MLM and Home Business }}{{ The Why, Oh, "U Factor"

Why, Oh, U... Why, Oh, U.... get it?  Y-O-U = the "U Factor"

There are so many parts to growing a successful home based business in Direct Sales and/or MLM, however none are more important than the "U Factor".

Many people look to external sources as a basis of their success.  They put all the weight on the company, the product and their sponsor.  While these are indeed important factors, as someone should choose a company they like, they should use the product, and should hopefully have a sponsor whom they enjoy working with.

But, if they do not experience the success they were hoping for, in their eyes, it's the fault of the company, the product and/or their sponsor.

Screeeeeeeech to a STOP right here.  Where is the U Factor?  What did the struggling person DO to work towards having a successful business?

What steps did they take to move forward? 

What was their part in the equation?

You really need to have your WHY - OH - U in place before moving forward into a successful Network Marketing career.  You need to know your WHY.  You need to understand that "Oh, this is not easy" and you need to put the U into the equation by taking the steps to get from where you are to where you want to be.

In this industry it IS all about you.  Your belief, your determination, your passion, your persistance...  Add all those up and you get your U Factor.  If feel you are 'failing' (which if you read my blogs I don't believe in 'failure'), if you feel like quitting, if you feel like your  business is sinking around you. 

Then you need to look at U.  Compare U to those around U who are having success.  What is different?  What are they DO-ing?  HOW are they doing it?  Once you realize you are on an equal playing field, once you realize the only difference between them and you is U, then it's time to start taking steps...

You CAN do it, yes you can, but you have to apply the WHY - OH - U Factor in order to succeed!

Alethea Anderson
I believe in WHY - OH - YOU!

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