at SELLING!" {Well, if this SMARMY DUDE can sell, so can YOU}

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard someone say "I suck at selling"  well, I'd have quite a little savings account accruing.

Now if Sammy Smarmy in the picture here can sell, so can you.  It's mind over matter and you just KNOW this guy has on too much cologne and will pinch your butt... {GAG!}

Now seriously, how can Sammy Smarmy have sales SUCCESS? 


He could sell wings to a butterfly.  He could sell ice to eskimos.  He could sell ladders to people in one story huts. 



Because he CAN!  He knows he CAN, he believes he CAN, and he has a CAN DO attitude.

Now does this mean you need a polyester suit, butterfly collar and tons of gold?  Oh my lanta, no, no and NO.

All you need CONFIDENCE!  You need to BELIEVE in YOU.

It takes practice. Everyone who is good at sales NOW, sucked at sales THEN.

Practice, practice, practice and when you think you've got it, practice more... The best way to practice is to JUST DO IT.  If you stumble, it's okay!  

Remember your first day at your first job?  Did you know everything, or did you  have to learn?  How did you learn?  By doing,  and doing it again and yet again until it became natural.  Whether it was making a burger, ringing up a cash register, stocking shelves or answering a phone.  You had to learn by doing.

Always remember, no one starts at perfection, they all started where they were and took all the steps in between to get where they wanted to be...

Alethea Anderson
"If you are not moving closer to what you want in sales (or in life), you probably aren't doing enough asking." Jack Canfield

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